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events & exhibitions

May 16 , 2010

presents our:
Reading Group
Grassroots Educational In a Supportive Atmosphere

This month's topic:
Queer Life in Prison and Living in Prison with AIDS


Los Angeles, CA

June 6 , 2010

presents a:
Life Drawing Workshop

Usually held the second Sunday of each month.
Due to LA Gay Pride, this workshop is on the FIRST Sunday.
Beginner? Professional? All are welcome. RSVP and bring your sketch pad!


Los Angeles, CA

June 20, 2010

TOM's Bar

It's our BIG Party and Fundraiser for the year.

Volunteers are invited to pitch in!
Write Volunteers@TomOfFinlandFoundation.org


Los Angeles, CA

April 10 -
May 23, 2010

Lowlife & One Night at the Ivar
Photographs by Scot Sothern & Ryan Herz

"...a photographic journey though the motels
and back alleys of street prostitution."


Los Angeles, CA

May 31 -
July 10, 2010

Flazh!Alley Studio
Titans, Gorgons and Punished Gods
Emblems of Political Eroticism

S. M. Shifflett states that she did not want the paintings
"to have the mortal life of mere portraits."


Los Angeles, CA

April 21 -
June 26, 2010

Au Bonheur du Jour

Male Nudes
A Photo Retrospective 1870 - 2010

"Between 1885 and 1890, a peak of creativity was reached
by the “Italian school” of the nude male photography..."


Paris, France

May 16 -
June 5, 2010

Ma Art Space
A Group Exhibition

"Presenting: Miguel Angel Reyes, Ada Pullini Brown, Yolanda Gonzalez,
Edward Escamilla, Lauren Gonzalez, and Andres Mantoya"


Los Angeles, CA

June 12 - 27, 2010

Frank Melleno: The Fairoaks Project
Polaroids from a San Francisco bathhouse 1978

"An extraordinary, never-before-seen glimpse
into pre-AIDS gay sexual culture..."


Los Angeles, CA

June 24 -
September 30, 2010

ART & AIDS: Positively Proud
Featuring Works of Over Thirty Artists Living with HIV/AIDS

An Exhibition of the Humanity, Spirit and Pride
of Artists Living with HIV & AIDS


New York, NY
See our full listing on the Foundation's Events Page!
foundation announcements

The Foundation Receives A Generous Donation From Photographer
John Palatinus

We thank John Palatinus for his donation of the brilliantly organized digital prints of his body of work. And a most impressive body it is! We also thank him for his personal photographs and magazines. They are all an excellent addition to our archives.

John also has joined the Foundation at the Commander level.

Beginning in 1958, Palatinus started shooting and selling full-frontal nude photos thru the mail. He now lives in Palm Springs, California and may be one of the only photographers still alive from the ’50s era of physique photography.

More information on John Palatinus can be found on our listing for his recent exhibition at Antebellum Gallery here.

Administrator Sharp (l) with
John Platinus

The Foundation Receives A Generous Donation From
Scott Siedman

(American, born 1948),
Goliath Head, 2010,
Oil on board, 16" x 12",
Gift from artist

Scott Siedman donated this work on April 16, 2010. He showed at our West Hollywood / Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair Weekend in 2010.

"Siedman has unquestionably mastered the skills of the old masters in both clay and canvas. Somehow the inanimate materials he uses in his work come alive in his hands, often becoming not just something “human” but something more than human when you stand before it. His Persephone, a larger than life clay visage frozen in the cerements of death and his Fallen Angel falling into hell are heroically classic in both their size and presentation...."

More information on Scott Siedman can be found on our Announcements Page.

Emerging Erotic Artist Contest Winners
appear in
NEXT DOOR Magazine

NEXT DOOR, an uncommon magazine celebrating the common man, has a four page spread on the Foundation's Emerging Erotic Artist Contest and the World of Tom of Finland.com address in the May 2010, 1st Anniversary Issue.

"This year’s competition produced the usual range of fresh and challenging work from an international roster of contestants from the UK, Italy, France, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the U.S...."

Pick up a hard copy version at your local magazine stand, or check out the magazine online. For this month only, they are giving away the first issue of their magazine for free!

A Night of Leather
at the TOM house

On Friday, April 16, 2010 the Foundation hosted an evening for some special men — local Mr. Leather title holders — dedicated to improving our community.

The evening started with a tour of the TOM House and a light dinner buffet, followed by a trip to the Eagle LA. Arriving en masse, it made a definite impression! Leather retains its mysterious allure.

Find out what Louie Pacheco, Mr. CSW Leather 2010, had to say about the night here.

PHOTO: Manuel "Howie" Ramirez


Tip's of the Hat and Odds & Ends:

from Rough Gods

Visitor to TOM House:

Photographer, Michael Alago, best know for his book Rough Gods, visited the House to shoot the Hunk of Finland.

House resident Jake (l),
Manny Ramirez (r), and
unknown photographer

The finished result!

TOM Home Improvement with Mr. LA Leather Bear 2010:

There cums a time in a man's life when he's got to grab his stick and plow it into the earth to fertilize it and plant seedís. WHOOOOO WEEEEE. All this garden talk gets me. Well, you know.

Luckily we had the help of Manny Ramirez, Mr. LA Leather Bear 2010, to get some things done on the front grounds. We started by going down to the last terrace in the back yard to get some earth. It took six small barrels to get the flower bed in the front re-soiled. From there we proceeded to turn the existing earth in prep

But before we go any further let me tell ya unearthing birds of paradise is a job one might never hope to do again. So plant them in a spot where you know they might stay for some time to come. Same goes for a Yucca. As we dug our way through the day we finally got those birds moved in. Now all we have to do is wait for the plants to fill in, letting the growing process take effect. I leave you with some pics we took showing our hard work.

— commentary by Jake

Graziano (l) with
TOM house resident Jake.

Visitor to TOM House:

Tom fan Graziano M. made a pilgrimage from Italy to the TOM House last month.

"Having Graziano Over proved to be quite a challenge, as he hardly knew any English. If it werenít for knowing some Spanish we would have been beating our heads against the wall — which at one point Durk would have gladly have done for us.

"The Italianís first day of three visits consisted of a tour of the house and lunch. He grew fond of the XXL book and communicated that he would love to have one sent via Arreo (air mail). He then found out that there is also apparel. He opted for the Polo, so off to 665 we went. He got his Polo and was impressed with what he saw at the store. The dildo section was his fav. We got back and Durk decided to take our Italian Stallion for a trip through the Hollywood hills.

"All the guy keep saying — from what we could make out — were expressions of awe and astonishment. The trip up to the west point of Mulholland Drive really took his breath away. As the sun set we were ready for some dinner. What a dinner it was: The guy cooked for us! Pasta with bacon and cheese... Ooooooo sooooo yummmy! The dish was accompanied by diced baked patati (potato) and baked chicken. Man, the spicing was perfect and the tatters crisp. With eight seatings we had to eat in the foyer... lol. (Michael Kirwan was seated by the door.) What a great evening. And there was more to come.

"Two days passed, and during those two days Italia visited San Francisco. Our lines of verbalization were still rocky, but never-the-less we were glad he made it back to the house. Excitement continued to radiate from him until he was ready to head back home."

— commentary by Jake

Our Gratitude!
We Can't Do It Without Your Help — And Help You Did!

A BIG Thanks
To the Volunteers who assisted with our recent events:

West Hollywood / Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair Weekend 2010

"Tom Says Grey" Fundraiser at the Barracks, Palm Springs

"Black & Grey Birthday Bash" at Pistons, Long Beach

And our Patrons and Supporters!

West Hollywood / Los Angeles
Erotic Art Fair Weekend 2010

art news

A Gathering of Friends for
Fritz Lohman
(1922 - 2009)

Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman

– To Our Friends –

On Sunday, June 6, 2010 from 2 to 4 PM, there will be a gathering at the Leslie/Lohman Gallery, 26 Wooster Street, New York, NY to celebrate Fritz Lohman’s life. Join us if you can.

— Charles W. Leslie

As per Fritz Lohman's wishes, there will be no funeral. More information here.

The Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation and Gallery Website

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