e-news #84 december 29, 2007

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events & exhibitions

January 4, 2008

BLUF (Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub)

Gear Up
A benefit for the Tom of Finland Foundation

Tom of Finland Artwork on Display and For Sale!
Bringing Tom's Art To Life BLUF exhibit!


Los Angeles, CA

January 13, 2008

presents a:
Life Drawing Workshop

Modeling this month: To be announced.
Beginner? Professional? All are welcome. Bring your sketch pad!


Los Angeles, CA

December 15, 2007 -
January 19, 2008

Scalo | Polin
Eros And Muses
Works by Irina Polin

"The profound and sensually erotic imagery of 1971 Russian born artist
Irina Polin is reflective yet irritating at the same time."


Los Angeles, CA

December 22, 2007 -
January 28, 2008

Flazh!Alley Studio
Inside Red:
A Photographic Exhibition
by John Middelkoop

"I was attracted to the red cloth immediately....
Combining it with the female form is the best of both worlds to me."


Los Angeles, CA

December 4, 2007 -
February 1, 2008

Adonis Art
New Paintings
By Myles Antony

"Myles Antony has broken barriers in his bold approach to the use of watercolour, being true to and in great control of the medium."


London, England / Online

January 11 - 13, 2008

Southwest Leather Conference
Southwest Leather Art Exhibition
Sharing art with the leather tribe

This year SWLAE will be open to all artists
in the national leather/bdsm community.


Phoenix, AZ
See our full listing on the Foundation's Events Page!
new artist links

The variety and breadth of Vivian O'Shaughnessy's drawings illustrate the way she observes the world around her and the excitement with which she records it on paper. Her marks are representations of our society from a dialogue within.

Michael Harwood is known for his intimately erotic photographs of gifted men, shot in his versatile New York apartment.

Martin of Holland invites artists and other creative types to join his community. It includes Martin's raunch & perversions, and artists are invited to submit their "kinky" work. Memberships are only approved if their works qualify.

Diego Tolomelli presents homo-erotic stained glass. Diego had been trained in the full range of stained glass techniques and has mastered his craft in two of the UK's most prestigious studios.

Bearoitc Art by Neil Bruce presents an overview and a very small portion of his works, including examples of nearly all the media's he works in: Photoshop, pencil drawing, oil painting, and sculpture.

With a bachelor of fine arts degree, Roscoe shifted from commercial advertising towards the erotic arts in 1998. Inspired by Tom of Finland and the Hun, his later works include "The Adventures of Timmy" series.

foundation announcements


Introducing... The Annex!

The Annex is a new gallery area. Some items are for sale, others are just for your viewing pleasure.

We're starting off with a selection of Tom's art. Fun to view, great to own!


art news

Fandy presents:
Decadent Wasteland

Decadent Wasteland, Book 1, is a a sci-fi sex adventure in 59 multi-paneled pages.
Garon and his girlfriend Anna are captured by their enemies and put through tortures
and humiliations on a live broadcast. If they don't give up the Rebel base,
they will suffer, but if they do their world may be doomed...


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