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NOTE: TomsMen has agreed to sponsor every Foundation event at the Faultline, so consider them a permanent, ongoing sponsor.

NOTE: 03/27/05 - Shawn Farnsworth prefers (more) posters to flyers. He prefers cards to paper flyers.



Do a "Porn Night" theme? Use porn stars for entertailnment. See if there is a volunteer that could act as producer. Contact: Dan Berkowitz

November 12, 2005
Theme: "Boot It Up"


8 PM - 1 AM.

Title/theme: "Boot It Up"
Contact: Durk Dehner
Photographer: Benno
Public Link

A night of Boots - to wear favorite boots, to bring boots proud to show off to others, boots you to trade. Boots to auction off (minimum bid0 - cash transaction or credit card (Foundation takes 20%). A night to fixate and obsess over all types of boots: Cowboy , Linemen, Engineer , Hiking , Rangers, Grip Fast , Knee-high, Crotch- high. Full Leather, Uniforms, Construction, Western, Sewer Worker. Rubber Hip Waders and full Rubber Gear.


  • Posters/ cards completed 10/21/05. Designed by Louis Jay.
  • Yahoo Group listings.
  • Send e-mail to friends.

Secure holding pen for patrons to showcase their boots.

Lots of give-a-ways, and stuff going on to entertain.


Shawn Farnsworth is wondering what the Foundation has planned for this event.

May 8, 2005
Tom's Bar


Sunday afternoon

See Tom's Bar Planning Pop-up.

March 26, 2005
Theme: "Cops 'N' Thugs"


9 PM - 1 AM.

Public Link
Volunteers Page

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: Scott and Durk
Volunteers Coordinator: Scott
Photographer: JayPG

A Hard-ass fundraiser.
Good cops - Bad cops. Bad boyz, ganstas, punks.
Whole lotta trouble…
Who’s the baddest?


  • 9:00 - 1:00 — Photos in Cell
  • 9:00 - 1:00 — Temporary Tats
  • 10:00 — Line-Up — 5 Thugs
    Victim: Shawn F
  • 10:15 — Mr. Faultine Leather
    Ruben Martinez
  • 10:30 — Cop Contest — 5 Cops
  • 10:45 — Interrogation — 1 Thug – 2 Cops
  • 11:00 — Line-Up 5 Thugs
    Victim: Richard W
  • 11:30 — Cop Contest — 5 Cops
  • 11:45 — Interrogation — 1 Thug – 2 Cops
  • 12:00 — Line-Up — 5 Thugs
    Victim: Mike Goldie
  • 12:30 — Interrogation — 1 Thug – 2 Cops
  • 12:45 — Farewell & Thanks


  • Paper back drop of police lineup wall
  • Jail cell
  • I.D. sheets for suspects
  • Tom of Finland artwork from warehouse
  • Video clips of cops 'n' thugs from archives
  • Prizes from MSR and
  • Cash box
  • Foundation promotion materials


  • Pictures taken as suspects.
  • Contest for "baddest" thug & cop.
  • Cop and thug scenes on stage
  • Boot Black
  • Temporary Tattoos


Prizes from MSR and include:




  • Flyering at Faultline Thurs. night, Fri. night
  • Need volunteers
  • Need online inviting on websites and inviting to friends by core group (Durk, Mike Goldie, Sharp, Scott).


Shawn Farnsworth prefers (more) posters to flyers. He prefers cards to paper flyers.


Pick up flyers and begin circulation.


Durk and Scott to finalize design and entertainment ideas.


Noon, HQ

Durk & Sharp meet w/ David Specht to discuss promo card.

Postcard: One sided black and white to be photocopied only. Photocopies on 2 up 8.5 x 11.

Poster: 4 color 11 x 17 to be put on disk and printed out at Sir Speedy.

Contact Sgt. Steve Myers to participate in the event.

General Planning


Shawn says he doesn't bring in enough extra $ on "ToFF" nights to follow our request for additional proceeds. He recommended, instead, that we rise the price of admission from $6.00 to $7.00.


Suggestions sent to Shawn that ToFF could undertake for this year.

Feb 5 (decline) Not enough time as ToFF will be short on staff during this period.
March 26 Saturday night.
Nov 12 Saturday night.

Faultline gives additional proceeds from event and gets billing as Dispatch sponsor in "exchange"?


The board of directors determined that (in addition to Tom's Bar) two additional benefits would be held at the Faultline in 2005.


If the Foundation is to do fundrainsers at the Faultline in 2005 - Shawn Farnsworth as proposed the following dates.

FEB. 5, 12 (Valentines Day)
JULY 2 (Fourth of July weekend), 9 (Shawn's BD), 23
OCT. 22 (the weekend before Halloween... Cocky Horror Picture Show?)
DEC. 3, 10 (XXXmas Leather Village decor in place by the 3rd)

Shawn will be happy to help as much as he can to boost the set-up

November 6, 2004


9 PM - 2 AM.
"HIDE & INK" (Leather & Tattoos)
Public Link
Schedule & Guest List

Contact: Sharp

Committee: Sharp, Scott H., Durk D., John J., Richard Wienecke, Doug O'Conner.

Graphics: David S. (1/4 pg. cheap, "underground" leaflets) Old English typeface.
Image: TOM's '62 Bikers / Ink / Tree and Tattoo Parlor w/ Sailor

Admission $6 Donation - $4 Members - Free w/ Tom Tattoo
(ALL volunteers who attend receive special consideration. "Short" line?)

- Involve Vintage Tattoo Parlor
- Guys w/ TOM tats get in @ big discount (free) (Photo for archives/article)
- How many volunteers? Shifts? Doing what? (Scott)

Set-up: 11/6 10am (Lights, Doug O.)
Clean-up: 11/9 ?am. Shawn's crew will take care of it. Doug / Sharp to stop by to check?

DOOR: Mike G. in charge. Determines "help" w/ Scott. Gets bank.
GREETERS: Scott H., Cliff B.

"MC" Durk D.

Presenters: (1) Stephen Blackwell, Mr. LA Leather 2003. (Marc Watrel, Mr. LA Leather 2004, out of town this weekend.) (2) Matt aka "KidRacerX" (coming w/ Thorne). (3) Greg Day? (4) Scott.

Judges: (8:30 PM call) 1. Bud Hole. 2. Thorne. 3. Vintage rep. (Will help with forms.)

Special Guests: Blue Blake? Mad Dog? Spider Webb?  Peter/Yianni (catering job 11/6)? Caesar?

Perks: Drink tickets for judges, artists, volunteers? 1 or 2?


  • Kira Od draws on tats w/ markers and shows her (framed?) artwork.
  • Volunteers put on Tom of Finland temp. tats. Outside line? (D. Dehner, John J., cart).
  • DEMO. Bubba re-works Shawn's "F"? (N/C)
  • DEMOS. Vintage can do about 10-12 other guys (or small $)
  • Best Leather and Tattoo contest. (John J. to do forms/numbers/Polaroid) GRAND PRIZE WINNER: DAVID CULLEN (#12).
  • Leather fashion show?
  • Artists/photographers "workshop"? N
  • Rick Castro to do preview of his new book, "13 Years of Bondage".
  • Hector Silva shows his work. Offers prints for sale?
  • Encourage artists to collaborate.
  • Cash machine is always working.

Decor: Shawn to do large H & I poster for bar wall.
Flash blow up-ups. Flash color copies. Tom copies. "Barber" chair N
ToFF banner. (John J.)
MSR banner.
TomsMen banner.
Instigator banner. (Sharp)
"TATTOO" banner, Vintage. (Sharp)

Materials: Vintage self contained. Station for Kira with wall. Castro needs table & chair, wall space behind to display a few posters, and some lights. Hector S. needs hanging space and display area. Area for Benno to take pix w/ black/non-reflective BG.

Promo: Flyers and posters. (Henry's) - distribution by committee. Yahoo groups (Scott & Steven B.), Tat shops? Leather clubs/Associations (Stephen B.) TomsMen tattoo gallery (Durk D.)

Give-Aways / Prizes / Raffle (Richard W.):
  Kira Od: 8 signed, plastic-wrapped prints. (T-shirts? N)
  MSR Video: 29 videos, 21 DVDs, 26 DVDs, promo.
  Vintage: 1 Gift CertIficate (1 Hr = $150.00) for Grand Prize Winner. 8 T-shirts (@ $25.00)
  665: 1 lthr jockstrap (60=), 1 neoprene singlet (130=), 1 pr. wrist restraints (90=)
  Hector Silva: 2 prints, tattoo-themed, plastic wrapped.
  Instigator: (2) 6 issue. subscriptions, (1) 12 issue subscription, (6) single issues.
  Rick Castro: (2) Certificates for books, "Bondage"
  Blue Blake: 5 Videos, 5 DVDs Framed TOM print (for contest winner), 5 T-Shirts, (Durk D.)
  ToF Co.: Tom Action Figure ("tattooed" by Kira), 20 (approx) story books, 0 VHS, 0 DVDs, 0 calendars (Durk D.)

Signs: Admission @ Door. (John J.)

Items for Sale: Hector Silva Prints? ToFF Merch? Jocks (D. Dehner - Not ordered.) Event T-shirts $20. (D. Specht/Sharp)

Schedule: Contest: 3 heats 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, finals at 12:30.

Greg Day? Sergio (and Heath)? Benno S. (Tat documentation, Durk D. set-up) JayPG (Contest/event coverage)

Video: (Durk D.) Gary/Joe? Andre DeLoach (live video of stage/no record?).

Press: ToFF press release, Instigator (on their site), Leather Journal (Louie)?

Thank Yous: Leather Journal?

SPONSORS: TomsMen (on line photo gallery), Faultline, Vintage, 665, Instigator, MSR, Blue Blake. David Specht's Co.?, NOTE: MAKE SURE INKSPECHT gets credit for NEXT event.


Pick up materials at 7 PM.


Setup. Faultline at Noon.


Hector Silva drops off 4 framed piece @ bar for Shawn to hang.


Hang "promo" @ Faultline (Doug O. coordinates, John J., Richard W.) at noon.


John photocopies "handbills" and forms @ HQ. Louis gives him polished Contest forms.


Afternoon Flyering @ Faultline (Durk D.).


Meeting @ Faultline w/ Shawn F. (Sharp, David S., John J.) at 11 AM.
P.M. Flyering @ Faultline (Stephen B.?, Sharp?)


P/U "8 x 10's" and forms from Vintage. 9 - 12 PM.
P.M. Flyering @ Faultline (John J.)


Pot-luck dinner meeting.


Visit Vintage 9-12 PM.


Press releases e-mailed.


Pot-luck dinner meeting to hash out ideas and to set who's-doing-what.


Print posters.


Print flyers.


Finish design of flyer.


Event on Faultline Website.


Vintage is available and very interested. Wants to do real ink. Will help w/ contest.

Shawn confirms date. Digs whole concept. Leather is GOOD. Knows artist from WA. Wants real ink done. Can invite Kira Od (does tattooes).


David Spect will put together his ideas for flyers.
John J. is available and can work on the event.

September 4, 2004
Labor Day Weekend


9 PM - 1 AM.
Scott's Agenda & Notes

Poster & Postcard Link
The event is headlined at the top of the Events Page and our Home Page, is noted on our Public Calendar and is scheduled for the next Dispatch E-news.

Admission $6 Donation
The evening will include Raffles and Giveaways.
Construction, Leather, Fetish Attire Encouraged.


  • Shawn has a few signs at the bar
  • Joey and Doug to gather some cones, horses, etc. from local streets
  • Scott to get a Foundation letter to Prop Houses to get more signs, etc.
  • Back Wall can be graffiti-ed if Needed
  • Holes (thinking 3) in back wall with Box Dioramas
  • Scott to get Foundation Pics to blow up for Dioramas
  • Scott to get boxes (file box size??

Hard Hats

  • Faultline Staff to wear Shawn’s hats
  • White Hats w/ T of F Patch on them. 20 total - T of F Board Members, Shawn, & Entertainment People (Scott will be keeping a list, so we don’t go over)
  • Yellow Hats w/ T of F and Faultline logo. 30 total – give aways
         Scott to print logos on adhesive photo paper 
         Shawn to send 2” Faultline logo
  • Hats being shipped to Foundation House
  • Scott to organize a Hat Making party to put hats together
  • Raffle ticket given w/ paid admission – hats to be raffled off throughout night (if number not found, hat tossed to audience) (i.e. 30 drawings max)


  • Men on Break – 4 times throughout the night, Shawn blows a whistle (like the Fred Flinstone break whistle) and all the White Hat men travel to the stage to do a ‘grope and grab, play session on stage for 5 – 7 minutes – then Shawn blows the whistle again and the White Hat men go back to socializing in the crowd
         Shawn to try and find the Fred Flintstone whistle sound, or similar.
         Shawn to play some sexy grope and grab music during scene
  • Raffle Giveaways – after each Men on Break scene – give away 5 or so Yellow Hats (Scott, Joey, or Durk to do Raffles)
  • Durk or Dan B to get up and talk about Foundation, what its about, what we do, future events – 2 times during the night.
  • Scenes – 4 10 minute scenes on Stage with some of the White Hat People
    • Banana lunch - Construction Worker eating lunch, not full, so he pulls a banana from his butt hole, peals and eats it.
      Joey to arrange banana man, Scott has a backup
    • Drilling Construction Worker – Construction Worker drills a hole in an upright piece of plywood, as each hole is drilled a Dildoe pops out, he sucks/plays with it, it goes away, he drills again till three – he is overwhelmed by 3 Dildoes tries his best till they all go away 
      Need Volunteer for this one
    • HammerHead – the old Colt scene with young boy and big man, boy hits his finger hammering, man goes to kiss his finger, pulls him up on stage, group and grab, body worship, simulated head and orgasm.
            Need Volunteer for this one – Scott can do it w/ a boy, but prefer to get someone else
    • Shawn to find HammerHead scene so we can watch it again at next meeting. Need One more Construction Themed Scene. Ideas?
  • Standard Entertainer Wardrobe - Short Cut off Shorts, Jock Strap, Wife-Beater Tank Top (or shirtless), and Tool Belt.
  • Once we get the list of the Entertainers, Scott will Coordinate.
  • Joey to get a few 3 – 4 Porn Stars to Help Entertain – please be careful with numbers at the White Hats are limited – work w/ Scott on this.


  • Scott already left Flyers at many Leather and Gay establishments in LA, PS, SD – will do Long Beach 
  • Scott, Doug, Joey to Hand Out Flyers at Faultline, whenever possible, this weekend. 
  • Sean to announce event during this weekend bar times. 
  • Scott to send out note to Gay LA Events next week.


  • Scott, Joey, Doug, and Board Members, etc. to arrive at the Faultine at 2:30pm on Saturday Sept. 4, to set up.
  • Doug to bring tools, etc. 

Next Meeting to Finalize

  • Thursday 9/2 – 7:00pm – at Shawn’s – meet at Faultine


  • JayPG


Promo Materials:


Items for Sale:




Meeting at the Faultline - 7 PM.


Meeting at the Faultline.


Scott spoke to Shawn and got the details reviewed.

July 31, 2004
(Rescheduled for September)

CONTACT: Durk Dehner

Suggested theme: HIDE & INK - A night of Leather and Tattoos. It seems the right time to have a leather event. Involve Vintage Tattoo Parlor? Is Scott available?


9 PM - 2 AM.


Dehner will speak to Sean and will book the event. Most likely 07/03 or 07/04


The date for this event is currently under discussion and will most likely be rescheduled. Possible dates are 7/03 and 7/10?

May 9, 2004
Tom's Bar


See Tom's Bar pop-up.

March 13, 2004

Joe will be out of town for this event:
Public Link
CONTACT: Durk Dehner


9 PM - 2 AM.

The event at the Faultline Bar was a pounding success The foundation netted approximately $1700 that will be used for the purchasing of clear acid free folders to hold the original works of our namesake Tom of Finland that are in the permanent collection.

We want to thank our entertainers for the evening:  Terry and his boxers from Boxing on the Boulevard, Mike Mooney and his cohorts Gut punching L.A. and the wonderful presence of Patrick Lee with his photos and drawings plus his great crew of guys. Our sponsors for the evening who donated great raffle items,, Syren , Patrick Lee, and Boxing on the Boulevard. The foundation's own crew of volunteers deserves to be noted. Richard Weineke, Mark Jones, Sharp and Durk who built the boxing ring and speed ball station. Along with Dan Berkowitz, Mike Goldie, Dan Babcock, Roger Warnix, Michael Loranger, Greg Beatrice, Mike Pesina,Jay Jorgensen, Jay Lawton, Robert V and John Bernard.

And the heavy duty action of Slave Boi Eddie Miss international Boot Black and of course Shawn of the Faultline for his encouragement and offering of his establishment.

Also a special thanks to Tom Walker the dj and vj for the evening. Always great sounds.

January 31, 2004

Public Link
Faultline Benefit Announcement Page


9 PM - 2 AM.


  • 8:45-9:05 Models and artists
  • 9:15-9:35 Models and Artists
  • 9:45-10:05 Bryce, Scott and Rik with Artists
  • 10:10-10:25 Demo (Bryce, Scott and Rik)
  • 10:35-10:50 Van and his boys model for Artists
  • 10:55-11:15 Demo with Van and boys
  • 11:15-11:25
    • Welcome from York Powers, intro of Eric Evans, Bryce Pierce, Rik Jammer, Scott (Stage name TBA) and Van Darkholme. Thanks to them for their support.
    • Into of Scott and Luke Daniels: Welcome on behalf of TOFF. What the money raised does: support artists, restore artwork, etc. They are volunteers on the board. How you can volunteer, Commanders, etc.
    • Intro of Raffle boy: Renato. Pick a few numbers.... All porn stars and Scott and Luke. MSR videos and Bondage Videos and York Powers Videos.
    • Announce contest for best gear. Mr. S. Certificate. Thanks Mr. S and Mr. S. Dungeon. Plug Dungeon Website. Thanks to Shawn, Mike the manager, Chris, Oscar and the bar staff and all of our friends at the Faultline.
    • Thanks to our Boot Black, make sure you visit him, etc.
    • Well see you at 12:15 for the best gear. Durk's gonna pick five hot studs and we need your help to vote on the hottest man, who emulates TOF. 
  • 11:30-11:50 Artists and models
  • 11:55-12:15 Artists and models
  • 12:15-12:20: Contest. Drag Durk and Dan up. Choose the best by audience. 
  • 12:25 Drag up the porn stars for one last look. Have a great night. Be safe. See you at our next event, etc. Thanks again to Shawn. 


Artist Model Meeting
Contact: Joe Hilton

- No nudity? Fetish wear.
- Heaters? Weather?
- 10 min. poses. Seven porn stars that can model? Doug, Joshua, Jonathan invited.
- Two shifts of  6 artists 8:45 - 10:30 and 10:15 - 12:00.
- Need bar stools and chairs. Seating/Fabric/Props on stage.
- Lighting on stage/off.
- Joe will put together list of artists and models.
- ToFF release forms.
- Sharp to sent out invites to artists.
- Joe & Joey meet at bar this week?


Posters Printed.