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 May 18 , 2005 New York, NY 

Will Clark presents:
Wednesday Night Bingo

A Benefit for the Tom of Finland Foundation

Bingo, the adult version!

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May 13 - 28 , 2005 New York, NY

Art @ Large presents:
"Charles Gatewood"
Vintage and recent photographs and collages.

Vintage gelatin silver prints from Gatewood's rarely seen
1972-76 "Wall Street" essay and more.

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May 16 - August 15, 2005 Berlin, Germany

Mr. B presents:
Brad Rader

American artist and animator.

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May 21 - August 28, 2005 Pittsburg, PA

The Andy Warhol Museum presents:
Andy's "Porn"
Curated by John Waters

Yes, THE John Waters.

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May 27 - 30 , 2005 Chicago, IL

International Mr. Leather presents:
The Leather Market

The IML 2005 Leather Market

Scheduled erotic artists include:
Marc DeBauch, the Hun, Minoru, Myrix, Art by Axel
and Michael Atkinson Studio.

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May 20 - 22, 2005 New York, NY

Thirsty Girl and Ponti Productions present:
The Third Annual
New York Burlesque Festival

Three days & nights of Glitter and Glamour in Gotham!

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May 31 - July 15, 2005 Madrid, Spain

Galeria Espacio Minimo presents:
Tom of Finland

A glimpse into the mind of Tom.

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April 14, 2005 - continuing Los Angeles, CA

The Erotic Museum presents
"A History of Sex"
Photographs from Andres Serrano's 1996 series.

This exhibition includes Michael Coulter's 2003 film
"A History of Sex", documenting Serrano's work.

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April 8 - August 15, 2005 San Francisco, CA

Folsom Street Events presents
Folsom Street Fair
Poster Competition

Call for Artists!

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June 12, 2005 New York, NY

Bear Cafe presents:
"The Drawings of Bullneck"
The Work of Chris Flynn

Bullneck's goons stomp all over
with their big, dirty, prison guard boots.

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June 4 - 11 , 2005 Los Angeles, CA

Shahryar Amiri and Hamilton Galleries present:
"2001 Knights"
A Magic Shadow Show

An extensive collection of compositions by artist Shahryar Amiri.

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June 6 - 25, 2005 New York, NY

Art @ Large presents:
"Frances Turner (1965 - 2003)
An exhibition of Paintings and Drawings
by the late Frances Turner

“Frances' work is simply too good, and too important,
to be allowed to disappear from public view after her untimely death."

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 May 20 - 22 , 2005 New York, NY 

Tom of Finland Foundation
presents the:

5th Annual
New York Erotic Art Fair Weekend

"Out", 2005 by Scott Siedman

Artist listing now posted!

Sunday's Discussion Panel Announced:
“Tom of Finland's Importance to Culture”
Panel co-sponsored by The Center and moderated by one of its Directors, Robert A. Woodworth. The panel includes Thomas Woodruff painter, illustrator, Chair of the Illustration and Cartooning Dept., School of Visual Arts; Nayland Blake, sculptor, writer, Faculty and Chair ICP-Bard Program, Bard College; David Humphrey, sculptor, painter, Guggenheim Fellow, Fellow of the National Endowment of the Arts; Michael Kirwan, illustrator, graphic homo-sociologist, photographer, writer, philosopher; and Durk Dehner, cofounder and Director, Tom of Finland Foundation.


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new artist links


Website Update:
QRXZ Boy, the artist, creates erotically masculine drawings, DicDraw sketches, by seducing the pants off men. The result of these DicDraw encounters are seen in the stories, murals, music and quality of life that is QRXZ.


Website Update:
JD Dragan’s male nude photographs present non-objectified imagery depicting all men, but particularly men of African origin. The power of nudity, scenes of man and nature, or symbols depicting social bigotry, keep the man in focus.


Website Update:
Erotic & fantasy artwork from a naughty illustrator in the Pacific Northwest. Cartoons elicit varied responses. Axel proves that sensuality is among them! His high-colored homo-art has graced the pages of Men & Freshmen Magazines, Instigator Magazine and many others.


Website Update:
Rick Castro is an independent filmmaker / photographer living in Los Angeles. Rick's coffetable book entitled "CASTRO", was published by the Tom of Finland Foundation in 1991. Receiving critical acclaim, it was prominently displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, (MOMA) bookshop in NYC.


foundation announcements

It's all over, except for our gratitude! Los Angeles, CA

Tom of Finland Foundation
Thanks our Volunteers, Sponsors and Patrons at

Tom's Bar 2005
"The Greatest Little Sideshow on Earth"

Photos by JayPG
Click on the above images for an enlarged view.

SIDESHOW was one great SHOW!
A big round of applause to our Sponsors: The Faultline Bar, MJ's Bar,
MSR studios, 665 Leathers, Minoru, and Miguel Angel Reyes.

The Foundation wishes to acknowledge all the Donors and Volunteers
who made this event such a blast!

Special thanks to Artists — Axel, Rick Castro, Sean Platter, and QRXZ Boy —
and all the "booth operators" who made this a real fun-raiser!

Our next Fundraiser is in July at MJs in Silverlake (Los Angeles), CA

For A Full Listing Of Events, Visit The
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