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april 10, 2013
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events & exhibitions

April 14, 2013

presents a:
Life Drawing Workshop

Usually held on the second Sunday of each month. Beginner? Professional?
All are welcome. Reserve your spot and bring your sketch pad!


Los Angeles, CA

April 14, 2013

Rough Trade and Brothers In Need

Shifting Gears
A Fundraiser for Jay Lawton

There will be food, drinks, tunes by DJ Manuelito and HOT SEXY MEN!
All funds raised will be donated to Jay Lawton.


Los Angeles, CA

March 19 -
April 12, 2013

Antebellum Gallery and The Leather Archives & Museum

The Art of Drummer
New Outlines of Masculinity

Drummer magazine was the granddaddy
of all BDSM / Leather publications.


Los Angeles, CA

April 1 - 30, 2013

Visual AIDS and The Body

What's in Your Closet?
Curated by Travis Chamberlain

Each of the works in this gallery suggests
the presence and absence of the artist’s body.


See our full listing on the Foundation's Events Page.

World of Tom of Finland

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Tips Of The Hat And Odds & Ends:

TOM’s Foundation thanks The Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

We, at Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF), would like to officially thank the convent for the donation of the proceeds from “TOM’s Angels” held on the 15th of March, 2013 at Eagle LA. It was wonderful to see such a show of support! Novice Sister Hanna did a glittering job and we are most proud of her.

TOM’s Angels was a reaffirmation of the relationship between TOM’s Foundation and the Order that spans many years. We have always been eager to work together. ToFF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Educational Archive and very appreciative for your continued support and assistance in the furtherance of our goals.

We are able to keep our doors open to the public and maintain a schedule of programs for artists through your generosity. You go Hanna! Thank you to all the Artists, Sponsors, Volunteers and Supporters who fiercely made this benefit such a success that Charlie Matula was glad he ordered extra beer for the evening!

Photos and more on TOM's Blog.


ToFF way appreciates our Volunteers that helped with LA Leather Pride 2013. They certainly helped put our best face forward with their hard work and enthusiasm!

Check out some photos from the event on TOM's Blog.

Volunteer Info

art news

When will art be ready for erections again?
It’s time for art critics to pass the soap.

While others avert their eyes, we toast Michael Kirwan on his fantastic book —

"When Beryl Cook died four years ago there was a rush to celebrate her life’s work. Cheerful obituaries sprung up in national newspapers and across major TV channels, she was a “national treasure”. Yet throughout her career the art world refused to acknowledge Cook as one of their own.

"Despite selling pieces out of her front room for around £20,000 on a fortnightly basis and receiving commissions from celebrity collectors, with no formal art education and no desire to write thought-scraping self-statements, Cook’s amusing paintings of fat Brits and their quotidian pursuits were deemed appropriate only for postcards and calendars.

"A similar thing is happening in the world of erotic art today. Look at Michael Kirwan’s latest book Just So Horny, a glossy paged serving of over 100 of Kirwan’s homocentric cartoony paintings. It is immediately obvious from just flicking through that he is a brilliant artist. The compositions, facial expressions, classical references and power dynamics. His work evokes a psychological landscape that goes beyond the explicit and into a new dimension of the suggestive."

— By Jack Cullen

More on Just So Horny by Michael Kirwan

Issue Seven: THE BEEFCAKE ISSUE (2013)

Just Released  

Pete Finland

A Tribute to Bob Mizer's AMG & Physique Pictoral

Including Pete Finland from Tampere, Finland — a genuine "TOM's Man". He's a muscle bear, leather daddy, cowboy and the ex-adult entertainer, Eric York. Pete has worked on the Tom of Finland Foundation Advisory Board for many years and was recently featured in their latest book, Tom of Finland: Life and Work of a Gay Hero.

With the photography of Jeremy Lucido and drawings by IZM. Starring Alessandro del Toro, Ben Cuevas, Benjamin Godfre, Matt Tahari, Sam, The Backyard Boys, and Pete Finland. 6.5" x 8.5", 64 pages, Black & White, Erotica. Photo. Art. Limited Edition of 1,000.

Get your copy of Starrfucker Magazine

Get Ready For Colton Ford's New Music Video!
Let Me Live Again

"The video was inspired by several things, including Tom of Finland as well as all of those amazing music videos from the ’90s that we know and love so much." — Colton Ford

For those who remain unable to get beyond Ford’s porn star past to focus on his singing present Ford has a few words: “I can’t control how people feel about me, my past and my music. I have always sung and created music, so I just continue to do what I’ve always done. My main concern is to make music that I feel and that I’m proud of. The rest is out of my control. I know that there are some people who aren’t going to be able to see beyond my porn persona, and that’s ok.”

Pausing for a moment, he adds, “I feel, however, that there are far more people out there who are interested in hearing what I can do musically, and are able to look beyond that part of my past. Those are the people I’m looking to reach. I’m doing what I love to do, so at the end of the day, I can say I’m following my heart and living my dream. Isn’t that what we all want for ourselves?”

Marco Ovando directed the video and shot the stills. His website has fun samples of some of his previous work.

Colton Ford Website
Marco Ovando Website

Artists In Print
Curiosa : La Bibliothèque Érotique

Alessandro Bertolotti opens his bibilothèque of "curiosa" — a term that refers bibliophile books on eroticism, sexuality, pornography — to show us the works of the rarest and most important of his immense collection.

Illustrated more 350 reproductions, this book invites the reader to forget the mundane and conformist division between eroticism and pornography and discover this world with so much passion and curiosity.

More on TOM's Blog

parting glances

Want It Right In Your Box?

TOM OF FINLAND, Detail from Postal Rape, 1984
Pen and ink on paper, #84.64, © 1984 Tom of Finland Foundation

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“Before and during the Second World War, what leather clothing there was, was always brown. Suddenly, right about 1950, the black biker’s ‘uniform’ appeared. It is amazing how fast it spread around the world. I have been told that I influenced its birth.”

From Tom of Finland – Life and Work of a Gay Hero

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