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7th Biennial Tom of Finland Foundation

UPDATE: The Contest has been extended through August 31, 2005

Every other year, the Foundation hosts this competition. The main goal of the Contest is to give amateur artists an opportunity to have their works viewed and judged by professionals in the field and assist them with pursuing their artistic dreams. Some of our past contestants are now established names in the erotic art world. In addition to the Award, the Foundation also gives prizes to the winners including cash and memberships. The Grand Prize is always a worthy reward, and can sometimes be a life-changing experience. Jay Jorgensen is a winner of the Emerging Erotic Artist Contest's Grand Prize:

At the Awards ceremony, congratulations came from many of the photographers and artists whose work I had always admired. The encouragement I have received from the Foundation has been invaluable. Consequently, I have entered the most productive years of my photographic career.

The main criterion for entering the Contest is that the artist has not yet sold any of her, or his, erotic art. The Foundation designed this Contest to nurture amateur artists and give them the opportunity to introduce their work to the art world through an international competition. This competition was also created to encourage artists who have achieved acclaim in other fields to try their hand at erotic work.

Artwork entered may be photographs, drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, three dimensional or digital art, or mixed media, but submissions are made with reproductions of the artwork, either as a hard-copy color reproduction (no larger than 8 1/2" x 11") or on a floppy disk or CD, in standard JPG format.

The Contest is judged by a five member panel of international judges from different fields of the visual arts. The scoring is done anonymously, using a scoring system similar to what the Olympic games use.

A call goes out for artists throughout the world, and the Tom of Finland Foundation welcomes all, who fall within the parameters, to enter. Submissions must be received by the closing date of August 31st, 2005. Applications are available from the Foundation by download from our website, by e-mail requests, or by calling or writing the office.

The winners of the 7th Biennial Emerging Erotic Artist Contest will be announced by September, and the Awards presented during the 11th Annual Tom of Finland Foundation West Hollywood - Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair Weekend (October 7 - 9, 2005). Some previous submissions to the Contest are currently on display at Foundation headquarters. For further details visit our website or contact our office.

Please contact our office if you have questions about this or any other Foundation event. Additional information on our 2005 contest and previous contests is available on our website. Please visit our Press Page for this contest. Included are images of all of the winners from our 2003 contest, available for press usage.

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Contest Press Contact: Louis Jay
Phone: 323.662.1025

Original May 31, 2005
Revised July 5, 2005

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