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Call For Artists Leslie/Lohman Foundation

The Leslie/Lohman Foundation has an open call for artists for their exhibition Imaginary Portraits: Gay Lovers in History.

The call is open to all LGBTQ artists for the exhibition scheduled for November - December 2008. Actual dates of the event are to be determined. Deadline for entries is October 7, 2008.

See the Leslie/Lohman exhibition Webpage for more information.
Posted 08/09/2008

Artist In Passing Larry Townsend

Larry Townsend [October 27, 1930 - July 29, 2008] was the pseudonymous author of dozens of books including Run Little Leather Boy (1970) and The Leatherman’s Handbook (1972) at pioneer erotic presses such as Greenleaf Classics and the Other Traveler imprint of Olympia Press.

He began his pioneering activism in the politics of gay liberation in the early 1960s. In 1972, as president of the Homophile Effort for Legal Protection which had been founded in 1969 to defend gays during and after arrests, he led a group in founding the H.E.L.P. Newsletter, the forebear of Drummer (1975). As a writer and photographer, he was an essential eyewitness of the drama and salon around Drummer in which his novels were often excerpted. His signature "Leather Notebook" column appeared in Drummer for twelve years beginning in 1980, and continued in Honcho to 2008. His last novel, Time Masters, was published April 2008; his last writing was an introduction to Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer (June 2008).

Fred, Larry’s long-time companion of 44 years, passed away on July 8, 2006, which interrupted this prolific writer’s output for most of the year.

People who knew Mr. Townsend are invited to contribute to the Larry Townsend Memorial Anthology a people's memorial to a legend, to be published in Spring 2009. Publisher Mark Hemry is accepting diverse opinions in personal and journalistic essays about Larry Townsend and much more. The deadline is December 1, 2008. See the Palm Drive website for more information on this project.

Larry Townsend Publications Website for bio and publications.
Palm Drive Publishing Website for anthology contribution information.
Posted 08/06/2008

Artist In Passing Greasetank

The artist Greasetank, known to his friends as Ron, died of a heart attack on August 1, 2008 at age 59. He had previously suffered a heart attack last January.

This Texan helped popularize computer generated artwork with many works that were often called politically incorrect — containing brutality, sadism and sexually. "Personally, I would recoil in horror were any of the material on my site to take place in real life, but please allow me the freedom to create my art."

His works have been exhibited at Riga, Rotterdam, and Los Angeles, and he has been published in periodicals such as Blue, Squeeze, and G-Men.

Greasetank's article On Censorship on the Foundation's Website.
Additional information and images appear on the Website.

Posted 08/08/2008
Downloadable Comic Fandy
Artwork by Fandy

Decadent Wasteland, Book 1, is a a sci-fi sex adventure in 59 multi-paneled pages. Garon and his girlfriend Anna are captured by their enemies and put through tortures and humiliations on a live broadcast. If they don't give up the Rebel base, they will suffer, but if they do their world may be doomed...

This is Fandy's first 3D comic. "I have struggled with it, and fought to get across the scenes and story I always wanted to read in sci-fi sex stories. Hope you enjoy it!"

The panels are available for purchase by download on Renderotica. Fandy also invites you to view numerous free images in his Fandy2 gallery on Renderotica, as well as your comments.

Renerotica's Decadent Wasteland page.

Posted 12/28/2007
Erotic Art Competition Erotic Signature
Lathered Up
by Michael Breyette

Erotic Signature announces its 2007 International search for the World’s best erotic artworks. This marks the second year that Erotic Signature has launched what has now become one of the world’s largest and highest prized competitions for erotic art. Dedicated to both artists and art enthusiasts alike, Erotic Signature has put together a distinguished panel of judges consisting of museum curators, academics, collectors, editors and established masters in the field of erotic art to narrow down all submitted entries to 200 winners.

Deadline: The Deadline for all entries is set for December 8th, 2007.

Awards and Prizes: $10,000 in cash prizes. Plus: this competition awards opportunities for artists to present their work to an international audience of collectors, curators, art consultants and others who appreciate erotic fine arts and photography.

Categories: Submissions will be accepted in: Fine art, Digital art, Photography and Sculpture.

Jurors: Luis de la Cruz (Chief Curator: XART Foundation); Les Barany (Designer, Curator, Archivist, and Agent of many prominent artists, principaly artist: H.R. Giger); Bettina (Curator of Inasaja - Galeria Ars Erotica); Hans van der Kamp (Photographer, On-line Curator of AMEAnet); China Hamilton (Photographer); Garry Milius (Curator - The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction); Steve Diet Goedde (Photographer); Pet Silvia (Artist, Museum Owner - Art at Large); Damien B. (Art Gallery Director); Timothy Dolph (Photographer); Leigh Heppell (Sculptor); Karynna (Digital Artist -

You can view last year's winners on-line.

Erotic Signature website.

Posted 10/21/2007
Artist in Print Henning von Berg

Henning von Berg's long overdue retrospective is distinctive, provocative, fascinating! Henning von Berg: Alpha Males will be released in Europe in October 2007 with a worldwide release in December by publisher Bruno Gmünder. This hardcover book will contain 160 pages in a full-color and duotone, at 8.25 x 11.25 inches.

Henning von Berg first made a name for himself with his photo shoot in Berlin's parliament Reichstag — in 1999 he photographed six naked men, later known as the "Reichstag Rascals", and created an international sensation, catapulting von Berg into the international limelight. He's maintained his penchant for architectural backdrops and bizarre, erotic group scenes to this day, both things that make his images so distinctive. He prefers to work with natural lighting and in unusual settings.

In the meantime his work has been included in over four hundred publications, been represented in countless numbers of international exhibits in museums and galleries. A former engineer, Henning von Berg is a true shooting star in the world of photography. His previous release Universal was a co-production with Kingdome 19.

The book is available for purchase on here.

Henning von Berg website.
Alpha Males Website

Posted 09/16/2007
Life Drawing Workshops Self Help Graphics & Art

Los Angeles Life Drawing Classes with Miguel Angel Reyes on Wednesdays, from 7 PM to 9 PM. This 10-week 2007 Summer Session runs July 18 - September 19. (No nudes)

This course builds upon anatomy and drawing skills for all levels. The emphasis of this course will be to expand the basic figure through the use of traditional drawing techniques. Students will learn the technical skills needed to create dramatic value and staged composition through the use of live model, draping of fabric (costumes) and a variety of drawing materials. Poses in these sessions will be long and short. Instructor will recommend reading material on art theory, discuss art materials as they relate to creating a professional product and give individual guidance and art critique.

Miguel Angel Reyes is a Los Angeles-based portrait and figurative painter, muralist, printmaker and illustrator who, incorporates expressionist brushwork and classical tradition in his portrayals. He graduated from Otis Art Institute/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles with a BFA in illustration. Course Price: $150 for 10 week series ($15/class) paid advance registration required $20 per class at the door.

Self Help Graphics & Art, 3802 Cesar E. Chavez, Los Angeles, CA 90063. Contact at 323.881.6444 or at

Self Help Graphics & Art website.

Posted 8/10/2007
Foundation in Print Tom of Finland Foundation

The July / August issue of 2 Magazine contains an informative article, Tom X2, by Sean Carnage.

The Los Angeles – based Tom of Finland Foundation releases never-before-seen images of male couples by the artist. Foundation president — and Tom’s closest confidant — Durk Dehner reveals the story behind these startling visions.

"It looks like any other modestly impressive home on the block — with the possible exception of the stockade and iron cage on the lawn..."

2 Magazine website.

Posted 8/10/2007
Artist in Print Jack Slomovits

A new 130 page book of black and white photographs by Jack Slomovits titled Sex in the West Village, NYC has been released in Europe and is scheduled for a USA release in July 2007 by the publisher Bruno Gmunder. It should be available at most book stores.

"Seldom has a photographer created such an authentic work as Jack Slomovits has in this book. From the middle of the sexual action the artist captures us from the first photos onward.

"Slomovits' semi-documentary style leaves little to the imagination; high-contrast detailed photos are interspersed with portraits in a snapshot aesthetic. His protagonists are the lads of the West Village in New York, lads of impressive naivety and tantalizing innocence. A fast book from a fast city. Sexy!"

The book is available for purchase on here.

Jack Slomovits website.

Posted 6/18/2007
QX Magazine Celebrates Tom Tom of Finland

QX Magazine celebrates 50 Years of Tom with six layouts. Haydon Bridge examines Tom's influence over the years, QX interviews Durk Dehner — the Foundation's co-founder, photographer Magnus Hastings recreates some of Tom's most popular drawings, and more.

QX Magazine website. Look for Issue #638.

Posted 05/26/2007
Voted "Best Gallery" Of The Year Tom of Finland Foundation

Frontiers Magazine asked. The people voted. Iin a very close call (just four votes!), the Foundation was voted Best Gallery in their People's Choice awards! A big "thanks" to everyone who voted for us.

Check out the latest copy of Frontiers, or view the article on the Frontiers website.

Posted 04/16/2007
No New York Erotic Art Fair Weekend This Year Tom of Finland Foundation

Our Art Fair in New York City will not be held this year. As a Los Angeles, California based organization the spiraling costs of transportation for staff and materials, lodging, and other expenses has currently made it impossible for us to subsidize the Fair. We hope to be back next year.

We will be hosting the Los Angles Erotic Art Fair Weekend this year and should have preliminary details very soon.

Posted 04/16/2007
Artist In Print Michael Breyette

Michael Breyette is excited to announce the release of his first book, Summer Moved On. This debut collection of Michael’s work is being published by Bruno Gmünder. The 8” x 11” hardcover book will be released in Europe in February 2007 then in the US and elsewhere in April. Fans of Michael’s work can reserve a limited autographed copy along with a $10 Gift Card, by pre-ordering from his online studio.

Breyette’s images range from jocks to cowboys, from erotic to romantic, all dominated by beautiful men captured in sexy moments. The guys are full of confidence, bathed in sensuous relaxing warmth like that of the late summer’s heat.

In addition to book covers and magazine features, Michael’s images appear in the recently released book Stripped and the forthcoming collection, The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today.

Michael Breyette website.

Posted 02/10/2007
Two $5,000 Grants The Ultimate Eye

The Ultimate Eye Foundation announces the following grants:

One $5,000.00 grant for creative digital photography. One $5,000.00 grant for photographic figurative work.

The digital photography grant is for creativity using digital output in photography. The images can be realistic or fanciful, the manipulation can be subtle or extreme, but both a camera and a computer must be used in image creation. The photographic figurative grant is for the celebration of the human figure using any photographic media.

Restrictions: You must be over eighteen years of age and not a full-time student at any college or university. Entries must be received by January 20, 2007. Decisions will be made before February 24, 2007.

Posted 12/02/2006
Artist in Print Hank Eddleman

Hank Eddleman is pleased to announce the sale of his photographs in the 2007 Provocateur Voyeur calendar. It is available in many stores around the world and directly from 10Percent Products.

Photographer Hank Eddleman offers a voyeuristic excursion in this collection of sexy images featuring beautiful men in their personal spaces. Each month feels as if you're taking a peek into their private lives. Calendar opens up to 12" x 24" and the images are great for framing.

Hank Eddleman Website

Posted 10/13/2006
Artist in Print JD Dragan

JD Dragan is pleased to announce the sale of his photographs in the 2007 Provocateur Black calendar. It is available in many stores around the world and directly from 10Percent Products.

JD will be signing his new 2007 Black calendar at Giovanni’s Room in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, October 06, 2006 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Please stop by this Philadelphia landmark to meet the photographer and several of his models.

Collectors of JD's work will especially enjoy this compilation.

JD Dragan Website

Posted 08/29/2006
Artist In Passing John Blackburn

On April, 7th, 2006, we lost an icon and part of our history. John Blackburn passed away at 8.35pm, due to complications from treatment for colon cancer. He was 67.

"John definitely had a Zen philosophy", says his life partner Jimmy, "He was very kind and carried a nonjudgmental approach to everyone and everything. He believed that all of this world was of equal value. He didn't place people above other living creatures."

Read more about John and sample his artwork here.

An evening of Mr. Blackburn's artwork will be presented by Antebellum Gallery on July 17, 2006.

A big thanks to Rick Castro for these materials.
Posted 06/13/2006

Newsletter Released Visual AIDS

The Visual AIDS Art + Newsletter covering Spring 2006 News and Events is now on-line.

Of particular note is page 3, which contains artists opportunities, grants and resources.

Founded in 1988, Visual AIDS strives to increase public awareness of AIDS through the visual arts. The Frank Moore Archive Project documents the work of artists with HIV/AIDS to ensure that their artistic legacy will be preserved, thereby safeguarding their place within art history. The Archive Project also facilitates the creation and presentation of new work and provides practical services to artists with HIV/AIDS, assisting in their pursuit of a professional career.

Visual AIDS Newsletter Website

Posted 06/02/2006
Art Heist in Palm Springs, CA William "Taurus" Webster

In a daring daylight raid, thieves got away with a major piece of art from The Barracks Bar in Palm Springs on Friday, December 2. The piece of erotic art, interpreted by local artist William "Taurus" Webster from an original by Stephan, was secured by screws to the outside wall of the bar inside a locked patio area. The thieves removed part of the patio's wooden fencing to gain access to the area. The crime happened between 8:30 AM when the bar's cleaning man finished his work and 1 PM when the day barman arrived.

Cathedral City Police Department is investigating the case. Anyone with information should contact Officer Wallace referencing case number 0512-0265.

The piece of art is on wood and stands eight feet tall and is four feet wide. It is valued at $2,000 and is one of only two in existence. The other, which hung for many years in San Francisco's former leather bar the Loading Dock, is now in a private collection. Webster's reproductions of famous erotic artists' work are quite prized among collectors. The Barracks, the Faultline in Los Angeles and The Edge in San Francisco are just three of the California bars that feature Webster's art, particularly his interpretations of the master, Tom of Finland. The Tom of Finland Foundation is assisting the investigation by spreading the word to its members and supporters to be on the lookout for the missing art. (Click on the above image for a full visualization.

One of the three co-owners of The Barracks, John Rentsch, said it appeared the thieves may have left abruptly when they heard the day barman arriving. "They left behind the screw driver they used to remove the piece from the wall. This is now in the hands of the Cathedral City police and they are testing for finger prints," he said. "The thieves obviously made it a priority to get the piece of art. There were many other objects -- heaters, fans, a gas grill, etc -- on the patio that could have been removed more easily and sold much more easily. Instead they took a very unique and very traceable piece of art. This will be very hard to sell. It is not something that anyone can claim 'fell off the back of a truck.' We will not rest until the art is back in its rightful place on public display in the bar."

"We appeal for the community's assistance with our search," Rentsch added. The Barracks can be reached by telephone on 760.321.9688 and by e-mail at

Posted 12/06/2005
Poster Sale To Benefit New Orleans Roscoe

Roscoe has created the first in a series of posters for sale with 100% of the proceeds going to the relief fund Relief 2 Louisiana. This fund was set up by WBRZ, an ABC affiliate serving Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and The Advocate. The fund was established for two purposes: to aid displaced residents and to rebuild New Orleans. Click on the image to the right to view the full image.

The poster is 12" x 24" and can be purchased at:
Posted 12/06/2005
Artist In Need Hunter Reynolds

The following message is from Tasha Reynolds-Sullivan, Hunter’s sister:

“I need your help and prayers right now for my brother Hunter. He's lived with HIV for 21 years, and now, it has claimed his right hand is paralyzed. His benefits have run out and he is sick. He is an amazing artist and writer, and this is devastating him. Please send him your positive thoughts and prayers and if you can help in anyway, our family will be forever grateful.”

What Hunter needs right now is love, financial support, hopes & prayers.

If you would like to send a card, present or another form of donation to Hunter, please e-mail and his address will be forwarded to you. He needs his friends now more than ever.

Hunter Reynolds' sister has put up a web page for the Hunter Reynolds Fund. Please help if you can. He needs help now.

Additional information is on the VisualAIDS website at:

Posted 11/26/2005
GLADD: Success Declared by Organizers New York, NY
Left to right: Auction Co-Chair Russ Alley, HRH Princess Paul of Romania, artist PS Gordon of Tulsa and New York, artist Kat Coric of Montreal.

Photo by Jeff Eason, courtesy of HX Magazine New York, NY

The fourth annual GLAAD OUTAuction benefiting The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) was held in New York City on Sunday, November 6, 2005. Over 500 guests viewed 125 works of art on display from an array of international artists.

The auction was projected to raise $90,000, but to the delight of all; $130,000 was attained ­ funds which will go to support GLAAD¹s programs. A Herb Ritts image Paul, Torso donated by The Herb Ritts Foundation was valued at $10,000 and went for $30,000. A signature Tubes painting by Montreal's Kat Coric was one of the four featured pieces in the live auction along with The Herb Ritts image, and went to the high bid from entertainment attorney Michael Lanzillotta from MTV/VH1.

In attendance were; Auction Co-Chairs; Russ Alley and Enrique Limon, Famed New York surgeon Dr. Alan Fard (bought Herb Ritts piece), renowned artists PS Gordon and Charles Hinman, Brian English, representing The Herb Ritts Foundation, Edward Mapplethorpe (brother of Robert), CBS Network 48 Hours reporter Troy Roberts, gallery owners Asher Remy Toledo and Barbara Ann Levy, filmmaker Joe Lovett, artist Johanne Corno (originally from Montreal), Montreal artist Kat Coric, V.P., MTV Networks Business and Legal Affairs Michael Lanzillotta (who bought Kat's artwork), and artist Robert Risko.

Posted 11/16/2005
Artist in the News Axel
The artist, Axel.
Courtesy Axel.

Jimmy Palmieri, writing for, interviewed Axel, the artist in an article entitled: Time Out: For An Artist, Saint & Sinner.

"Axel, one of the most important local up and coming erotic artists, is a lesson is dichotomies. He is both man and boy, artist and subject, angel and sinner.

"He is also funny. Funny to the point that I chuckled to myself long after we had concluded our interview."

The full article is available on

Posted 11/16/2005
Artist In Passing L. A. Willette

It is with deep regret that Art @ Large informs us of the passing of one of our own.

L. A. Willette died Sunday morning, November 13th at Beth Israel Hospital due to complications from cancer. He was 55.

He was a great artist who showed with them on several occasions, most notably his exhibition, "The Power of Women" in May 2004.

A memorial service is being planned, and anyone wishing more information on
this incredible New York artist, feel free to respond.

Also, please visit this link for a brief remembrance by Pet Silvia and
Tammey Stubbs of Art @ Large, and to see some of L. A. Willette's work.

Art @ Large Website
Posted 11/16/2005

Digging for Tom's Artwork Tom of Finland Foundation

The Tom of Finland Foundation and Taschen are working together on The Complete Tom of Finland, a massive book (11 1/2 x 17 1/4 Inches) that we hope to be... well... complete!

But much of Tom's work -- especially his early work -- has been lost. Tom would often give away artwork to promote bike clubs and events. Early sales of his artwork were rarely photographed, or were photographed poorly. (Tom never claimed to be much of a photographer!)

If you have any original art or reproductions by this fine artist, even if it's just something you think might be a Tom of Finland, please contact us. We will arrange to have your art professionally reproduced so it can be a part of this landmark project. This is your chance to be part of this stunning tribute to everyone's favorite dirty drawer, and to help us prove once and for all that fine art and great masturbation material can, and should be, one and the same.

Learn more about this project, plus see a video with Foundation Director Durk Dehner giving a tour of the Foundation House on the Taschen Website.

[Note: to view the video you may have to adjust your browser and/or firewall settings.]
Posted 11/16/2005

Awards Presented Tom of Finland Foundation

The Tom of Finland Foundation has announced the recipients of its three major annual awards. The awards, acrylic sculptures designed by artist Philip Hitchcock, were presented at the Foundation’s annual Awards Banquet as part of its 11th Annual West Hollywood - Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair Weekend.

The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Edward Lucie-Smith of London. An art critic, historian, poet, and photographer, Mr. Lucie-Smith is widely regarded as the world’s most prolific and most widely-published writer on art, with more than sixty books on art to his credit. Several of his works, including Movements in Art since 1945, Visual Arts of the 20th Century, and A Dictionary of Art Terms, and Art Today are used as standard texts throughout the world. Previous recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award include Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt, Benedikt Taschen, Durk Dehner, and Charles Leslie and Frederic Lohman.

The Foundation will bestow the Cultural Icon Award on artist and activist Ivy Bottini of West Hollywood. Ms Bottini was a founder of the first chapter of the National Organization for Women, and designed its national logo in 1969. She has been a graphic artist, a performer, and a longtime community activist, and currently serves as Co-Chair of the City of West Hollywood’s Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board. The Cultural Icon Award is presented to an individual whose career achievements and personal qualities combine to make him or her a role model. Previous recipients include heavy metal rocker Rob Halford; author and filmmaker Clive Barker; and social critic Camille Paglia.

The 2005 inductees into the Erotic Artist Hall of Fame are Pierre Commoy and Gilles Blanchard of Paris, who work professionally under the name “Pierre et Gilles.” The pair met in 1976, and began their formal work as Pierre et Gilles in 1978. Their collaboration, which involves intricately staged and hand-retouched photographs, has led to exhibitions at Paris’s Musee d’Art Moderne and Centre Georges Pompidou, the Musee d’Art Contemporain in Montreal, and many other venues. Previous inductees to the Hall of Fame include H. R. Giger, Bill Schmelling aka The Hun, Michael Kirwan, and, posthumously, Tom of Finland and Herb Ritts.

Posted 10/14/2005
Newsletter Released Visual AIDS

The Visual AIDS Art + Newsletter covering Summer 2005 News and Events is now on-line.

Of special interest to New York artists: The Center for Book Arts is pleased to continue the Artist-in-Residence Workspace Grant for New York Emerging Artists program in 2006. Up to four New York-based emerging artists will be offered space, time and support to explore the production and exhibition of artist's books and related work in two-to-four month residencies.

Founded in 1988, Visual AIDS strives to increase public awareness of AIDS through the visual arts. The Frank Moore Archive Project documents the work of artists with HIV/AIDS to ensure that their artistic legacy will be preserved, thereby safeguarding their place within art history. The Archive Project also facilitates the creation and presentation of new work and provides practical services to artists with HIV/AIDS, assisting in their pursuit of a professional career.

Visual AIDS Website

Posted 08/25/2005
New Board Member Tom of Finland Foundation

The Foundation is pleased to announce that Mark Nelson has taken a seat on our Board of Directors. He brings with him great experience in NYC as a promoter and producer.

Mark also writes, edits and sends out a weekly email newsletter that goes to subscribers across the USA and many parts of the world. Currently Mark's office is working with The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force 2006 Miami Winter Party Festival and a fall New York fundraising spectacular for the Tom of Finland Foundation. Mark hopes to continue in this field for years to come and the Foundation welcomes him and his gusto!

Mark and the rest of the Board can be contacted by visiting the ToFF Directory.

Posted 08/09/2005
Visual Arts / Discussion New Orleans, LA

Now in its tenth season, ArtSpeak is a monthly series of dialogues with Louisiana artists on designated Wednesdays from 7 - 9 PM.

The September 14, 2005 session features a special edition with artists from The Culture of Queer exhibition. Panelists: Brad Dupuy, Maxx Sizeler, Tom Strider, Moderator: Jenny Kahn.

Free admission.

Visit Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans for more information.
Posted 07/14/2005

Gallery Owner Donates Tom of Finland Drawings Chicago, IL
Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland

Hudson, curator and owner of Feature Inc., a gallery influential in the early recognition of artist Tom of Finland, has donated two pivotal drawings by the artist to the Permanent Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Feature Inc. presented exhibitions of Tom of Finland's drawings during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Hudson recalls, “His drawing skill and subject matter were an important influence on me and many people I knew, including many artists."

The two pieces donated by Hudson represent an American period — specifically a California period — in Tom of Finland's many transitions. Black men with White men became a part of Tom's creative focus during the 1980s, the last decade of work before his death in 1991.

"Hudson's donation, and the acceptance of these works by the Art Institute of Chicago, is one more stone in the pathway of Tom of Finland's recognition by the fine art communities of the world,” said Durk Dehner, cofounder and director of the nonprofit Tom of Finland Foundation.

"I was also curious to see if AIC would accept it as a gift,” said Hudson. Then he adds, “It was a great pleasure to hear of the acceptance and to realize that this gift allows many, many people the opportunity to see these terrific drawings and be inspired, amused, aroused, and/or enraged.”

First Tom of Finland was exhibited at the Town Hall in the hamlet where he was born, then the Kiasma in Helsinki, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Portland Museum of Art and the recent donation by the Judith Rothschild Foundation to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Posted 07/01/2005
Artist In Passing Thomas Elliott Harmon

Elliott, a talented artist in the prime of his life, passed away suddenly of a heart attack at his home in Malibu, California on December 17, 2004. Born on May 27, 1947, he had just launched his new business, Village Vignettes, which was expected to be a big success.

Elliott was a Foundation member, and he received our Honorary Commander Award that recognized his special contributions to the Foundation.

Mr. Harmon is survived by his brother and sister. "We love you friend. We love you brother."

Villiage Vignettes Website
Posted 04/23/2005

"Demonic Sex" Published Sean Platter

Sean Platter is well known to the Foundation. The cover art for this publication hangs on the first floor of the Foundation headquarters as part of its Permanent Collection!

StudioSplatter, in conjunction with Triple6 Comics and Instigator Magazine, have teamed up to produce Demonic Sex - Boy its HOT in Hell! This 11 page original work by artist Sean Platter is the first episode in a new comic series published by IXAmedia. It is a beautiful creation done by one of the leading fantasy and erotica artists of the day.

Plans for the comic to be released as an on-going separate publication are already in the works. Sean Platter's story can be found in the current issue of Instigator Magazine.

StudioSplatter Website
Triple6 Comics Website
Instigator Magazine Website

Posted 03/26/2005
Call For Artists Flazh!Alley Studio — Los Angeles, CA

The South Bay’s only art gallery dedicated exclusively to serious erotic and adult-themed art is reviewing artists’ portfolios for possible exhibition.

Flazh!Alley Studio is located in the exciting, emerging arts community of San Pedro, CA. and is owned by the Art Editor for the popular GLBT on-line magazine,, Joe Flazh!

Flazh!Alley is a deceptively spacious, 1,400 square feet, venue with 15 foot tall white walls, an elevated landing that creates a true sense of entering a stylish gallery when guests arrive; and, yes, you enter from an alley that’s adjacent to a large public parking lot.

Flazh!Alley Studio is also a space where people who have issues with adult themed work are advised not to attend, a space where the receptions are by invitation only, small, intimate and informal. Serious collectors and people of taste are always welcome.

For more information or to set up an appointment for reviewing portfolios call 310.833.3633 or

Posted 03/26/2005
Artist's Work Vandalized Albert Crudo

This past weekend New York artist Albert Crudo had two of his paintings vandalized at an Upper West Side cafe, La Fenice 2012 Broadway, NYC 10023.

The painting, entitled The Nature of the Beast: Parts I, II, III has been causing quite a stir among patrons since it's installation in early December. The artwork is a monochromatic red triptych depicting three dog-men doing what dog-men do best — begging, sniffing and urinating on fire hydrants. Apparently, these common occurrences that New Yorkers see, and ignore, every day are acceptable to view on the streets of the city but not so while sipping a latte.

The exhibition at La Fenice has been up for several months and according to the owner Marco Mastrangelo, a few customers have been shocked by the work, but he never received any indication that anyone was so offended as to harm the work in any way. And he stands by his decision to keep the work hanging- "This is a private establishment. I love Crudo's work. And if you don't approve there are many other places for you to go."

Mr. Crudo and Mr. Mastrangelo are jointly offering a $1,000 reward for any tip leading to the arrest and conviction of the vandal. The police are currently investigating the crime. Please contact Detective Jose Rodriguez with any information at: 20th Precinct, 120 W 82nd Street, NY, NY 10024. Phone: 212.580.6414, Fax:212.579.1741.

To view The Nature of the Beast visit the "Forces of Nature" gallery on the artist's website.

Albert Crudo Website

Image The Nature of the Beast III by Albert Crudo, 1999
Posted 03/11/2005
Image of the Year 2005 Tom of Finland Foundation

The Tom of Finland Foundation has selected this piece of art by their namesake artist, TOM OF FINLAND, as the image to represent the Foundation in print during the 2005 calendar year. It will be shown at the New York City and Los Angeles Erotic Art Weekends and is being auctioned off to the highest bidder!

Learn more about this piece of art here.
Posted 03/02/2005

New Acquisitions & Gifts Paul Tankersley — "Tank"

In the seventies in the middle of Texas there was "born" a artist of realism who would bare the name, TANK. Paul Tankersley's one aim, by all apparent presentations of his work, seemed to want to pay homage to the American cowboy. His work always had a sense that each man stood alone. TANK had a direct eye for realism, with fine small pencil strokes not unlike Tom of Finland's style. He tended to use graphite and color pencil, with the occasionally dance with oils. He was very fond of of the works he created so it was rare that he would part with an original. Instead, he produced very high quality photo prints that he offered through the mail and at gay rodeos.

Well the day came this past year when we were called and informed that the time had come. To let go of them and for them to be put into the hands of a institution that would care, exhibit and keep the publics awareness of Tanks legacy alive once again.

The Foundation is the fortunate recipient of over 24 TANK originals along with a major selection of photo prints that the artist used to offer to the public. We are proud to be the institution that will care for, exhibit and keep the public's awareness of Tanks legacy alive once again. The Foundation is now committed, through the generosity of TANK's partner, Stephen Worley, to make sure the public doesn't forget this wonderful artist.

The Foundation has plans to set up a exhibition of TANK's works that will travel to different facilities honoring the beauty of the male species and the truly intoxicating effect he would produce with the men his heart throbbed for.

Image Bunkhouse by TANK, Sept. 1996
Posted 02/25/2005
Newsletter Released Visual AIDS

The Visual AIDS Art + Newsletter covering Fall 2004 and Winter 2005 News and Events is now on-line. See what Visual AIDS is up to, check out their new AIDS Awareness flyers, get details about their upcoming Benefit at Pavel Zoubok, check out Archive Member Artist news, exhibitions and opportunities. Artists may be interested in a number of grants listed.

Founded in 1988, Visual AIDS strives to increase public awareness of AIDS through the visual arts. The Frank Moore Archive Project documents the work of artists with HIV/AIDS to ensure that their artistic legacy will be preserved, thereby safeguarding their place within art history. The Archive Project also facilitates the creation and presentation of new work and provides practical services to artists with HIV/AIDS, assisting in their pursuit of a professional career.

Visual AIDS Website

Posted 02/23/2005
Mortgage Flambé Leather Archives & Museum

With a fiery flash and a puff of smoke culminating seven years of intense fundraising, the Leather Archives & Museum loudly took ownership of their permanent home on Sunday, February 20. A capacity crowd filling the Etienne Auditorium watched as LA&M President and Founder Chuck Renslow set afire the paid-off mortgage (actually, a reasonable facsimile).

The toasting began earlier at a reception and cocktail party with a light buffet served by titleholders from around the country. A brief program included remarks by several dignitaries and board members, a remembrance for past contributors who did not live to see the historic milestone. Activist Roger Klorese received the first-ever President’s Award for his support of the Archives.

Director Randall “Bear Man” Klett made an impassioned blessing of the building as “a sacred space.” Klett and the LeatherWerks of Fort Lauderdale, Florida underwrote the afternoon festivities. A popular feature for visitors was the recently completed Teri Rose Memorial Library.

The LA&M retired their mortgage in August of 2004 after a seven-year capital campaign raised $400,000 from community donations to purchase and improve a 10,000 square foot building at 6418 N. Greenview Avenue on the north side of Chicago. Originally incorporated in 1991 as the National Gay and Lesbian Archives, the Leather Archives & Museum evolved in 1994 to compile, preserve and maintain the history, archives and memorabilia of leather and related lifestyles for historical, educational and research purposes. Information on the organization, membership and publications is available at the museum or at their website.

Leather Archives & Museum Website

Posted 02/23/2005
Call For Artists The XArt Gallery

The Annual Sensual & Erotic Art Exhibition and its sponsor, The Lifestyles Organization, proudly announce the collaboration with like-minded institutes by presenting at our space, The XART Gallery, and assisting in creating revenues.

With its multi-medium approach, the annual exhibition is a valuable resource to artists, educators and the general public. We give the public information about new trends in art and how it functions erotically. This year's exhibition will tour several venues after the successful engagement at The Erotic Museum. We believe the timing is perfect to present art that follows new directions, new mediums and would inform and inspire people to engage in an intelligent and open dialogue about sexuality, a subject that is central to human happiness.

This exhibition is a valuable resource for all artists. We wish to involve artists who are willing and responsible, while fulfilling our obligation to be as historically correct as possible, in order to lend our authority in this field to the public. It seems vital to illustrate clearly the connection between contemporary art and sex.

Artists who share these goals are invited to contact Luis & Theresa De La Cruz directly at

All commissions will be donated to the Tom of Finland Foundation.

XArt Gallery Website

Posted 02/04/2005
Seminar with Dr. Eva Cadell - Feb. 6 '05 The Erotic Museum

"How to Worship the God Goddess in You and Your Lover"

Dr. Ava Cadell leads an interactive workshop for singles and couples who want true love to last. Join Dr. Ava in this unique journey and learn exclusive heart-to-heart connective exercises that will result in many changes individually and together. This tantric lab will take your relationship to a whole new plateau.

Dr. Ava encourages her clients to be open about sex, and to live out their fantasies to keep their relationships alive. Dr. Ava's goal is simple: by helping her clients to discard the guilt and shame they were raised with, she motivates them to view lovemaking from a new a perspective. According to Dr. Ava, "Discussing sex should be as comfortable as discussing what we are going to have for dinner."

Sunday, February 6 from 1 to 3pm. $25 per individual, $40 per couple. Members receive a 10% discount. Seating is limited. To purchase in advance call 323-463-7684 x105.

The Erotic Museum  Website

Posted 02/04/2005
Artist Departed John Klamik — "Sean"

It is with sadness we write of the death at 2:34 p.m. on Wednesday, January 5, of John Klamik - better known "Sean", the artist. An artist and activist, John succumbed to pneumonia at West Anaheim Medical Center in Anaheim, California following a series of strokes and a diagnosis of lung cancer, listed as the official cause of death.

John was born on July 22, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, where he studied at the world-famous Art Institute. He moved to California in the mid '60s, settling in West Hollywood which, next to Chicago, was his favorite city in the world.

While working as an artist and Display Director for the Akron Stores, he combined two of his loves — art and activism — as the original editorial cartoonist "Buckshot" for the old Advocate. During the next three decades, as "Shawn", he contributed cartoons to mainstream gay newspapers and magazines.

Most are familiar with his erotica as "Sean" in more specialized gay publications — including Drummer, Bound & Gagged and Red Tails. He created murals for such famous Hollywood sites as Manspace, Hollywood Spa and The Sewers of Paris, as well as for Leather bars in Los Angeles and San Francisco. John wrote and illustrated graphic novels, and illustrated many books and short stories for such writers as Larry Townsend and R.F.M. (Roger Mays).

He exhibited at the Tom of Finland Foundation art shows, and his original art is owned by collectors worldwide. Indeed, he worked until nearly the end, delivering his final illustrations the day before his first stroke.

John loved all animals, especially cats, horror movies - he created the lobby poster for the 1987 film, Berserker!, gourmet cooking, helping his fellow man and watching the sunset while enjoying a perfect Manhattan.

He is survived by Jim Newberry, his companion of 40 years; his sisters, Dorothy Fay of Chicago and Louise Doty of Wayland, Michigan; and literally thousands of close friends and fans. John is mourned by all who knew him.

If anyone would like to share any personal thoughts about his work and how it may have impacted on you, please send them to

Click here for a sample of Sean's distinctive artwork. Many additional examples are available on Sean's website. Jim Newberry also invites people with any of Sean's artwork to submit it to him for posting on the site — so all can enjoy it.

The Sean the Artist Website.