June 26, 2016
Los Angeles, CA

Queer Biennial II, Yooth: Loss and Found

Antonio Da Silva Films New Work
and Bob Mizer Films
from the Tom of Finland Foundation Archives

Curated by Rubén Esparza & Stuart Sandford

Events: Films @TOM House
Antonio da Silva Films - New Works
Bob Mizer - Films from the ToFF Archives

$5 donation at door

Antonio Da Silva is an award-winning Portuguese artist filmmaker. With the objective of combining his interests in cinema, performance and visual arts, he undertook two master degrees in London, the first in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins and the second in Dance for the Screen at The Place – London Contemporary Dance School. Experimenting is the core of his work, He explores different artistic genres, both in terms of technique and content.
His practice is driven by daily routines and personal experiences. He has always been fascinated by male sex and sexuality. He became increasingly frustrated with how moving image explored this and has begun to make it the subject of his films over the last 5 years. His films explore topics as cruising and public sex, internet hook ups, dance and performance. He does not consider himself a pornographer but a filmmaker who uses his background to choreograph short films with explicit sex themes. His films are regularly screened at festivals worldwide.

Robert Henry Mizer, known as Bob Mizer, was an American photographer and filmmaker who was known for pushing societal boundaries in his work. Bob Mizer’s earliest photographs appeared in 1942, in both color and black and white, but his career was catapulted into infamy in 1947 when he was convicted of the unlawful distribution of obscene material through the US mail. The material in question was a series of black and white photographs, taken by Mizer, of young bodybuilders wearing what were known as posing straps — a precursor to the G-string. He would serve a nine-month prison sentence at a work camp in Saugus, California for what now seems tame. At the time, however, the mere suggestion of male nudity was not only frowned upon, but also illegal.

QUEER Biennial is an international survey focusing on current moments in OUT/QUEER/LGBTQ art and culture and will showcase emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Featured work includes installation, film, live performance, and historical documentation.

Queer Biennial II, Yooth: Loss and Found is presented by Ruben Esparza founder and lead curator with an extended group of installation, performance, film curators, publishers and documentarians that includes: Mark Cramer, Jon Vaz Gar, Brian Getnick, Jeremy Lucido, Tanya Rubbak, Marc Streit, Stuart Sandford, and Amy Von Harrington.

New Explicit Film, “Brazil Solos” by Antonio Da Silva

From the moment I finish watching one of Antonio Da Silva’s film, I am already aching for his next. Always skating the line between porn and art and always turning me on. TMI? I make no excuses for being a perv and you shouldn’t either. Antonio Da Silva’s choice of men in his films are exquisite.

BRAZIL SOLOS by Antonio Da Silva

This is a 34 min film including 60 min of extra footage.

In January 2016 I went back to Brazil to produce a new film. During this trip I had the opportunity to experience the culture and to meet many amazing Brazilian men who showed interest in collaborating with me.

Thanks to Brazil’s rich culture, I was able to produce three new short films: BRAZIL SOLOS, BRAZIL JUNGLE and BRAZIL CARNIVALBRAZIL SOLOS is the first film to be release from this trilogy.

BRAZIL SOLOS interviews 30 Brazilian men. They are all naked, relaxed and excited. They talk about the diversity in Brazil, their fantasies, the Cariocas, the butt, the hipper sexualisation of the black man and much more… All  are sexually attracted to other men and very sexually active despite the fact that they live in a very conservative and religious country.

Brazil Solos

Brazil Solos

Brazil Solos

Brazil Solos

Brazil Solos

Brazil Solos

Brazil Solos

BRAZIL SOLOS from Antonio Da Silva Films will have a world premier on June 26th at Tom of Finland Foundation as part of the QUEER Biennial II in Los Angeles, USA.

From a review in Accidental Bear

Getting to TOM House

Our bus stop is Sunset/Echo Park. We are serviced by Metro lines 4/704 and 2/302. Also the 603 to Alvarado/Sunset.

Continue on Sunset Boulevard to Laveta Terrace, then up the short hill and up the Grand Stairs until Laveta Terrace levels out and another 1/2 block. TOM House is on your left. The House is only a 0.3 mile walk from the bus stop.

Photograph by Alex La Cruz for GAYLETTER
Photograph by Alex La Cruz for GAYLETTER

1421 Laveta Terrace is on a residential street so you may also want to consider using Uber or Lyft.


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"My drawings are primarily meant for guys who may have experienced misunderstanding and oppression and feel that they have somehow failed in their lives. I want to encourage them. I want to encourage this minority group, to tell them not to give up, to think positively about their act and whole being." (1990) — Tom of Finland