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Fall/Winter 1997

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Being a judge for an erotic art contest is harder than judging just an ordinary art contest because first you have to rate the works on the same scale of values as for all other forms of art and then on top of that you have to evaluate them for their erotic content as well. Those two qualities can quite often be at odds, for instance, when a drawing's artistic crudity actually adds to its erotic charge.

This year, the five judges not only did a superb job of culling a rich selection of artists and their work as the winners, but they themselves are a broad sampling of the range of people who are involved in one way or another with erotic art: Michele Hunter , of Sydney, Australia, is an editor for the highly admired art and photography magazine "(Not Only) Blue"; Bill Schmeling, of Portland, Oregon, needs no introduction as the notorious (but lovely) artist known as 'the Hun '; Peter Sparrow is a New York-based designer of everything from mainstream commercials and music videos to sexy nightclubs; Bruno Billion , of Paris, France, is a journalist for magazines like "Projet X" (which should be XXX!) and translator of the French edition of "Tom of Finland: His Life and Times"; and finally, Micha Ramaker , of Brussels, Belgium, who has written the text for Benedikt Taschen's new monster compendium of the work of Tom of Finland to be released later this year and has a second volume on the artist planned by St. Martin's Press .

The judges made their selections by viewing binders with 8 1/2 by 11 inch reproductions of the submissions. All works larger than that size were reduced accordingly; all works smaller than that were reproduced 'same size'. The judging was blind, which means the judges were given no personal information whatsoever on the creators of the individual works so they could make their decisions based solely on the works themselves.

Thirteen awards are given as follows -- to the three artists in each of the four categories whose work received the highest total of the scores given them individually by the five judges. The grand prize goes to the work that received the highest score in all the categories combined. This current batch of award winners come from 4 countries, 5 states, and several sexual orientations.

"C'm' Here, Boy"
by Darrell 'Boy' Smith,
Oakville, Ontario, CANADA
Hector Silva, Claremont, California
Keith Bohn, Riverdale, Maryland

Single Figure

See the originals in all their fine detail and vivid color - most will be on display at TOM'S BAR, May 10, 1998.
Inglewood, California

Group Figures

Leonard James, Portland, Oregon
Francisco Etxaniz, Seattle, Washington
Alexander Saltykov, Velikie Luki, Pskov, RUSSIA


Marquis, Miami, Florida
Patrizia Rizzo, Caracas, VENEZUELA
Eben Lehrer, Los Angeles, California


Antonio Gray, Sarasota, Florida
Eduardo A., Hollywood, California
Michael Angel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA


Here are the dates for the Tom of Finland Foundation's two large Los Angeles events 1998 -- The Fine Art of Partying!

TOM'S BAR -- May 10 -- This is a Sunday afternoon event that is a fundraiser for the Foundation and will feature an exhibition of the original art work submitted for the latest contest, including most of the winners displayed in this issue. This year the party will feature live music as well as the usual assortment of hundreds of hot and friendly fans of Tom and his work.

EROTIC ART WEEKEND -- October 16, 17, 18 -- Three days of erotic art with over 50 participating artists, special exhibitions, two-day art fair, dinner, cocktail party and an environment where you will be with others who appreciate erotic art. See the article on page 5 for a look at last year's event.


December 15, 1938 - December 25, 1997

Erotic Master of the Graphite Pencil

Olaf Odegaard will go down in gay erotic history as one of the most well-known artists of the last quarter of this century.

Born in Wisconsin, Olaf had an eclectic education, to say the least. He attended Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Harvard Divinity School, the University of Tokyo and finally ended up with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii.

Inside the actual workings of the artist, he was an idealist, who loved the written word, treasured the writings of Walt Whitman, and was an established writer in his own right. As is very obvious from his artwork, Olaf loved the interaction between men, but he was compelled to live the life of a recluse. For decades, he worked away at his graphite pencil drawings and oil paintings with little companionship except for a few. His long-time best friend was the man who founded and compiled the Los Angeles based Gay and Lesbian Archives, Jim Kepner, who also passed away in 1997. Kepner did much to make sure that Olaf had a roof over his head for many of those years. In the last years of the artist's life, Durk Dehner, the president of the Tom of Finland Foundation, made it his personal responsibility to protect Olaf from the ravages of homelessness. Through personally representing Olaf's art, producing a book on him, sponsoring a one-man show, and building an archive of his work, Dehner managed his affairs for him, at one point literally keeping the artist from being on the street by finding an apartment that was within his budget.

Many of Olaf's best known works revolved around the subject matter of devils and satyrs, which had personal symbolism for him. Perhaps his most famous set of works illustrated "The Story of O", a popular book that details the training of a slave.

The artist's personal collection of his unsold works will be sold by the parent for-profit company Tom of Finland Inc. and sold through the Foundation's Erotic Art Gallery by Mail. The proceeds of those sales will go to an educational fund for Olaf's nephew. So now once again, another erotic artist's remaining works go on the market, creating an opportunity for collectors to acquire one or more pieces by one of the master erotic artists of the twentieth century.

The recently published "Beasts and Beauties: The Erotic Art of Olaf" is available from the Tom of Finland Company, featuring a color cover, 4 color plates and 64 pages of full page drawings.

Through the generosity of the artist's estate, the Foundation has received these two excellent examples of Olaf's work. They will become a part of the permanent collection and eventually be on display in the Erotic Art Museum.


The uncut dicks and clear-cut colors of the erotic drawings and paintings by the San Diego-based homoerotic artist who signed his work 'Anos' or 'Anos Nemos' created a small but fervent following for his artwork in many of the most popular gay erotic magazines and his deft hand and witty style will be missed by them all.

At left is a rare work in ink from Anos' usually polychromatic hand. Timid gay publications seldom permitted him to illustrate such an extreme scene.


Tom's blending of sex and humor conjured up the most exotic Christmas tree stand ever devised. This version is a favorite Holiday card available from the Tom of Finland Company.


Frank Olson was one of Tom's personal friends, as well as a friend of other artists, and he enjoyed commissioning them to design Christmas cards and party invitations. Two of Tom's most popular Christmas images were done as commissions for Frank, one from the sixties and one a dozen years later. Frank has generously donated them to be a part of the Foundation's permanent collection and added a piece by another favorite artist of the times, a party invitation also done in the sixties by the Chicago artist Dom Orejudos , who used the name Etienne for most of his work. Frank has promised us more treasures in the future as well.

"Come jump through our hoop" was a party invitation by Etienne that would be hard to resist


In our last newsletter we spoke about the Tom of Finland Museum and that we were working toward making it a reality. The Board of Directors firmed up their commitment last July and agreed that we would open a museum within five years, namely by Tom's birthday, May 8, 2002. Soon after that announcement we received two sizable donations: $1000 from Scott O'Hara and $1500 from Robert Barker . These funds were earmarked for the museum and they have been deposited in the Foundation's mutual fund account specifically for that purpose. We thank you gentlemen very much for your keen sensitivity to this quest.

This example of Tom's Holiday humor is also now available in full-color cards for this year's Chrismas list.


If my dear friend and yours Tom of Finland were alive today he would have such a large grin on his face. He said once in an interview that he would like to be part of a good museum collection, to be shown alongside other respected artists. Well, his wish has finally come true. Last fall the Los Angeles County Museum of Art showed the recent acquisition of a Tom of Finland work alongside an Henri Matisse and a David Hockney . It was part of their exhibition of drawings from their permanent collection. We thank Christopher Ford from Mark Moore Gallery of Santa Monica and Bruce Davis from the L.A. County Museum for making Tom's desire come to fruition.


The Foundation has been very fortunate in receiving the personal collection of erotic work from the stage and film actor, Peter Bromolow, a total of 14 of his works in collage with pen and ink. We accepted the works for they have a unique style and document a certain period of gay culture. These works were donated through the estate of the late actor under the direction of Burton Peterson .


The Foundation wants to know your whereabouts. We are already making plans for the 1998 Erotic Art Weekend and we want to keep you posted on the dates, location, accommodations and artists that will be attending. So contact us and let us put you on our collectors mailing list for regular updates.

Also if you are interested in knowing about erotic art for sale through the Foundation, let us know and ask us about subscribing to the Erotic Art Gallery by Mail. It comes out three times a year and has twenty-four works for sale in each mailing. If you have artwork that you want to sell from your personal collection, this is an excellent venue. Contact Volker Morlock , the Gallery's curator, c/o the Foundation (see address on back page) or call 310-229-5251. Let us market your artwork to our clientele of serious art buyers.

At left the work "Locker Room" is by Kent, a featured artist in the new Erotic Art Gallery mailing. Among the 24 works offered are also an important original from Tom's "Slave Market" series and a rare Etienne finished drawing. Along with more work by the much-published Kent are works by lesser known artists such as the fine pencil drawing pictured at right by Gamar.


New Venue A Dramatic Change for the Better

All the events making up the 1997 Erotic Art Weekend in Los Angeles were quite successful including the cocktail mixer, the Gallery opening featuring the art of Valentine and the photographs of John Sonsini , and the dinner in the banquet room of the historic Taix's Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. They were, however, all overshadowed by the two-day fair itself, held in the L.A. Lofts , a pair of spacious, light-flooded studios on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. [Please note the venue has changed on future fairs.]

All 50 of the booths available were taken by artists, sculptors, and photographers, both new faces and well-established names, many of them back for the third year in a row. This year's best-selling artists were both first-timers at the Weekend -- the artist Don Bachardy , who displayed several works through the Foundation's Erotic Gallery by Mail concession, and photographer Tom Bianchi , whose sales were all for the benefit of Cynodyne , an AIDS research and development company.

But the Fair was not just about sales, though even the snack bar's croissant sandwiches deservedly sold out. Bill Schmeling, AKA 'the Hun' , gave a talk on Sunday morning on "The Business of Erotic Art" to an appreciative audience. Throughout both days, artists, photographers, and sculptors took the time to demonstrate the mechanics of their crafts, usually working from live nude models, while the audience enjoyed a rare chance to peek behind the scenes and watch the creation of the work they admired. The attendance topped 1000 and quite a few of them returned for the second day.

Despite 1997's smashing success, the Foundation intends to make the 1998 Erotic Art Fair be even bigger and better. To that end, we are reserving all the available space at L.A. Lofts. This event deserves more collectors and more public to attend and thus we are putting out the word now so you can plan now and get the best rates for flights by booking early. Call us and we'll do what we can to assist you with hotel accommodations and other planning to make your erotic art weekend in L.A. a memorable one.

L.A. Lofts provided a wonderful upscale art venue for the sale of over $47,000.00 in erotic art. Come to the Erotic Art Weekend '98 - October 16, 17, 18.

The Hun is always ready to use his great knowlege of erotica to provide an 'educational' experience for his fans, including Auxiliary Board Member Tony Mills (R). Life-drawing models were on hand for a demonstration of the artistic process by many participating artists.
Among the sellers represented were (R photo) the Foundation's own Erotic Art Gallery with curator Volker Morlock and Foundation Financial whiz Cathie Bagwell. The Tom of Finland Company's booth plus popular artist Beau at his display with a hard-working model.


In response to questions from many quarters, this is the first of three articles detailing how the Foundation is structured. We have reached a level of diversity in our activities that make such a formal explanation of value to all of us connected with the Foundation. The Foundation is set up in departments. Two of them center on the archives themselves. They are organized as follows:

  1. The Tom of Finland Archives
    1. A library of binders containing a visual copy of every known work by Tom.
    2. Tom's personal collection, consisting of:
      • Photographs, scrapbooks, and reference books for his artwork.
      • A collection of clothes, uniforms, personal possessions and art materials plus correspondence, albums and photos of his private life.
    3. Original artwork, totaling over 1000 pieces including finished drawings and works in other media, as well as numerous rough sketches.
    4. An archive of material about Tom and his art including:
      • The Foundation's publications.
      • Documentation of exhibitions and retrospectives.
      • Reviews and articles in books, magazines, and newspapers.
      • Examples of his work used in as ads, posters, t-shirts, etc.
      • Audio and video interviews with Tom and those he influenced.

  2. An Archive of Other Erotic Artists

In the next issue, we shall discuss how the Foundation membership program works and its sponsorship of exhibitions, events and contests. The third article will cover how it serves both the scholars, editors, and curators who use its archives as well as helping the artists themselves in finding places to show and people to buy their work and how you can get more involved.

The archives are always a focal point at Foundation events


The handsome new badge from the Foundation's growing list of merchandise especially made for us is a finely-modeled high-definition rendition of the renowned Flying Cock emblem, done in an antiqued pewter with the lettering accented in blue enamel. It is a classic size (2 7/8" high by 2 1/2" wide) for law-enforcement and military badges with a sturdy vertical pin exactly the right length for the reenforced badge-attachment plaque which is above the left pocket on most police and military-issue uniforms. Its heavy-duty construction can handle any rough treatment to which it may be subjected. The project was overseen by former Foundation board member Don Zabinski and under his guidance Lannoye Emblems of Kirkland, WA, outdid themselves. The price of $70 is well worth it for the quality of the item.

Join the Tom of Finland Foundation

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Receiving the printed copy of The Dispatch newsletter is just one of many benefits you'll enjoy by becoming a member of the Tom of Finland Foundation. In addition you'll receive a sign-up bonus gift depending on which level of support you choose. Members also receive invitations to special events, plus discounts on event admissions and Foundation merchandise. Overall, as a member, you'll feel a sense of camaraderie with people all over the world who share your interests in erotic art and freedom of expression.


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“I almost never draw a completely naked man. He has to have at least a pair of boots or something on. To me, a fully dressed man is more erotic than a naked one. A naked man is, of course beautiful, but dress him in black leather or a uniform — ah, then he is more than beautiful, then he is sexy!”
— Tom of Finland