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 May 2, 2004 Los Angeles, CA 

Tom of Finland Foundation
Life Drawing Workshop
Nude Figure Drawing & Painting

Steven Richards
Photo: JayPG

Each Workshop has its own kind of excitement.
This month, look forward to seeing Steven Richards
and the dark, seductive Kran.

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May 6 - 22, 2004 New York, NY

Art @ Large presents:
"The Power of Women"
Featuring the works of L. A. Willette

Born in Manhattan, L.A. Willette cultivated his prowess as an abstract expressionist and has since crossed over into the more figurative aspects of expressionism.

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April 15 - June 15, 2004 On-line

Manstouch presents:
"Perfect Body, Perfect Soul"
Part 3

Photo: Henning von Berg

Deiter's Body Project project on aging gracefully continues. It's encouragement for men of any age to train their body.

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May 2 - 23, 2004 San Francisco, CA

Live Art Gallery presents:
Artwork by Renť Capone

A year of new artwork.

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May 8 - 9, 2004 Phoenix, AZ

7th Annual Bobby Cook Studio
International Erotic Art Show

This annual event offers erotic artists a wonderful opportunity in which to network and interact with other erotic artists, advertisers, customers and fans.

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May 1, 2004 New York, NY

Art @ Large
Call For Artists

May 1, 2004

July 8 - 24, 2004

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May 9, 2004 Los Angeles, CA

Tom of Finland Foundation presents:
Tom's Bar

Tomís Bar is a celebration of our namesakeís birthday. Itís our 14th year honoring him since his passing. Plus, the Foundation is celebrating 20 years (1984 - 2004) of protecting, preserving and promoting the erotic arts at this fun-packed annual event.

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We're looking for Volunteers to help with this event,
contact Dan Berkowitz if you want to lend a hand.

new artist links


Danny Boy Studio presents images of hairy men, bears, daddies and muscles. While Danny has been expressing the male figure in his art for two decades, his efforts to exhibit his work are just beginning.


The Art of Robert Dean. A collection of prints, postcards, note cards and even mugs showing the male form in vibrant colors.


Cock Art by Zooass - A collection of art painted exclusively with the penis. "Our paintbrushes are extensions of our bodies!"


foundation announcements

March 2004


Click to enlarge the above images.
Photos by Jay Jorgensen

The Foundation put on a excellent exhibition at the Hyatt Hotel that showed work from new artists and historical pieces from the Foundation's collections including histories of Tom and the leather scene in L.A. Jeff Compasso's and Axel's work gave the show an edge!

We wish to thank the following for making it all possible!
Ogen B., Renato B., Brady C., Steven C., Jeff C., Mike G, Jay L., Dhayn L., Doug O., Tom R., James R., Benno S., David S., Brent S.,and Richard W.

At the StreetFest the Foundation had a large tent that gave an opportunity for
Marc S. Arranga, Rick Castro, Jeff Compasso, Minoru, Sean Platter, Miguel Reyes, Hector Silva, Mitzi Valenzuela, Doug Myers, Tiffany Trenda & Yoffy to show artwork for sale. We want to thank them and their assistants for the terrific presentation they made.

The Drawing Workshop and "model search" went over well. A very special thanks goes to JayPG who worked like a man possessed and Doug O'Connor for helping to set-up. All the models including Roberto, Mike and Rob put off great energy. Thanks to Jay Jorgensen who took the photos above, Benno Sebastian and Greg Day.

We appreciate the efforts of all those who worked so hard:
Danny B., Greg B., Ogen B., Renato B., Steve C., Mike G., Ian L., Michael P., James R., Brent S., Daniel S., David S. and Richard W.

"Leather" is a part of the heritage of Tom of Finland. We salute Gannon Grey and the Los Angeles Leather Coalition for all their efforts!


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