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 April 11, 2004 Los Angeles, CA 

Tom of Finland Foundation
Life Drawing Workshop
Nude Figure Drawing & Painting

Photo credit: J. B. Higgins

Each Workshop has its own kind of excitement.
There will be some new guest models this month including the tall, blonde, muscled Scott and the well-built Paco of Cuban-Dominican descent.

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April 7 - May 1, 2004 London, England

Adonis Art presents
"Paintings from Denmark"
by Jorn Moibus

Danish design and style permeate these ravishing paintings by Jorn Mobius.
Plus an on-line gallery.

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April 10, 2004 Tulsa, OK

Keith Hunt & Paul Weikel present:
"We Call Your... B.L.U.F.F."
A Benefit Ball

Artwork: John Leo Draper

A benefit ball with lots of artwork
created and donated specially for this event.

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April 7, 2004 Premier Fox Television

Fox TV presents:
The Swan
Featuring works by Philip Hitchcock

Philip Hitchcock's body sculptures will be incorporated
in the Fox television series The Swan.

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new artist links


Brad Rader has has been creating gay artwork since 1984. Brad worked on several animated TV programs, mainstream comic books, and directed TV series before starting his own publishing company in 2003. True Adult Fantasy #2 was released in February 2004.


Greg Day's erotic images document real moments that are charged with the passion of both artist and subject. His photographs can be seen in Pacific Kouros and Metamorphose, by Janssen Publishers, Berlin.


Kalabro specializes in pushing the limits of gay BDSM erotic art. His subjects are all muscular men shown in various fantasy/sorcery scenes of extreme domination, bondage, and pain.


Revised website: Henning von Berg is an internationally known activist from Germany with a bilingual site. He became famous by photographing 6 n u d e men in the German parliament building "Reichstag" and the public streets of Berlin. His artistic motto: "Provocative photos for people who understand the fine difference between sex and sensuality!"


Original erotic art by Kiki. At a very young age, she demonstrated talent beyond her years, dedicated to fine details in each piece she creates. Working in a number of mediums, her passion brings her back to airbrushing with a touch of fantasy.


Born and schooled in Japan, Minoru's unique style shows in all his work -- from his erotic pieces to his non-erotic fine art. For more than six years, rarely has a day gone by that he has not worked on his drawings.
An active Foundation member, he shows his works at Tom's Bar and the NY and LA Erotic Art Weekends.


Draganís male nude photographs present non-objectified imagery depicting all men, but particularly men of African origin. The power of nudity, scenes of man and nature, or symbols depicting social bigotry, keep the man in focus.


foundation announcements

March 24, 2004

A Friend Departed
Armando Ramirez

Our Drawing Workshop coordinator and dear friend Joe Hilton, has lost his partner of many years. Armando Ramirez passed away on Wednesday, March 24th at 4:30 pm at home in Joe's arms.

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Our Thanks To The Folks Who Helped At The
Man-To-Man Combat

Photo: JayPG (Click it to enlarge)

We want to thank everyone for making this evening a hit!

Our entertainers Terry and his boxers from Boxing on the Boulevard, and gut-punching WrestleMuscleMike (ID #10661) and Charlie Davidson (ID #8676).

There was the wonderful presence of artist Patrick Lee with his photos and drawings which capture the strength and passion of men.

Our sponsors for the evening who donated great raffle items were TomsMen.com, Syren, Patrick Lee, and Boxing on the Boulevard.

The Foundation's own crew of volunteers deserves a round -- namely Richard Weineke and Mark Jones who built the boxing ring and speed ball station (with an able assist by Sharp and Durk).

Dan Berkowitz, Mike Goldie, Dan Babcock, Roger Warnix, Michael Loranger, Greg Beatrice, Mike Pesina, Jay Jorgensen, Jay Lawton, Robert V and John Bernard get special thanks for all their help.

The heavy duty action of Miss international Boot Black Slave Boi Eddie and, of course, Shawn of the Faultline for his encouragement and the offering of his establishment.

Kudos to Tom Walker the DJ and VJ for the evening.
Always great sounds.

The next BIG Party at the Faultline is TOM'S BAR on May, 9th.
Get ready to rumble!

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