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CONTACT:Dan Berkowitz
Committee: Mike Goldie, Cliff Benjamin, Don Garrison, Durk Dehner, Scott and Jeff Baker.

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A celebration of the 21st Birthday of the TOM OF FINLAND FOUNDATION and the inclusion of Tom of Finland in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 (was Thursday, November 3, 2005)
6:30 ­ 9:30 PM
The Charles Cowles Gallery
537 West 24th Street

- An exhibition of original Tom of Finland works.
- A very special silent auction.
- Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

CO-CHAIRS: Mark Nelson, Gary Robinson, Brian Crede and Eriq Gregg 212.529.3775

Host Committee Members: Maxson Scott, Aaron Krach, Joe Oppedisano , Nelson Santos

Committee Members:
Hosts: Gary Robinson - Brian Crede – Michael Alago – David Bartlem – Cliff Benjamin – Dan Berkowitz – Lloyd Blander – Theodore Bouloukos II - Will Clark – Charles Cowles – Durk Dehner - Michael Figueroa – Jason Frye – Andrew Glaszek – Mike Goldie – Eriq Gregg – Scott – Dick Jefferson – Dave Johnson – Jay Jorgensen – Fred Katz – Aaron Krach – Brian Landeche - Charles Leslie – Richard Marshall – Paul Morris – Joe Oppedisano – Nelson Santos – Andrew Ruth - Alex Schlempp – Maxson Scott – Sharp – Ector Simpson – Ira Smith – Tom Woodruff - Rand Young.


ToFF Board Members attending event: ?

Performance Art by KENiMATTix featuring Matthew Cusick & Ken Berkeley
Hors d’ouevres: Taste Caterers
Beverages: SmartWater & Finlandia


Were the people that attended the Leslie Lohman opening on the list that LL supplied to ToFF? Dehner is putting together a sample gift basket for guests. Silent auction may be one lot.

Contributors to auction are Stanley Stellar, season pass for two for SEA TEA and Dirty Linens. Berkowitz suggest doing a “mini catalogue” for auction. No exact count on L.A. tickets sales.

Deposit is required for caterer.

Liability insurance is needed. Artwork for exhibition to be shipped Tuesday, May 9 to arrive the following Tuesday @ gallery.


Planning Meeting
at Mark Nelson's


Promo card to printers 3/11 (includes NY EAFW). (5,000) Will have full info on back for fundraiser and Erotic Weekend. 2,500 to be handed out and the other 2,500 are set up to be mailed to NYC area and members to announce it with them. The gallery has set it up so that no other artists will be shown at this time – t Foundation gets to utilize the whole space. We have to use the gallery’s cater and provide insurance for liability. Questions to do with the gallery have been sent to them and expect response on Monday. Gary Robinson is heading up the recruitment of hosts. Tickets have arrived in NYC and will be delivered to Mark on Monday. Mark has got a verbal agreement from Absolut to cover liquor for the Fundraiser. The Finnish Consulate will be contacted on Monday for their participation and access to Finlandia. Gary Robinson is preparing a live dance performance in one room for that evening. The budget for the caterer came in one thousand less than last fall and includes the workers wages that last falls didn’t. The invitation is being reworked, with a new deadline for all hosts to be signed up of March 30. Invitations will be mailed out from NYC by the 15th of April. The Host committee feels that they will sell out the event through personal contacts and mailing to a very select mailing list of their own and the Foundations VIP members contained to the eastern corridor. We still have not tackled the silent auction but that is on the plate after we know the involvement of the Finnish Consulate. We are looking for a ticket on Finn Air to Finland for the nights of the summer moon, to be there for the opening of the Tom exhibit in Helsinki and drinking beer ‘til sun up.


Is the quote from the printer still good that they gave in September?
Gift bags:ToF refrigerator magnet?
Dehner sent confirmation letter to gallery.


Durk to have phone meeting w/ Gary on 2/6. Time to post event on ToFF public pages? Durk will call gallery 6/7 to confirm.


Dehner and Berkowitz to meet. Set deadline w/ Mark Nelson for beverage (Monet?) and food sponsorships. Does there need to be an awning rented? Provide coat check? If the venue is free, what are the expenses?


Date "officially" determined to be May 17, 2006 by the Board.


NY contacts are Mark Nelson and Gary Robinson. Price of tickets $75.00.



A celebration of the 21st Birthday of the TOM OF FINLAND FOUNDATION and the inclusion of Tom of Finland in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 (was Thursday, November 3, 2005)
6:30 ­ 9:30 PM
The Charles Cowles Gallery
537 West 24th Street

- An exhibition of original Tom of Finland works.
- A very special silent auction.
- Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

NAME OF EVENT: "Tom of Finland -- Legal at Last!" or "Tom of Finland -- Coming of Age"

CO-CHAIRS: Mark Nelson, Brian Crede and Eriq Gregg.

COMMITTEE: David Henry and Beauregard Houston-Montgomery. Committee Members: Charles Cowles, David Henry, Chris Lipari, Gary Robinson, Ector Simpson, Robert Valin, the Tom of Finland Foundation Board of Directors, the President and the Director.

PARTY PRODUCER: Chris Lipari clipari@tandlevents.com

ToFF Board Members attending event: Scott, Dan Berkowitz?


Date determined to be May 17, 2006 by the Board.


Durk and Gary Robinson speak about rescheduling event. Tie it in w/ NY EAFW? Date TBD. Public listings removed from ToFF website pending new date/info.


Durk and Chris L. will review and consider possible solutions. Chris will do what he can to help with the process.


T and L Events withdraws from producing this event as they are extremely busy through the end of 2005 and in to 2006. T aned L expended a considerable amount of time and resources on the first phase which culminated in the postponement of the original date. Other than the graphics, much of that work will have to be repeated for the now scheduled January event. ToFF approach the LGBT Community Center or a similar organization to act as a co-sponsor of the event in January? Partnering with an organization that has a development infrastructure suited to fundraising would make the process much easier and hopefully more successful.


Charlie Cowles has offered his gallery for January 19th for the benefit.


The general concensus is that postponing the event until January would be an enormous help in allowing extra time to line up sponsors and participants, so let's consider it done. Chris has to check with Charles Cowles re-setting the actual date. Mark suggested Thursday, January 12, which is the Thursday of MLK Weekend. That is also the weekend of the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest, and Durk feels that, while the Wednesday of that week might work, doing something on Thursday could cut into our potential audience, as many leather guys will be heading to D.C. early for the long weekend. Both Brian and Gary pointed out -- rightly -- that postponing the event should NOT mean postponing the work on it, and that having a little more time is only good if it means actually being able to get more done. To that end, Gary suggested a meeting ASAP, to set up a "battle plan" and discuss possibly adding a few more active members to the event committee.


21 pieces for exhibition - Durk & Tony to curate.


Brian Crede designing/working on invitation and Chris L. writing copy. Celebration of 21 years. Event to include exhibition of Tom's originals. Evening "dedicated" to Tom in MOMA. Cocktails & Hors' dourves to be served. People being asked to sit on committee.


Decide Tom image for invitation. It has been suggested that the image used be one that is on exhibition for the event.


Exhibit works from ToFF Permanent Collections including Toms and other artists. How many pieces? Put together host hotel/air package.


Committee meeting set for Monday, August 8, 2005, 6:30 PM (an hour or so), 244 West 54th Street 12th floor (inside Shetler Studios).

Invited to attend: Robert Valin, Beauregard Houston-Montgomery, Brian Crede, Dan Berkowitz, Ector Simpson Gary Robinson, and Mark Nelson. Chris Lipari to chair.

The main focus of this committee is fundraising. Come with thoughts on how we can best sell sponsorships and tickets to the event. Get to Dan Berkowitz and/or Chris Lipari, Brian Crede, and Mark Nelson any possibilities with names AND addresses AND phone or email - as this will be our first -- and maybe only -- chance to have everyone together in the same room where someone might say, "Oh, I know him, I'll be willing to give him a call."


Event set for November 3rd @ the Charles Cowles Gallery on West 24th Street.

Include Board members' names among the "hosts" for the event.


Venue to be decided by 7/19/05 or event cancelled. Invite upper level members to event?


Mark Nelson reports that event will not be at G. Speck's residence as the space is not good for large numbers of people. Art galleries and other venues under consideration.


Mark N. and Chris L. have been discussing and checking out venues. By July 17th, hopefully the venue and date will be long settled, and the rest of the committee in place. Goal is to find zero $ space. Sharp to contact Gregory Speck to find out about the use of his Manhattan residence for party. 400 invitations to be sent. 150 -- 200 expected to attend. Tickets $40.00 -- $50.00? Museum of Sex going out of business?


Berkowitz needs decision on venue so party planner can get this thing going. Proposed committee: Richard Marshall, Frank Starck (per Peter Sparrow), Gregory Speck, Beauregard Houston-Montgomery, Max Stone, and the owners of SplashNY.


Various venues are being considered for fundraiser in Oct. or Nov. of this year in NYC. Chelsea Frames? The Puck Building? The Museum of Sex?


Meeting at 7:00 pm
Location: HQ.


Meeting at 7:00 pm
Location: Dan Berkowitz's residence.


Meeting at 7:00 pm
Location: Dan Berkowitz's residence.

"Tom of Finland Foundation - 20 years and growing" (possible quote).

Decision to focus on NYC event, proposed date Wednesday May 18.

  • Durk investigating pricing from David Specht. Agreed to do T-shirt with small image and small quote.
  • Dan Berkowitz discussing working with two different caterers to assist with location.
  • Agreed to do silent auction at the event.
  • Discussed price of attending to be between $50-75.
  • Suggested setting gift bags for all 20th fundraisers.
  • That all postcards produced for all events will note that its our 20th anniversary (noted on protoytype page).
  • Dehner / Chicago / IML?


Meeting at 3:00 pm
Location: HQ


Reminder: Invite Rob Koplin to the next meeting.

No meeting scheduled for July, August, September, October or November.


Meeting at 7:30 pm
Location: Dan Berkowtit's Home
1110 Hacienda Place #102
West Hollywood, CA 90069



Dan Berkowitz was invited by one of the female members of the Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board to escort her to a swell party at the offices of a developer who buys and refurbishes buildings (and also happens to own the famous Lloyd Wright house on Franklin Avenue). The party building was on Wilshire just east of LaBrea, and is a faaaabulous party spot -- it must have been a bank, because what looks like the board room is in what was obviously a vault, complete with heavy door with combination locks. My friend introduced me to the host as the Prez of ToF, and I happened to mention that we were looking for venues for events for the 20th Anniversary. He gave me his card, and I will give him a call. Maybe he'd be willing to donate it... yeah, right, anything's possible.


The 20th Anniversary Committee will attempt to set a meeting date between Christmas and New Year's, at which it will discuss and plan other fund-raisers, both in Los Angeles, and potentially in other cities.


Create an on-line exhibition for anniversary.


Compile names for 20th Ann. letterhead.


  • Several events throughout the year.
  • All events will be held at the Foundation House.
  • Contacts are important: Recognizable people to help host.
  • Donations to help secure the House as a permanent museum.
  • Getting sponsors to help underwrite the cost of entertainment.
  • Durk will ask Taschen to give book party to coincide with anniversary and launch of campaign?


Durk has dinner with Benedikt Taschen and several of his representatives around the world. There is discussion regarding the possibility of do some sort of exhibition that would travel around the world for the new Tom Book Release.


Item added to Planning Page.


Planning Committee created at Board Meeting.

Chelsea Art Museum 556 West 22nd Street   www.chelseaartmuseum.org  
Daylight Studio 450 W. 31st Street
Divine Studio 21 East 4th Street   www.divinestudio.com  
Drive In Studios 443 West 18th Street   www.driveinstudios.com  
Gotham City Loft 390 Broadway   www.gothamcityloft.com ?  
Loft Eleven (3 spaces in building) 336 West 37th St   www.lofteleven.com  
Milk Gallery 450 West 15th St.      
Skylight Studio 275 Hudson Street   www.skylightnyc.com  
Spike Gallery 547 West 20th Street   www.spikegallery.com  
Temple 240 West 52nd Street   www.templenewyork.com nightclub but reasonably priced
The New Space 530 West 21st Street   www.thenewspace.info