by Scott

For: ToFF friends of the family and volunteers.

Scott will be BBQing and have some side dishes, drinks, beer. If you want to bring something, cool - if not, that's cool too.


Hello - 

Well I'm finally gonna do it. Have the T of F folks to my house for a BBQ. 

Its mostly gonna be the T of F friends of the family and volunteers. If you know someone who is worthy of our ('special needs folks')  he, he - go ahead and invite them!! I am sure I missed some folks (Sharon, Betty, Doug O, and other people without email).

My House is in OC - Close to the 5 - Crown Valley exit. Yes, way the hell down there for you LA folks! Find, map and directions on Mapquest!

PLEASE RSVP, so I know how many of ya are gonna make the trip!! Yes, I'm cooking -- no Price Club food here!!

Come experience, OC Suburbia for an afternoon - I promise it won't kill ya!!  :)

28612 Vista Ladera 
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

10/26/2003 2 - ?? PM