May 15 - June 30, 2007
New York, NY

Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation
Dark Ride:
A Nocturnal Journey Into The World of Erotic Desire

A large group show with some 150 works, photographs, drawings
and paintings by dozens of artists.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 15, 6 - 9 PM
Featuring the artist, Boyway, creating a larger-than-life painting from a young Adonis.

All notions of the Erotic are rooted in the human body. Corpuscles, skin cells, nerve endings-for human beings it doesn't get any realer. These are the things we all share. Even when the cells are not our own, we can readily empathize, and to a degree that we can never expect to identify with the objects, plants or other animals of this world or imaginary ones, attractive though they may be to us.

And yet, for us humans, sex is always more complicated than the simply, purely physical. For the blissfully oblivious dogs that are going at it down on the corner, sex may be unencumbered, itself and nothing else. For human beings, freighted as we are with active minds, sex is always contaminated with what it's not. Is the human mind ever livelier than when it's got sex on the brain? Of all the varied precincts of human endeavor, none seem so exquisitely susceptible to the slightest flicker of the psyche. Sex starts with a deep, gut-tugging physical want that already sets it apart from everything else in human experience.

The Erotic is infused as well with all that extra-physical stuff that makes up human desire. Maybe that's why we call it longing: want over a distance we can never hope to bridge.

Erotic Art brings to matters of sex the scrutinizing eye, first the artist's and then the spectator's. In doing so, it introduces a particular kind of mental distance between observer and observed: the esthetic. And yet, for the observer of erotic art, the observed can become from first sighting, at least in potential, the desired as well. Esthetic distance, when the subject is sex, is inclined to quick and profound erosion. Are we pointing yet? Well then, let's follow our, uh, bliss on a trip to subterranean realms where those practiced lovers, the physical and the psychological, intermingle like light and shadow. And let's call the journey down our Dark Ride.

Memorable erotic artists, in the course of creating a body of work, lay claim to a very particular realm. Every artist's domain has its own quality of darkness, a flavor, odor, texture and aura by which we come to know the artist we love (or don't), a complete sensory world and its extrasensory spillover. Such work feels as primal and as deeply shadowed as a Grimm's fairy tale, yet all grown up and rated X. Yeah, that world may be narrower than the real world, but who's complaining? Because it's as focused on its needs as a hard-on, it offers the promise of an esthetic equivalent to climax.

The show exhibits some 150 works, photographs, drawings and paintings, by dozens of artists, some known and some new, some famous and some obscure, each a master of those damp, dimly lit recesses where sex meets psyche. As such, each artist makes the perfect candidate to take you on a unique, memorable Dark Ride.

So saddle up: we hope you like it bumpy.

The Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, established in 1990, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering the awareness and appreciation of GLBTQ art that may not be exhibited due to prejudice and ignorance. Since its inception the Foundation’s gallery has presented over 200 exhibitions including hundreds of gay and lesbian artists whose work represents the fundamental view that “gay art” does exist and that the “gay/lesbian” artist has contributed immeasurably to our visual culture from prehistoric to ancient Greece to the contemporary era.

The Foundation has a considerable permanent collection of art, including, Andy Warhol, Duncan Grant, Delmas Howe, Jean Cocteau, Deni Ponty, Sonia Melara, Cassandra, Marsden Hartley, Horst, Bastille, Blade, Tom of Finland, Michael Kirwan, and many more.

Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 PM
Closed on major holidays and between shows.

26 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10013 · Map · 212.431.2609

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“…I named what I thought was an enormous sum. Without blinking an eye, he gathered up my life work and handed me the amount I asked for: $70… I didn’t expect more. Remember that homosexuality was forbidden in most of the Western world; so all those businesses were illegal, black market. I knew that they wouldn’t have paid me more anyway — or so I believed then.”
— Tom of Finland