November 30 - December 4, 2016
Miami Beach, Florida

Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch

Curated by Diana Widmaier-Picasso

Ed Ruscha, Desire, 2013
ED RUSCHA, Desire, 2013, acryclic on canvas, 50 × 80 inches (127 × 203.2 cm)
© Ed Ruscha

On the occasion of Art Basel Miami Beach, Jeffrey Deitch and Larry Gagosian are pleased to present Desire, an exhibition curated by Diana Widmaier-Picasso, at the Moore Building in the Miami Design District.

Desire explores modern and contemporary approaches to eroticism in art. One of the very earliest and most fundamental artistic themes, eroticism has served to reflect the social mores and cultural values of different civilizations. As the representation of eroticism has evolved in society, boundaries are tested, bringing to life artistic fantasies and unprecedented imagery. Eroticism reinvents itself with every subsequent generation. Today, for example, the promiscuous overexposure of nude bodies on the Internet and television has forever altered the very notion of erotic representation.

Eroticism fuses together opposing and complementary concepts: form and feeling, spirit and body, intellect and emotion. It is at once the most accessible and most challenging subject in art. Its portrayal can be theoretical, abstract, romantic, carnal, or all of these combined. It may be infused with humor, anxiety, or terror. It can be subtle or brash, creating tension between artist, subject and viewer. In modern and contemporary art, eroticism often elicits feelings of unease, in the navigation between the male and female gazes, and between voyeurism and self-exposure. Sometimes, the art that explores eroticism in the least expected way possesses the strongest erotic charge.

Desire features the work of more than fifty artists from modern masters such as Pablo Picasso and Balthus to emerging talents. Joe Coleman, Gaspar Noé, and Tschabalala Self are among those who have created new works specifically for this exhibition. In addition to painting, sculpture, and photography, video installations by Harmony Korine and Jordan Wolfson will be featured.

TOM FINLAND, TV Repair Panels
TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991),
Untitled (Panels 2 - 6 from the story Kake vol. 11 - TV Repair)
, 1972,
Pen and ink, Gouache on paper.
© 1972 Tom of Finland Foundation

The exhibition will feature the entire series of panels from Tom of Finland's classic story TV Repair (Kake vol. 11, 1972).

Artists exhibited include:

Nobuyoshi Araki
Vanessa Beecroft
Hans Bellmer
Cecily Brown
Joe Coleman
William N. Copley
R. Crumb
John Currin
John DeAndrea
Urs Fischer & Georg Herold
Eric Fischl
Nan Goldin
Keith Haring
Barkley L. Hendricks
Noritoshi Hirakawa
Alex Israel/Bret Easton Ellis
pascALEjandro Jodorowsky
Allen Jones
Jeff Koons
Harmony Korine
Deana Lawson
Roy Lichtenstein
Man Ray
Malerie Marder
Marilyn Minter
Pierre Molinier
Carlo Mollino
Helmut Newton
Gaspar Noé
Eddie Peake
Francis Picabia
Pablo Picasso
Richard Prince
Diego Rivera
Walter Robinson
Ed Ruscha
David Salle
Jenny Saville
Kenny Scharf
Tschabalala Self
Hajime Sorayama
Eric Stanton
Juergen Teller
Tom of Finland
Andy Warhol
John Wesley
Jordan Wolfson
Martin Wong
Francesca Woodman
Harumi Yamaguchi

Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch have been colleagues since 1979, working with many of the same artists. Desire is their second joint exhibition project, following the influential Unrealism show in the same space last year.

Gagosian was established by Larry Gagosian in 1980. In May of this year a sixteenth gallery was inaugurated in San Francisco.

OVERPOP, curated by Jeffrey Deitch, is currently on view at the Yuz Museum, Shanghai.

Diana Widmaier-Picasso is an art historian specializing in Picasso sculptures. She co-curated Picasso and Marie-Thérèse: l’amour fou with John Richardson (Gagosian, 2011), and Picassomania with Didier Ottinger and Emilie Bouvard (Grand Palais, Paris, 2015). She is the author of numerous essays including The Provenance of Picasso’s Collection of Erotic Japanese Prints, which was collected in the catalogue Secret Images: Picasso and the Japanese Erotic Print, edited by Museu Picasso, Barcelona, 2010 and a book Picasso: Art can only be erotic (Prestel, 2005).

The Miami Design District, developed by Craig Robins in partnership with L Real Estate, is a neighborhood dedicated to innovative fashion, design, art, architecture, and dining. It features distinctive architectural projects by Sou Fujimoto, Aranda/Lasch, Johnson Marklee and other leading young architects; and public commissions of art and design by John Baldessari, Buckminster Fuller, Zaha Hadid and Marc Newson.

Deitch/Gagosian/Picasso Collaboration, Desire, Hits Miami

With a title like Desire, you can put practically anything under one roof. That’s what the list of 50 artists feels like for the show that opens November 30 at the Moore building in the Miami Design District.

“We wanted to cover a wide range of celebration of lust—voyeurism, fantasy, abstraction, grotesque, fetishism,” said Diana Widmaier-Picasso, the granddaughter of the painter who put his desire for Widmaier-Picasso’s grandmother, Marie Therese Walther, into a decade of erotic work—sometimes serene, sometimes ecstatic. Widmaier-Picasso is the curator of the show organized by mega-dealers Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch, who mounted Unrealism, a selection of figurative work, at the same location last year. Now, she and the dealer duo have assembled another sprawling show with a catchall theme and a title that could work just as well on a movie marquee.

TOM FINLAND, TV Repair Panel
TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920 – 1991), Untitled (From the story, Kake vol. 11 – TV Repair), 1972, Pen & Ink, gouache on paper, 11.38 x 9.13,
© 1972 Tom of Finland Foundation

“Part of my mission had been to expand the art platform, to open it up, so it’s not just the top ten, or what you would see at the Museum of Modern Art,” said Deitch, who had high praise for the work of Tom of Finland in Desire. “A lot of artists collect Tom of Finland—Richard Prince, for one—and a lot admire the quality of the draftsmanship. I think that’s going to be a big surprise.”

– Read the complete article by David D’Arcy, Observer

Moore Building
November 30 - December 4, 2016
191 NE 40th Street, Miami Beach, Florida USA · Map

(305) 531-8700
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“I know my little ‘dirty drawings’ are never going to hang in the main salons of the Louvre, but it would be nice if — I would like to say ‘when,’ but I better say ‘if’ — our world learns to accept all the different ways of loving. Then maybe I could have a place in one of the smaller side rooms.” (1991)
— Tom of Finland