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events & exhibitions

June 20, 2010

TOM's Bar

It's our BIG Party and Fundraiser for the year.

Volunteers are invited to pitch in!
Y'all SIGN-UP, hear?


Los Angeles, CA

June 6, 2010

presents a:
Life Drawing Workshop

Usually held the second Sunday of each month.
Due to LA Gay Pride, this workshop is on the FIRST Sunday.
Beginner? Professional? All are welcome. RSVP and bring your sketch pad!


Los Angeles, CA

May 29, 2010

Groundfloor Gallery

Hector Silva
A New Exhibit

"If no one’s trying to censor you, then you’re probably
not doing anything that important."


Los Angeles, CA

May 28 - 30, 2010

Rock'n Comic Con 2010
Media & Entertainment Convention

With Flaming Artist of Flaming Artist Press, publisher of the erotic comics
True Adult Fantasy and the graphic novel Harry and Dickless Tom.


Los Angeles, CA

June 4 - 26, 2010

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Outsider Porn:
The Photos of David Hurles

Project Space Exhibition curated by John Waters.
Yes, that John Waters! — Hear John talk about this exhibition.


New York, NY

June 15 -
July 10, 2009

Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation
The Second Great LGBT Photo Show
A large group photography show

"The solitary beautiful nude, male or female...
couples... groups... and some things extra special."


New York, NY
See our full listing on the Foundation's Events Page!
foundation announcements

Miguel Angel Reyes Installation At The TOM House

There are more repairs going on at the TOM house. This time, Miguel Angel Reyes gets up on the ladder to patch the plaster in need of repair — incorporating his works as a permanent artwork display. A big thanks to Miguel for turning a liability into an asset!

In Dispatch Issue #103, we showed you Hector Silva's interpretation of artistic restoration.

The Foundation Receives A Generous Donation From
Alan Lo & Troy Wise from Being Alive Studio


Alan Lo of Being Alive Studio donated this work to the Foundation. He exhibited at our West Hollywood / Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair Weekend in 2010. Here's how we acquired this work, as told by TOM housemate and Volunteer Jake:

This past Erotic Art Fair Weekend was my first. During the Fair I came across a potter named Alan who had an array of ceramics to vend. As I hovered about, Allan mentioned he had a piece he had not been able to sell and wanted to give it away. So I wished him good luck and went back to manning the Cafe.

Over the next few days Sharp asked “How did you like the Fair?” I mentioned the piece from the Being Alive Studio and got an “Oh my god !” Next thing you know, I’m on the horn with Allan to schedule a drop-off date.

With a ring of a bell, lo and behold, two faces appear at the door — Allan Lo and his partner Troy Wise. What a package! Allan exclaimed the piece was called Horny Men. Horny + Men... Oh yeah, my eyes were all over it. Allan's works help benefit Being Alive, a support group for those living with HIV and AIDS.

We are proud to house one of his examples here at ToFF. Thank you, Allen and Troy.

Being Alive LA Website


Artists can help us — and promote themselves!

You don't have to be a "big name" artist to benefit the Foundation with a gift for the silent auctions that occur during some of our benefits. Your donation could be tax deductable (yeah, big deal!), but it also helps you reach out to potential clients.

Got some art stashed away that hasn't seen the "light of day" for a few years? Clean house!

Give us a call at 213.250.1685 or write us Administration. And thanks!

art news

The Alternative
Internet Radio with Terry LeGrand

Each Sunday night on the internet on LATalk Radio, Terry dives in to the alternative Gay life and shares it up with you the listener! The Alternative features guests from across the political spectrum and many diverse areas of the community. You never know who's going to sit down with Terry... or what's going to happen!

Archived shows you'll want to enjoy include interviews with...

John Waters
John Waters discusses his latest book Role Models as well as his interests in art including his curatorship of Outsider Porn: The Photos of David Hurles exhibit at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York City and his upcoming exhibit at the Rena Bransten Gallery in San Francisco.

(seated L to R) John Waters, Durk Dehner and Greg Gorman with men at the TOM House in front of Robert Maplethorp's portrait of TOM.
Durk Dehner
Durk Dehner, co-founder of the Tom of Finland Company and Foundation, discussed the history of Tomís artwork and the Foundationís dedication to preserving, selling, and exhibiting gay erotic art as well as preserving gay culture in general.

Photo: Henning von Berg
Plus: Terry covers the Foundation's 15th Erotic Art Fair Weekend!


TOM's XXL Book Mentioned
John Waters interviewed by Greg Kramer
in Frontiers IN LA

Photo: Greg Gorman 

"Waters’ house is clean, but cluttered. 'I don’t think I’m a hoarder, but I’m not a minimalist, as you can see,' he cracks. Artwork lines every wall, and there are piles of books everywhere. He writes that he owns 8,089 titles, and one can’t help but notice the huge coffee table book of Tom of Finland prominently displayed."

Read more in Greg's Interview with John: Model Behavior


NOTE: This newsletter wasn't intended to be a John Waters extravaganza, but it certainly seems to have turned out that way! John will be appearing in Los Angeles on June 8, 2010 to present: An Evening With John Waters on Neurotic Happiness. Cosponsored by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles and the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center.

Studfinders Auction

Detroit, MI — June 4 - 6, 2010


Tom of Finland Foundation has donated a large group of posters and fine art prints to Wings, an all volunteer organization serving persons affected by HIV/AIDS. Wings supports life through social, cultural, emotional, educational and recreational activities in a compassionate, empathetic, safe and healthy atmosphere. (And from our point of view, what better way to raise funds than to offer art?)

Wings provides a broad range of activities such as retreats, bowling teams, canoe outings, theater, holiday gatherings, and monthly pot luck dinners, bar nights, dream adventures, and peer support groups. They now also offer retreats on Lake Huron. These activities are provided free or at a reduced cost since many participants are living on disability benefits or other limited income. Their sole support for these activities are private donations, fundraising events, and grants from sources such as Steppiní Out-AIDS Walk Detroit.

Hayloft Saloon

Silent Auction: Friday - Sunday, June 4 - 6 — Studfinders Auction: Saturday Night, June 5
8070 Greenfield Road, Detroit, Michigan 48228 Map
Hayloft Saloon Website

Wings Website
Cutest Cablins Website, one of their many projects.

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