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August 13
, 2014


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Events & Exhibitions

August 28 -
September 28, 2014

MUU Gallery

Presenting comics by Touko Laaksonen in the same spirit for which
Tom of Finland is known — without shame or reserve.


Helsinki, Finland

September 6, 2014 -
March 29, 2015

Museum Centre Vapriikki

Sealed with a Secret
Correspondence of Tom of Finland

A multifaceted portrait of the artist Touko Laaksonen
is conveyed through his extensive correspondence.


Tampere, Finland

August 16 -
September 6 , 2014

Antebellum Gallery
Xerox & Figurines
Together At Last!

Xerox photography by Josef Jasso
Hooded figurines by Richard Ankrom


Los Angeles, CA

June 19 -
August 31, 2014

Écomusée du fier monde

Fugues se Souvient:
30 Years of Homosexualtiy in Quebec

A testimony to the evolution of the GLBT community within Quebecois society,
the exhibition covers notable moments from the last thirty years.


Montreal, Quebec

May 25 -
September 28, 2014

Statens Museum for Kunst

Abandon the Parents
An overwhelming collection by several artists.

An abundance of paintings, drawings, photographs, videos,
books, words, and sounds fill the x-rummet venue.


Copenhagen, Denmark
See our full listing on the Foundation's Events Page.

World of Tom of Finland

TOM's Blog

Foundation Announcements

Photo by
Miguel Angel Reyes

A big thank you for all who contributed to making the reception [for Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny] a success: To Rubén Esparza for making the evening happen, to Durk & Sharp for hosting us, to Stuart Sandford & Carlo Flores for helping out, to Miguel Angel Reyes for documenting, and to Daddy TOM for bringing us all together.

Brian & I had a blast and couldn't be happier with the reception we got. Here's to more fun creative times together! SUPERM LOVE!

— Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny

See photos of the event on TOM's Blog.


We are grateful for a generous donation from CLAW and congratulate them on their 14 years of generosity! The Foundation is very appreciative for CLAW’s continued support and assistance in the furtherance of our goals.

We are able to keep our doors open to the public and have a small administrative staff through the generosity of our members and supporters. Your gift demonstrates your support of TOM and his Foundation, and we are thankful.

CLAW Corp. is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to fundraising, education, volunteerism and all other charitable needs of the adult leather community.

Learn more about CLAW and the Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend.


Photo by
Owen Leong

RADAR Productions' VTOVAR recently made an Internet date with Tom Cho, author of Look Who's Morphing, and discussed everything from RADAR's Wandering Moon event to his love of Tom of Finland.

Radar: Describe the room you're in right now.

Tom: I'm staying at the Tom of Finland Foundation and my bedroom here (which is where I am now) is actually Tom's bedroom. So I'm surrounded by Tom of Finland artwork, and his clothing and ephemera. In short, I'm in fanboy heaven.

Read the full interview on RADAR Production's website.


Image courtesy
The Finnish Institute
in London

Tove Jansson: Tales from the Nordic Archipelago is running from July 15 through August 24, 2014.

To coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tove Jansson (1914 - 2001), this display presents original unseen photographs and material relating to her life and work, illustrated books and early first editions.

Tove Jansson, an accomplished Finnish author and artist, had a life every bit as fascinating as her famous creations, The Moomins. Tove Jansson: Tales From the Archipelago draws an intimate portrait of the artist's life on her private island in the archipelago of Finland, where she regularly spent the summer months with her life partner Tuulikki Pietilä and at her artist studio in Helsinki. Shot over a period of 60 years by her dear friend, renowned Finnish photographer C-G Hagström (b. 1940) and her brother, photographer, Per Olov Jansson (b. 1920), rare family photographs reveal a story of an extraordinary life.

More on the ICA website.

Thank you to Steve Ganzell, Tom Pardoe and Christopher Street West
for giving TOM's Foundation the opportunity to be part of Erotic City
at LA Pride.

Thank you to artists Dusti Cunningham, E. Salvador Hernandez, Michael Kirwan, Stuart Sandford, Hector Silva and Miguel Angel Reyes
who showed us what they do best. Thank you to artist Windon Newton for the murals that filled the space.

Enormous gratitude for the ToFF Volunteers who pull it all together and GIVE.


Ritva Koukku-Ronde and Assistant Secretary
Tom Malinowski

Finland Gives 1.4 Million to U.S. Led Global Equality Fund.

The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia is celebrated on May 17th. On the occasion of the worldwide celebration of sexual and gender diversities, and in recognition of Finland´s commitment to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons, Finland increases its support to the Global Equity Fund by 1.4 million dollars.

Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor Tom Malinowski and Ritva Koukku-Ronde, Ambassador of Finland to the United States, issued a joint statement on the co-operation between the two governments to advance human rights of LGBT persons. The United States and Finland recognize that supporting human rights is the responsibility of all governments and people, and that the human rights of LGBT persons are not different or separate from the human rights of any other persons.

More on TOM's Blog



Lots of hugs and kisses to all who came out to TOM House for
16mm of Pleasure, it was lovely to see all your smiling beautiful faces.

Special thanks for all those who helped lend a hand (Pete, Benno, David, Ted, Rhys, Bret and Pete) and of course to the adorable Stuart and Patrick who organized the evening.

We’ll have another soon so keep your eyes peeled for the details.


Adrianne Wadewitz

Adrianne Wadewitz (January 6, 1977 - April 8, 2014), 37, Wikipedia Editor, Dies.

Adrianne was an expert and engaging instructor at ToFF's Queering Wikipedia Editathon. We can't believe she is gone.

She was an American feminist scholar of 18th-century British literature, and a noted Wikipedian and commenter upon Wikipedia, particularly focusing on gender issues.

As a major promoter of getting more women to edit Wikipedia to help end systematic bias, she said, "We need more female editors, more feminists (who can be editors of any gender), and more editors willing to work on content related to women. The single most underrepresented group on Wikipedia is married women of color with children."

More on TOM's Blog


“I would like to thank everyone who came out to the Closing of the Rumble exhibition. I would also like to thank the Satyrs for giving Tom Finland Foundation the closing weekend. It was an amazing event and exhibition I am proud to have worked on, a great slice of our rich leather history.” — Marc Bellenger, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2013

Everyone involved with this project did an outstanding job. Marc is very dedicated, creative and wise. Thanks to the sponsors who made this opportunity happen.


MSC Finland — TOM's Club — celebrated Finlandization 2014 last July 25 - 27. The MSC is a fetish club for leather, rubber and biker guys and is a member of ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs).

Way to go, guys! Learn more about TOM's Club here.


Paddles were flying as the Los Angeles Band of Brothers held RUSH at TOM House last July 12th. Thanks for holding your event at ToFF and everything you do for Fouindation!

"It was the brothers against the rules. The rules lost."

Learn more about the LA Band of Brothers here.


Foundation was at Off Sunset (a local street fair in Los Angeles) due to the dedicated help of our hard working volunteers. Deep thanks! We were also graced by the presence of two local artists — Rick Castro and Michael Kirwan. (Hey, Foundation always tries to surround itself with artists.)

Sizzlin' Hot thanks to Hunter Fox who produced this fun-filled event.

Art News

Tom of Finland Foundation Sponsoring:
10th Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition

Photo of Tom of Finland
by Patric Sarfarti.

This Year's Grand Prize
TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 1991),
Untitled (Preparatory drawing), c. 1979,
Graphite on paper, 8.31" x 11.69", ToFF #1004 © 1979 Tom of Finland Foundation

Tom of Finland Foundation, which preserves and promotes the legacy of the iconic gay artist, is returning with its Emerging Artist Competition, an opportunity for queer artists to showcase and gain notoriety for their work.

This year marks the 10th competition, and the Foundation has gathered an impressive panel of queer artists to judge the submissions. These individuals include assume vivid astro focus (Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide-Pierson), Elmgreen and Dragset (Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset), Richard Hawkins, Ryan Heffington, Bruce LaBruce, Helmut Lang, Linder, and A.L. Steiner.

The Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition is meant to be an open forum for queer artists to showcase their work in a freeing and nonrestrictive fashion.

"In actively mentoring emerging artists," Durk Dehner, President and Cofounder of Tom of Finland Foundation, said in a statement, "being guardians of culture, and providing safe environments for the arts, we pursue Tom of Finland's ethos and practice that inspired generations."

— By James Nichols, The Huffington Post

Head here for more information on the competition!

Artist In Passing
Pedro Santillana a.k.a. PALANCA

Pedro with a blow-up of his work in 2008.

Sadly, Pedro Santillana passed away on Tuesday, 22nd July. He was having liver problems related to his HIV condition for some years.

From ToFF's Dispatch, Summer 2001: Featured Artist: PALANCA. The Foundation recently connected with a wonderful artist out of Peru, whose artist name is PALANCA — He is presently visiting the states, and we have been working with him to assist in pricing his works and looking for ways to expose these wonderful creations to a broader public

From TOM's Blog, April 2014: PALANCA — crudely sexual and delicious. In 2001 Palanca went to Los Angeles where he met the founder and the curator of Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF). He showed at the Tom of Finland Art Fair, L.A. Pride's Erotic City and TOM's Bar. In L.A. he also met filmmaker Chris Maher. In 2007 he was honored with a Special Recognition from ToFF.

Pedro Javier Santillana Cruzado goes away leaving the best memories his family and friends can treasure, both as a person and as an artist.

More on TOM's Blog.

Artist In Passing
Christine Kessler

Artwork by Christine Kessler.
Photo at TOM House by Stuart Sandford, 2014.

Christine Kessler passed away on May 29th, 2014. Family and friends came to TOM House — where Christine once lived — to commemorate her life. She is missed a million times over.

Christine not only took thousands and thousands of photographs as her art, she also took hundreds and hundreds of photographs of other artists' work, documenting ToFF's Permanent Collection.

From ToFF's Dispatch, Fall 2002: THE FETISH BALL Tom of Finland Foundation hosted seven fetish photographers June 2002 with an exhibition of their works for one night only. Dave Naz, Christine Kessler, Gary & Pierre Silva, Steven Diet Goedde, Ben Hoffman, Miguel Angel Reyes, and Reno Larson were each provided with a room dedicated to exhibiting their works, plus several common rooms for group exhibitions. The affair was attended by several hundred fetish enthusiasts who were given an opportunity to experience the works of the guest artists, and to view the Foundation's permanent collection of over 150 works on exhibit.

More on TOM's Blog.

Seta Grants Itella Posti Honorable Mention Award For
Apple of Good Information

Credit: Itella Posti. Artwork: TOM OF FINLAND © 1979 Tom of Finland Foundation

Seta grants Itella Posti the Apple of Good Information honorable mention. Itella Posti's stamp collection featuring Tom of Finland is a "significant cultural achievement and an example of how a company can positively use the ideas of sexual orientation and gender diversity in its business operations".

Graphic designer Timo Berry designed the stamps and Tom of Finland Foundation applied for the topic with the stamp committee.

"— it is important to us that Finnish stamps live with the times and depict diverse topics. These Tom of Finland stamps raise awareness of a Finnish artist whose art has contributed to the promotion of sexual equality", says Itella Posti's Development Director.

More on TOM's Blog.

Dome Of Finland
Talks About Neo-Nazis And An Iconic Gay Artist

Dome Karukoski in 2009. Photo: Helsinki-filmi, Jan Granström

"In the early 1980s, the young Dome Karukoski, born with the first names Thomas August George as the son of an American poet and a Finnish journalist, arrived from Cyprus in rural Finland without speaking the language. Because of his name and his perceived status as a foreigner, he was bullied by his schoolmates into his teenage years and is very open about this experience when discussing the comparable character of Ramadhani in Heart of a Lion.

"In Heart of a Lion, the protagonist is a member of a neo-Nazi gang, or 'club,' and seems to reconsider his fixation on ethnic purity when he comes to accept Ramadhani, whose father is black. But a combination of two scenes in the middle of the film demonstrates how Karukoski organizes his material to create a sense of complexity that, he admits, also aims to produce a bigger emotional experience because it '[puts] the audience in a head lock.'

"The loner will take center stage again in his next film, The Grump (Mielensäpahoittaja), which premieres in the autumn. It is based on the eponymous book by Tuomas Kyrön, whose title character is an 80-year-old man who constantly complains that the world around him keeps changing. This comedy is tied to Heart of a Lion, however, in its presentation of a character angry with a world that doesn't stay the same, and it also anticipates the criticism his subsequent big-budget film, Tom of Finland, a biopic about the late gay artist Touko Laaksonen who is one of the country's most famous names abroad, is sure to provoke at home among some of Finland's more conservative inhabitants."

Read the complete article by André Crous on Prague Post

More on TOM's Blog.

Prepping For The TOM Exhibition At The
Finnish Postal Museum

Durk Dehner, president ToFF; Kimmo Antila, director, Postal Museum;
Susanna Luoto, representative, ToFF; going over Tom of Finland artwork for display.

Not only a new exhibition, but Sealed with a Secret - Correspondence of Tom of Finland will be Museum Centre Vapriikki's first exhibition, opening September 6, 2014. Museum Centre Vapriikki is the new Finnish Postal Museum, opening just in time for the issuance of the Tom of Finland stamps.

Tom of Finland produced more than 3,500 images during his career. The two appearing on the stamp sheet are both untitled and date from the late '70s. They encapsulate the self-aware, unapologetic and proud archetypes of Tom of Finland as well as the photorealistic and black & white toned aesthetics of his eloquent signature.

More on TOM's Blog.

Parting Glances

Dearest Friend,

From the Tom of Finland stamp set
released by Finland's postal service, Itella Posti
© 1979 Tom of Finland Foundation

Our love letter to you.

One of the earliest ways that Tom of Finland's work found its way into the hands of viewers was through the postal service.

Today, we're sending you this special message, and we hope that you'll consider it our love letter to you for the support you've given us.

We love your support.

So far this year, here's what your support has helped us to achieve.

We facilitated showings of Tom's work at esteemed exhibitions in Oslo, Switzerland and Los Angeles. Tom's work also found wider exposure in other forms, including a new edition of Taschen's Tom of Finland — The Complete Kake Comics and even the production of DIY cross-stitching kits from Australian designer Pearler.

We've also continued to cultivate the next generation of erotic artists, via running our 10th Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition (currently accepting submissions), regular erotic Drawing Workshops, and more. And, with your help, we've in turn assisted our community, hosting and supporting local queer organizations and events.

No wonder why we love your support.

From Tom of Finland Foundation, with love.

This September, an exhibition in Finland will feature a selection of Tom's letters, showcasing Tom's own skills as a letter writer. The exhibition will coincide with the release of the highly-anticipated set of Tom of Finland stamps. Initiated by ToFF and produced by Finland's postal service Itella Posti, we think they're the perfect stamps for sending your own love letters.

We have other future projects of interest to you, a valued lover of Tom's work. These include a new website, an exhibition of Tom's comics in Finland, a major international travelling exhibition of Tom's work, and more. But your help is vital not only to these projects, but to our ongoing programs and operation. With this love letter, can we tempt you to join, renew your membership or upgrade to another membership level? Remember, your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

With your support, let's ensure that Tom's work is honored and loved for years to come.

With love,

Durk Dehner — President & Cofounder
S. R. Sharp — VP | Curator

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