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1984 - 2006


If you are not familiar with the Tom of Finland Foundation, we hope this introduction will acquaint you with our organization and its goals. If your readership is interested in erotic artwork in its various forms, please investigate further!

For our "old friends", here are some additional materials to explore.

The Tom of Finland Foundation was co-founded in 1984 by Touko Laaksonen — internationally known as Tom of Finland — and Durk Dehner — the Foundation's director. The Foundation was originally created to preserve Tom's artwork. Before long, it expanded its mission to encompass all gay artwork. Soon after that, non-gay artwork was finding its way to the Foundation -- and its mission was expanded to include all erotic art.

The Foundation has a vast archive of well over 100,000 documented items in its visual and historical archives. It contains the largest collection of original Tom of Finland artwork -- totaling over 1,000 pieces -- in its Permanent Collection. The Collection continues to grow with the works of other artists. Over 2,000 additional photographs, paintings, sketches, sculptures and other forms of erotic expression are now protected by the Foundation for future generations. Items that are not on exhibition are sheltered in climate controlled storage.

All of our resources are available to scholars, devoted lay people, museums, and others interested in the erotic arts.

The Foundation is more than an archive. We actively promote the erotic arts.

Each year the Foundation produces two Erotic Art Fair Weekends with international attendance of both artists and public. Over 120 artists are represented at the Fairs -- and the range of work on display is breathtaking. Our New York Erotic Art Fair is May 20 - 22, 2005. Our Los Angeles event in West Hollywood is October 7 - 9, 2005.

In addition, we help contemporary erotic artists reach a broader audience with our website and newsletters. We offer artwork that is available by numerous artists and present articles that delve into the history, psychology, sociology and techniques of erotic art.

The Foundation also sponsors Drawing Workshops with live models, Salon Nights for artists and collectors to informally get together and share their works, plus a few parties for members and volunteers to socialize.

Our website is quickly becoming the international center for discovering new artists in the field of the erotic arts. Please visit us for a world of wonderful visuals of artists past and present.

When in Los Angeles: Visit the Foundation and have a guided tour of the house where Tom of Finland lived -- and see our annually changing exhibition of over 150 works of art on display. Take advantage of our resource library. Our website's Calendar and Events pages can quickly direct you to the Foundation's functions and an amazing selection of international erotic art exhibitons. Our Links pages open the door to an incredible array of artists and artistry.

The purpose of the foundation is to preserve, protect, and educate on the subject of erotic art. We are a non profit 501(c)(3) educational foundation based in Los Angeles with an international outreach to the public and artists worldwide. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or interviews.

Recent Press Releases are available on our website.

Many print quality versions of the images on the following pages can be found in the Art Department folder on this disk.

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