CONTACT: Michael Kirwan

I'm thinking several different relevant topics and a few films that illustrate the special theme.

"DIRE CONSEQUENCES!!!"----the ugly fate of the early queers! Homos must DIE (or at least suffer)
The Women (Oliver Reed-Alan Bates wrestling and freezing scenes)
Advise and Consent
The Children's Hour
The Fox
(and anything else you can think of that has the "gay scene" and then the dire consequences)

"THE OBSESSIONS"-----loving the boys too much.
A Death in Venice
A Soldier's Story
The Fourth Man
(I'd like to show the riding scene from "The Rocking Horse Winner" in between the clips)
Any other? Any ideas here? There must've been more.....perhaps "The Glass Cage"?

Taxi Zum Clo
The Ritz
La Cage au Follies
Okay. I'm a bit burnt out right now but I know there's more. Maybe we can even get a bunch of Bugs Bunny's gayer moments to intersperse throughout the clips. I want some feedback and input from you guys. I think we can easily schedule 6 nights for the summer. IF WE CAN FIND SOMEONE TO ORGANIZE AND EDIT THESE PRESENTATIONS> So far I haven't heard back from my friend Stan yet. Anybody else know someone with the equipment and savvy and willingness? I'm capable of doing just so much at this point. Time to get a coalition moving if we're going to make this a reality.

Okay. There's a bunch of others that I'm not sure of. I vaguely remember a lousy "comedy" called (I think) "Is That You, Bruce?" Not sure again, but I think there was a French film called "Two Thieves" where one guy fucked the other (although they were both str8) in a public restroom. Very hot actors, both pretty famous at the time....

I know there was an English movie about teens in a detention center/prison setting that I got a boner for. Anyone know what I'm talking about here?

Gay scenes in any of Pasolini's work? Other Fassbinder titles worth considering? Anyone know any early Canadian stuff? Their independent films were cropping up in the 70's. If anyone has copies of any of the aforementioned movies can we bring them to the house and begin sampling them? Do you know anyone with an extensive archive of faggoty films that we can use for the project? I'd like to hear (at least an acknowledgment) from each of you to let me know the level of interest in seeing this through.

I am NOT doing this thing solo. I don't have the resources or the ability to pull this off by myself. Durk tells me that Glen Hanson is interested in participating on some level. I don't know him so someone else should make contact. Anyone who knows ANYONE who would be an ideal "ringleader" for this thing should proffer a name. Let's try not to let this get to the last possible moment (as we seem to have done with the last few events) to throw this thing together. We have time enough but I'm not seeing the enthusiasm or effort. Like I said, I don't have a phone, a car, or enough contacts here to be the head chef on this one. Step forward, my friends. And are there any other Board Members who'd like to do something useful in connection to this idea? I mean, really...

Later, Michael

06/29/06 - Consideration of persuing Video Active to "sponsor" After Dark. "Complete movies can be had @..." Durk knows the "Sue" [Terry Sue Starker] guy so Michael will wanna talk to him. Add to Sponsors Page when a when a "deal" is set.

was July 22, 2006 (no show)

8 PM - ?? PM
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Kirwan to look at Calendar and reschedule evening with Louis.


Board discusses project. Scott informed that Kirwan may need volunteers. Will review project and review its proposal after 3 evenings. Sharp will discuss with Kirwan. Schedule next event on Calendars and Events Page. Will it "make" an e-news?


Mikael Kirwan did everything. Paid for it all as well. Looks like it's just too hot for anyone to show so he'll do the same class next weekend. It'll give him time to make flyers and drum up interest. Technical difficulties burning CD.

July 1, 2006

8 PM - ?? PM
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Announced in Dispatch e-news #61