Restroom Breaks

05/06/2004 2:36 PM

A glass of your favorite beverage at the Faultline or GII to the first person who responds back to me on this one! (Under $5.) *

There's a lot of power in the Planning Calendar if we can tap into it. Not only does it plan for the future, but it offers an historical record of what we've done in the past. We've got a good year under our belts with this Calendar, so it can really help us. Where else can you see what we did for CSW, the Art Crawl, or several other events? Unless you've been keeping your own records, this is the place to check.

The Foundation is moving into a new era. Tom's work -- and the whole field of erotic artwork -- is moving mainstream. There are several galleries and museums that now specialize in erotic artwork. Yet the Grand Daddy of them all, the Tom of Finland Foundation, is about where we were three years ago.

We don't have big backing like other organizations may have. So... we have to use our resources wisely. We are physically separated. The Calendar with its pop-ups, projects and other spin-offs is an attempt to keep us all "on the same page" -- without sending endless e-mails to each other,

It's not perfect. Not even close. But it is a "pretty good" tool that we all can take advantage of. No tool works unless it is used. Use your tool!

* Offer void to Sharp and Daniel Babcock because they've been tipped off on this one. But I'd buy them a drink anyway.