April 29 - May 30, 2008
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Behind Blue Eyes II
Latest Paintings by Yuliang Wu

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Born in Xi’an, the ancient capital of China (and home of the Terracotta
Army), Yuliang began drawing from early age encouraged by his father, a
leading architect. He later studied fashion design and graphics,
obtaining his degree from Xi’an University. Much of his initial work has
been published in magazines and books in China. He came to London in
2002 in search of new experience and to further develop his skills.

Since then Yuliang has pursued his life-long passion of painting the
male figure. In addition to this, he has also made a name for himself in
the world of interior design. His paintings are romantic fantasies in a
style all of its own.

When you first encounter his work you can feel the intense erotic
attraction of the male form. The figures are often caught in intimate
moments, their beauty presented with strong and thick brushwork,
creating a brilliantly vibrant palette of light and shade.

With this his third exhibition of paintings at Adonis Art, Yuliang Wu
brings once again his unique romantic sensibility of the Far East to the
depiction of the male form.

Interview – Yuliang Wu @ Adonis Art

Q1. An exhibition of your work is taking place at Adonis Art in May. What can we expect?

A. You can expect to see a progression in my work, perhaps a growing maturity. My subjects are still handsome but with more character behind the blue eyes.

Q2. So how would you describe your style?

A. I try to capture a particular moment in time, to portray an instant of recognition or desire. I want to convey the impression of a swiftly captured image, natural, un-posed. The beauty of my subjects is passing - I want to record it NOW, because that instant will never recur.

Q3. You came to London from China in 2002 in search of new experiences. Did you find what you were looking for?

A. Yes. I am caught up in all the excitement of being in England and especially in London with all its beauty, both traditional and contemporary, its vibrant art scene and architecture and its multi-ethnic diversity of people.

Q4. How did the cultural differences between China and Britain influence your work?

A. In London I can freely express and share my artistic feelings without fear of offending others.

Q5. Is it easier to explore your homoerotic themes in Britain?

A. Yes, here I feel that I am one of many enjoying such freedom.

Q6. Where does the inspiration for your lush romantic fantasies come from?

A. My inspiration comes from within myself and from those around me. London is teeming with a huge cross-section of looks, dreams and fantasies. My work is romantic but with an edge.

Q7. What emotions are you trying to evoke in the people who look at your work?

A. I want people to enjoy my work on a level of their own choosing. Hopefully they will see beyond mere technique and share the happiness and joy of living, which I both invest in and draw from my subjects.

Q8. What sort of guys do you prefer to paint?

A. I look for the free spirit in my subjects. I paint handsome guys, although appreciating that we all have our own ideas as to who is handsome. I search out well-defined features, eyes which have a story.

Q9. In real life, what kind of guys do you go for?

A. Let me think about that one! Perhaps the answer lies in my art...... ;-)

Q10. The men in your paintings are beautiful Adonai. Is the gay community too concerned with the body beautiful?

A. No more so than the straight community. We talk a lot about personality and the beauty within, but why not celebrate the overt beauty as well?

Q11. So how do you find your models?

A. Primarily by keeping my eyes open. As I remarked earlier, London offers a rich diversity of sources and I try to assimilate all the images that pass before my eyes - sometimes it will be a striking individual, sometimes a composite image, sometimes a fantasy.

Q12. What is it about the naked male body rather than a clothed one that you find so attractive to paint?

A. I believe the male body is beautiful, it should be seen and admired in its natural state. This is a theme which has run through the entire history of art, both painting and sculpture.

Q13. How does your sexuality influence your work?

A. It makes me feel closer to my subjects, happy and relaxed about myself and my friends.

Q14. Do you think it is important for the gay community to see itself represented in art?

A. Of course. It is another statement of the normality of homosexuality that its images can be viewed on their own merits rather than seen a separate interest.

Q15. Finally, what are your plans for the future?

A. To broaden my horizons, to give increasing depth to my work, to depict handsome men and share that gift with others through my art.

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“The abstract, especially in those rough sketches, is very important to me, perhaps because of my advertising background, where layout is so important. Sometimes those first few lines cut the paper into such satisfying shapes that I don’t want to go on, but I always do, adding nostrils and nipples and bootstraps until I have filled the paper up as usual.” — Tom of Finland