Our Annual Palm Springs Fundraiser

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11/12/2007 ? PM - ? PM
Last Year's Venue: Barracks Bar
Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ???
Venue Contact: ???
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Volunteers Coordinator: ?
Volunteers Schedule Link currently not posted.

Activities: Raffle?

Materials: Passports, ?

11/12/2006 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Barracks Bar
Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ???
Venue Contact: ???
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Jay Jorgensen's Press Release
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Volunteers Coordinator: Scott ?
Volunteers Schedule Link currently not posted.

Activities: Raffle?

Materials: Passports, ?

11/09/2006 This event in the past ­ has been done by a single Board Member with only 1 volunteer and doing nothing but putting up a few posters and collecting money. It has raised approximately $2,000 in the past. How much more money is all this effort going to bring in for the Foundation? Good will and promotion of ToFF is also one of the goals and ToFF needs to make every decision about what they do (and the effort put into it) by determining if it is worth it financially. Is is suggested that there be no contests - no special anything - stick to what has worked in the past ­ easy money for very little effort.


1) We would like to be able to work the bar with our event. That would mean a cordless microphone that we can walk around the patio and inside with, of course this is the best scenerio so let us know now what you do have and also what you will or not allow us to do at your establishment.

2) We are inviting two maybe three artists to showcase their works that Sunday. So do you have any tables, like office tables, folding ones, card tables, and if so how many do you have? We know that tables take room away from people, none the less we dont like doing just a take it and leave attitude.

3) Is there anywhere outside that has risers or something like that.where we could gimmy rig a stage out of it. We would like to maybe do one or two contest type of activities, which could be, bare ass contest, who looks the best in a ToFF jockstrap. The crew we have coming down or who are there are real troopers, go getters, so we wont be worried about that presently...

4) We would like to invite Greg Day to be one of the artists that would be showing some of his work along with Sergio Cardeaus, possibly Jay Jorgenson, and or Valentine Hooven. No matter which are plan is to do it on a mini scale. Its important that where ever we present ourselves that we notify those who are not on the web and use to follow us by our printed matter.

5) We will have some kick ass hot guys there so is the shower working that afternoon? Do you presently do a barbacue hot dog grill there. I remember there used to be one on Sundays.

6) When we have done Friday night events at the Faultline they were able to give us a bank to use, please let us know for we may need to provide more if we are doing five dollars at the door. We know it will be suggested donation.. so can you give me the layout of the bar, so we can then know what will be available to us and every horny guy in the county... door prizes.... so you can reach me the numbers below. This is going to be cc to our master of ceremonies... Scott. He may have some additional questions...

7) Your tv monitors are inside and outside? What do they take? Are they compatible with most CD's that are made on the web.or do they funciton through a dvd burner

8) Our volunteers who are stationed outside the bar, at the door they won't have any problem getting in later after there shift will they?

9) We won't have a lot of volunteers and artists but I think at the outside totally together might be a dozen.

10) We would like to provide them with a drink ticket or two so we need to know what would be the price of this and also would it be okay to supply them with water if they are stationed in the sun at the door.

11) Do you have a small table for us to have at the door? Also I take it will be okay to have our banners up. -- do you want it decorated or not? So Tony will respond to each of the points listed.

12) We would like to arrange to have an enlarged poster that Greg Day did for you all.

11/07/2006 Arranging to have modeling going on inside on the stage area.
11/06/2006 Nick Marino said yes to doing the benefit (Add Nick's photo and information about his appearance to the website listing). Jorgensen worked up a press release and will send it out to local media along with some photos. Jay will keep asking some of the local porn stars he knows about the Benefit and see if ToFF can't at least get a little parade of manflesh going throughout the day. An artist drawing a model on stage? Jay knows at least one local artist he thinks he could talk into it. Joe Paleski and James Pellessier as models?
10/14/2006 Dehner takes on event and will run it from "the helm". The owners of The Barracks meet with Dehner to plan out what will happen at the event. All are encouraged who want to come down to Palm Springs to join in and have a great time of it (how many Volunteers are needed?). Since it's only a small-level fundraiser, with built in amounts available to make, it will be kept simple yet mildly innovative.
10/13/2006 As Dan Berkowitz will not be the coordinator, we need a new contact for this event. Previous fundraisers here have made it "victory celebration" Mr. Palm Springs Leather. but the PSLOD doesn't mention this on their agenda. Maybe we should contact them ( ) ? It would be nice to have the winner there. We can create some 8.5 x 11 inch posters for the Barracks & PSLOD and mail them off to them for a little extra promotion! We may want to display a little art and gather together some Palm Springs artists?
07/23/2006 Please let Berkowitz know by 07/26/2006 if he is needed to put together this annual fundraiser. He will need to make reservations for a place to stay during Leather Weekend.
06/14/2006 Louis gets confimation from Berkowitz that event will be held at the Barracks on the same weekend as Mr. Palm Springs Leather. The hours will probably be the same as last year as will the donation of $5.
11/13/2005 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Barracks Bar
Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ???
Venue Contact: ???

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Volunteers Coordinator: Scott
Volunteers Schedule Link currently not posted.

Activities: Raffle?

11/14/2004 Barracks Bar
5:00 - 9:00 PM

Volunteers Coordinator: Dan Berkowitz
Volunteers Schedule Link

Activities: Raffle
Decor: Rothschild Display

1109/2004 Barracks Bar

3:30 - 6:00 PM
1) Renato B.
2) Russ H.
3) Scott H.
4) Peter K.
5) Joey U.
Photography: ?

5:30 - 8:00 PM
1) Greg D.
2) Robert V.
3) Walt W.