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The Foundation's annual dinner, where artists, collectors, and the public enjoy a relaxed environment, while acknowledging recipients of the Cultural Icon Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and the Erotic Artist Hall of Fame.

Saturday, September 7, 2006
8:00 PM

    ASSISTANT: Dino?
MC: Durk Dehner
GREETERS: Sharon Furman,Sharon Miyamura and Sharp.
VOLUNTEERS: [2 or 3 needed]

(Tables seat 8)

TICKETS: (Sharon Miyamura)
General $55.00
ToFF Members $45.00
Exhibiting Artists Comp.
Add'l tickets for Exhibiting Artists $45.00
Volunteers $40.00

NOTE: Comps for special staffers: Sharon Furman, Sharon Miyrmura, Dan Babcock, and Louis (+1).
NOTE: The Major and City Counsel of West Hollywood, the Cultural Affairs Commission and the Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board. They will each get two complimentary tickets to the Banquet.

(Revised 09/27/06) Two (2) comp tickets are given to each Award "winner" and two (2) comp tickets are given to each Presenter. They will be told they are at Will Call. Additional tickets can be purchased at $45.00.

Letters to Recipients

Discounted Bel Age parking rate $8.00 with informing the valet that it's the "Tom of Finland Foundation Banquet".


SCHEDULE: (Durk Dehner)


ENTERTAINMENT (JJ): Bruce Vilanch will do five minutes of patter for us for two comp tickets. (Will he be Icon next year?) No live music. Dinner music for background. Something sophisticated like light jazz?

Dehner and Vilanch should be there at 7:30 so they can decide how Bruce will fit into the evening. Can Dehner make 7:30? Durk will be there to welcome guests and meet with Bruce if needed.Dehner will call Bruce ahead of time at home.

LIFETIME (Durk Dehner): Cliff Benjamin - Out of Town. Past recipient Dehner? Another Past recipient? A colleague from a local arts institution?
ARTIST (JJ): Christopher Rice
ICON (JJ): Bruce Vilanch ?

LIFETIME MEMBER Roger (last name?) Terry LaGrande (sp?) to present.
LIFETIME MEMBERS Dan Berkowitz (will he be in attendance?), Tom McClay (sp?) and Kirk Olsen. Who presents?

SEATING PLAN (Sharon Miyamura): Have a reservation table listing for all the VIPS and guests.
Harvey Miller's 9th guest, may or may not come, and the can be "popped in anywhere".

DISPLAY: (JJ) Childers will be bringing eight photos and eight easels with him. JJ will set them up before the dinner. Hopefully we can have one or two people go to his room and bring the stuff down.

AWARDS from Philip Hitchcock (Babcock)::

Harvey Miller may be staying at the Hotel (or nearby). His guests will arrive independently.

    Reserved 09/25

Bernadette Molnar, Banquet Manager, (323) 358-7737,

MENU: (07/10/06):
Three Course Entree

  • Caesar Salad with chilled hearts of romaine, garlic croutons and parmesan reggiano.
  • Semi-boneless chicken, garlicky baby vegetables, chive whipped yukons, herbed chicken demi.
  • Individual New York - style cheescake, strawberry smash and caramel sauce.
  • Per plate charge + corkage fee per bottle. Corkage paid for by West Hollywood Visitors and Tourists Bureau.

    Joqueeta Holmes, Catering Mgr.

The Major and City Counsel of West Hollywood, the Cultural Affairs Commission and the Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board will each get two comps.

Furman to process eight tickets for Childers. Between his comps and comps for Christopher Rice and Bruce Vilanch, we'll pretty much have two tables set aside for him anyway. If Rod McKuen doesn't have someone to present the award to him, maybe we can put him and Edward at Michael's table (giving us one full "comp" table of celebrities and one full paid table of Michael's guests).

There is also going to be a documentary crew filming Michael receiving his award. Will the documentary crew filming Michael receiving his award be comp'd? JJ will get the exact number of people in the crew.


Hotel wants the number of dinners turned in by Tuesday,10/03/06 (with some room to add dinners thereafter).

Do a small gift bag for the dinner from ToFF (like we did for Coming of Age)?


Louis prints out 156 numbered tickets. Should there be a printed program for the Banquet? Do a short history on the hallmarks that ToFF has achieved over the past 22 years. Can Jorgensen do program with Louis? Determine what West Hollywood officials and friends have/need to be invited?

Reserved a table for the reservation tickets. Goldie will supply a cash bag for the evening and a check to pay for the event if it is needed to close out the evening. Goldie is going to get a room @ the hotel for the night. Can we all use it for changing?


Ilo Orleans, who is producing a documentary about Michael Childers, wants to videotape the Banquet for inclusion in the film. Would the Bel Age have any restrictions? Can the producer have the entire Banquet recorded / documented and give a copy to ToFF?

Harvery Shipley Miller wants to take a table (8). He will want 1 (comp) ticket for himself and insists on paying full price for the remaining 7.


09/20/06 Furman sends "official" letter to Harvey S. Shipley Miller. Other two "winners" letters to follow.


Lifetime Members to receive plague @ Banquet? Or another event? Roger Earl to receive Honorary Lifetime? Other Board Members becoming "lifers"? All past "winners" and presenters have received special invites? Locate names of past presenters and those who have gotten "Special Reconition".


Michael Childers wants to buy at least one table at the dinner. JJ e-mailed Babcock to ask if he could send me the number of seats or a contact at the Hotel to ask. Has Rice gotten info re: Childers and the Award for his speech? Artist AXEL to do portrait of three "winners" together?


Bel Age is booked and banquet menu presented to BoD.