Art Crawl

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2005 Event Detail Page

CONTACT: Daniel Babcock at Administration 213.250.1685


HQ Exhibition Planning



We will not be participating in this year's Art Crawl.



Friday 6 -- 10 PM
Saturday noon -- 6 PM (Foundation to participate this day only.)
Sunday noon -- 6 PM

Application Deadline: NONE


Artists to exhibit:

  • Hector Silva
  • Andrew Pacheco
  • April Shelby aka Mistress Shelby
  • Tom Hernandez aka Dead Fish Studios
  • Calls placed to several others but no response as of yet. 09/22/2005
  • Brett Barris was asked but Not Available.


  • Drawing Workshop: (Joe Hilton) Special workshop w/ male and female models. TattooDan will see if he can find a female to model for free before we have to hire.
  • "Be Part of the Art"?



Postcard: TBD Use Permanent Collection images?

Flyer: Created by Durk & Louis 09/19/2005. Photocopied 09/20/2005.

Refreshments: Serving hot dogs (BBQ), chips and drinks.


Involve Luis & Theresa De La Cruz?


Foundation to create its own card to distribute and promote event. Other Ideas as to how we can showcase the Foundation that day are welcome please let Dan Babcock know what you think.


Dan Babcock begins fleshing out our needs if we decide to participate.


As the Foundation operates within a three story structure we need volunteers for three days on three floors which is rather taxing for our crew besides it landing on our schedule just a few weeks prior to our L.A. Erotic Art Fair Weekend. It is also an infringement on the individuals who live in the Foundation House when it spans so many days therefore we have found the best of all possible options is to do one day and make it extra special for the Art Crawl promoters and public. We would like to open the Foundation for the Saturday of the Crawl. The Foundation has three floors of erotic artwork from our Permanent Collection, including two sizable rooms that exhibit our namesake Tom of Finland amounting to over 35 works on display at any one time; besides a visit to the third floor studio which houses his personal scrapbooks, uniforms and leather apparel. We also have many other artists such as Frances Turner, Marcello Lupetti, John John Jesse, Etienne to name just a few of over 90 artists that are on display at any one time at the Foundation. In addition we will have several artists who have participated in past Erotic Art Fair Weekends either in Los Angeles or New York City on hand showing their artwork and making it available for purchase. This affords fellow artists, collectors and the curious to interact and discuss the working process involved in creating their work, affording some education to many who may not have had much exposure to erotic artworks in general. The Foundation would like to have one of its monthly Life Drawing Workshops taking place that day out in the garden and artists both experienced and novice are welcome to come and participate in the class. This also provides a rare glimpse to the general public who has not had the chance to see how different artists work. We will also have available for public viewing the entries in our 7th biennial Emerging Erotic Artist Contest going on currently! We plan also to have on hand the day of the Art Crawl our art preservationist who will answer answer questions regarding restoration and preservation of different mediums of art.

Questions for coordinators of the Crawl:

1. Is there a graphic method on the cards being made for the crawl to note that we are only open that one day SATURDAY and that we will be offering specific activities and information services during specific times only? To also prevent as many of the public not getting to our gates on Friday night or Sunday just to be turned away. We are not asking for treatment that will take away from any of the other venues, its just that we want to stay on board with the Crawl and we don't fit into the typical participants being cause we are not a gallery nor a typical museum.

2. Would participating galleries be willing to distribute a card that the Foundation will produce a few weeks prior to the Crawl in order to help get the word out of what will be going on here at the Foundation Headquarters on that Saturday ONLY?


Babcock was unable to attend the 06/15 Art Crawl meeting. He has been in touch with Billy Shire of La Luz de Jesus (one of the organizers). The fee (which covers the postcards and varies depending on the amount we would want) : $100.00 - 500 invites, $135.00 - 1000 invites, $170.00 - 1500 invites. ToFF participation TBD.

Babcock suggests: Create an atmosphere that people will hang out some, learn more about the Foundation and make it FUN so they will want to be involved. Have lots of things going on that pushes what the Foundation does and make it a fun atmosphere.

  • Do Saturday only.
  • Do a much larger presentation of the Foundation.
  • Have a few artist set up in drive way like fair booths selling works.
  • Have Sharp talking about the Perm. Collection in the house.
  • Have a Drawing Workshop going on in the yard.
  • Have a table set up with Scott and hot guys to talk about Volunteering.
  • An area that showcases the Erotic Art Weekends and maybe some photos of past events.
  • Maybe have hot dogs grilling, soda & chips.


7:00 PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery which is in the WACKO building at 4633 Hollywood Blvd.

Tattoo Dan will be attending this meeting to see what is going on and if it is something we would like to participate in again this year. Any feed back/concerns any of you may have regarding this should be emailed him by Wednesday at 5 P.M. so he can make make notes to take to the meeting.



09/18/2004 n/a
09/19/2004 n/a

6:00 - 10:00 PM We will participate this day only!

Refreshments: Wine and lemonade.
Photographers: Benno and JayPG



6:00 - 10:00 PM
Noon - 6:00
Noon - 6:00


Application Fee Due -- $100


Application Fee To Be Mailed
-Durk says the fee will be mailed this week by Friday 06/20/03.


Application Cut-off
-We will assume if we don't receive your application, or hear from you by the 15th of May, that you will not be participating.


Application Mailed
-Per Durk.


Application Deadline
-If there is a reason that you are unable to send in 
your application right away, please call 323-253-0222. 

-Be sure to get the fee to us by July 1st.