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Saturday May 5, 2007
San Diego Mr. Leather
Check Receiving Ceremony
1 - 3 PM(ish)

Contact: Durk Dehner

Durk (yes)
Sharp (yes)
Goldie (no)
Scott (no)
Jay Jorgensen (no)
Sharon M. (yes)
Louie (no)
Official photographer: None.

  • All board members encouraged to attend.
  • Program:
    • 1 PM a simple yet delicious lunch outside, weather is permitting.
    • Followed by a tour of the Foundation and
    • Then onto the official receiving of the check. (It is about double of what they donated to us last year.)
    • There is a five minute screening of the DVD that Graylin did for us on the Fair. We will then be able to commence using it for promotion for this years Erotic Fair.
  • It would be great if we could get one of our volunteer photographers to do the photos. so Jay and Jay let me know your availabiloity on short notice. it wil be over by 3 or 3.30 PM.
  • We dont need volunteers for the event, but we sure could use them for helping out prior and after in the ongoing project of preparing for the Europeans and Toms Birthday.
  • Please RSVP if you can attend. Recipients of Durk's e-mail on 05/03/2007 indicates you you are invited.

A successful event. Michael Kirwan did a lovely job cooking. Durk sold some artwork!


Durk sends e-mail outlining the event.

Saturday March 17, 2007
San Diego Mr. Leather

Contact: Durk Dehner
Public Notice

Attending: Dehner, Goldie, Scott


Dehner would like to write article on how contests are changing and how erotic art is becoming more a part of them. The video from this event can go up on web.


ToFF is co-beneficiary w/ Being Alive.





March 4, 2007
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Mr. Sister Leather Contest Victory Party
Sunday 1 - 5 PM

Contact: Durk Dehner
Sister's contact: Sister Bubbles
Committee: ?
Public Detail Page: (None - invitational event)
Photographer: Durk Dehner

Contest held at the LA Eagle on Friday & Saturday.


Tom's Parties to show photos from event.


From an e-mail to Sister Bubbles, coordinator, from Durk:

1. What is the maximum capacity of guests we may have?
I would say 60 guests would be tops as we have to have volunteers be docents and that takes some preplanning. please let us know how many you invite and how many have RSVP.

2. Where should people park once they arrive?
The situation for parking is as follows: its a afternoon party so you can park on Laveta and Scott and the other adjacent streets, better to park on ones that are on top of the hill rather than down on echo park or sunset so you dont have to do the climb.

3. Is there a fridge/freezer to store Ice & food?
We have a fridge outside in the patio and another one in the kitchen we do have ice chests so i would recommend that you bring ice and we will make sure the chests are here and you can ice all your drinks in an hour if you put water in the chests along with the ice.

We have a bar to serve off of and, as i said, if its not unpleasant. We can have the bar and food outdoors and if it is then well do it indoors. None-the-less it all will be open anyways. We will require that you have one sister at the front door along with a Foundation person as a greeter, and then any where you want those sisters they can take up location. Music... we do have a sound system and we shall see if we can get it all working well for your event. Do you need a mike.?


From a letter to Sister Bubbles, coordinator, from Durk:

The Tom of Finland Foundation House will be open to the invited guests of The Sisters of Perputual Indulgence on Sunday March 4 from 1pm - 5pm. The Foundation will open all three floors of the facility showcasing over 150 original works of art that are presently on exhibit , with entree to Toms Studio and a rare look at some of his private archives. Along with this there will be a viewing of works that have just been framed and shall be going on exhibit next fall here at the foundation house. with a special showing of rare bar and bathhouse posters from Los Angeles and other locales past with a display of the deceased artists TANK'S work in reproduction format which along with other art will be available for sale that afternoon. The Sisters will be putting on a spread of edibles and drinks for their honored guests and the foundation will open up our visual edibles for your consumption...invited guests only. if you think you should be one of them then speak to Durk Dehner at the foundation or Sister Bubbles of the sisters at


From what Louie has been able to determine, Being Alive is the sole beneficiary of the Mr. Sister Leather contest.

The event is not listed on the Eagle website (it's just blank on the calendar).

The Sister's website just has this:


Confirmation received. There will be an admission at the door and the proceeds are to benefit.? us I think. Not to worry I will find out for Monday. Well that's what press releases are for. More to follow. Just spoke to one person and gave confirmation today.

December 10, 2006
Tom of Finland Foundation
Holiday Art & Gift Sale
Saturday (VIP) Preview 5 - 7 PM
Sunday (public) 1 - 5 PM

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ?
Public Detail Page


Times for VIP preview & public display determined.


Board decides on an art sale fundraiser.

Saturday September 17, 2006
West Hollywood Book Fair

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ?
No Public Detail Page
2005 Detail Page


Include WHLA EAFW Banners. Supports for hanging?


We have in the Foundation's Stock:
1 piece   of - ART OF PLEASURE (Flex Edition)
5 pieces of - DIRTY PICTURES (Soft Cover)
3 pieces of - DIRTY PICTURES (Hard Cover)
4 pieces of - TOM OF Finland LIFE & TIMES (Soft Cover not available in Hard)
5 pieces of - the DVD "DADDY & THE MUSCLE ACADEMY"

I would suggest, having worked the WH Book Fair last year, that we might want to order about 4 pieces of the ART OF PLEASURE. I think that is probably all we would need to order. They have to come from the Jackson TN, and they are not quick about getting their orders out, so we would have to order right away.

We can always fill in with things like "EMERGING EROTIC ARTISTS" and possibly some of Tom's books that we can take on consignment from the ToF Company.

Roger needs to know what to do.


Roger e-mails the September date and that we will be participating.

Saturday July 29 - September 9, 2006
Tom of Finland - Rough
Early Notebooks, Preliminary Drawings and Master Works
At Western Project

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ?
Volunteers: ?
Public Page

Dehner suggests making the opening a fundraiser and hanging the Coming of Age exhibition. Needs to have conversation w/ Cliff.


Western Project exhibition Dehner reports that Cliff may be willing to do fundraiser on date different from opening night.


Cliff mentions that it will not be a benefit, but that he'll be running two ads in Frontiers magazine. He will be sending us a press release on the event.


Louie gets straightened out about this event!?

Sunday, August 27, 2006
Foundation Benefit at MJ's
Time: 2 - 8 PM

Events Page Listing
Projects Page Listing
Volunteers Page

Contact: Scott
Committee: ?
Rigging Crew: Richard W.?. Doug O.?
Volunteer Coordinator: Scott
Photographer: (Sharp) JayPG
Graphics: Axel

Time: 2 - 8 PM
Setup: 9 AM ( ) Jorgensen, Sharp, Goldie,

CAPACITY: 700? (It's very hot out there, and to make sure that we can have maximum numbers allowed in, we need to make the parking lot workable).

Title/Theme: SWEATBOX!
(Muscle/Dance party)

(MJ's crowd is different than the Faultline crowd -- Muscle/Dance party YES)
MJ's is expecting us to pull of a major parking lot party for them, so that is what will be.

  General: $7.00
  ToFF Members: $5.00
  Commander level & up free.

MCs: Scott

MUSIC: Bryan Pfeifer has agreed to DJ again - cost $250 (same as last year, his prices went up but he gave us last year's price! :)

ARTISTS: (Babcock) We will need 2/3 Artists (can someone work on getting them),
SHOWING: Sergio Kardenas, Brett Barris and Michael Kirwan.


  • General mayhem (contests, etc).


  • We will need prizes - last year we made sweat towels (not sure what they cost), but was thinking of using the jock straps since they are such a big hit (don't know what they cost either).


  • Temp tattoos.


  • Eric from MJs has gotten RedBull to provide some umbrellas, tables, decour.


  • Am going to get dancers (will try to get some free ones from volunteers, etc) If anyone has any suggestions for dancers - let me know.






  • Shower pool (did we find the one from last year?) if not I will start looking for a cheap one). Done! Found at Sports Chalet.
  • We will need the tarps again.





  • Axel is working on the PostCards/Flyer - it is going to be the same as last year with some minor changes (name change to SWEATBOX!, dates ect.) Durk is working on the text for the back of the Cards. If you remember from last time the back was shared space between the MJ location information and information about the WHLA EAFW - this will be the same again - this should be done no later than early next week so we can start distributing them
  • MJs is going to put a full page ad in Frontiers based on the flyer.
  • MJs is going to provide a shuttle between the bar and the Sunset Junction festival.

Note for 2007 / 3rd Annual: Use ToFF logo on card? Drop "the" from Tom of Finland Foundation on promo materials and reformat web address and fone #s.


Eric, the mgr (?) from MJ's. says this was a fine "take" at the door. Nobody knew how the date would work (w/ Sunset Junction). The $ ToFF made is nothing to sneeze at. If there is a 3rd annual event - Louis will create a seperate Planning Page for MJ's.


All is set. Scott still trying to find a kiddie pool. Help!


Flyered 14 places in Weho and Silverlake. E-Mail Blast also went out. Ad in IN magazine came out this week.


Scott confirmed date and time and sent additional planning information.


Dehner and Scott will get together to discuss. Parking lot may not be available.


Dehner/Scott need to be back in touch with Eric who is the coordinator now for the line up of events there.

Michaeljohn was somewhat discouraging about it as they just did one last weekend and it was not a good turn out. Dehner reminded him that ToFF brought in a decent crowd a year ago. So it is up to Scott whether to do it or not.

Dehner is hoping to take this window and travel to Europe to visit Finland and family in Holland and also to visit London and Berlin - so he would not be there for support.

06/28/2006 MJs is good with date.
06/26/2006 Dehner to talk to Scott about this possible date.
08/12/2005 We didn't do sponsors for this event (except MJ's). Confirm DJ.
Saturday August 5 - 27, 2006
The Salon At Space
At Space on Fountain's End

Contact: Dan Berkowitz
NOTE: Berkowitz will be leaving at the end of July so Roger Warnix will take over then as event producer.

Volunteer Page

Event Contact List Names, phone numbers, e-mails of all participants. (MS Word Format)
Handout Flyer 1, Handout Flyer 2

Time: 8 - 11 PM Admission $7 (Previously was planned at $10.)

SPACE CONTACT: Bill Chrisley, general manager. 323.252.8615.

ToFF Board / Staff attending. Babcock, Dehner, Sharp,

Public Detail Page

On Aug 18, 19, 25 & 26, there is a 20th anniversary production of Jerker at Space on Fountain. The director, Michael Kearns, would love to have the walls full of Tom of Finland art and make one performance a benefit. Also under consideration is a Sunday afternoon w/ readings of erotica.


The reception will be wine & cheese.

Was it decided that ToFF would provide the food and drink, and in return would take the door as a benefit?


It has come to the attention of ToFF on this date that Space doesn't have insurance in place for the art that will be shown. The Foundation doesn't have a policy for this off-site exhibition as it is customary that the providing facility provides such insurance.

ToFF is going forward with the exhbition but cannot take responsibility for damage or theft of work while the exhibition is there. ToFF will have each of the artists sign a statement that they will not hold the Foundation responsible. ToFF cannot advise the artists, one way or another, on keeping work up after the Saturday evening event.

Admission was settled at $7, because the sign at the door says so. Volunteers to arrive at 7:30. Some artists will bail after the opening due to insurance issues.


Is general membership $10 and ToFF members $7?
What time are volunteers to show up?


Berkowitz sends out contact list by e-mail. Louie posts a link to it (above).


Joe Hilton will not be available. Live models not mentioned on promotional materials, so that activity probably cancelled.


Berkowitz sends out reminder to artists to stop by the space itself to see what the walls look like and suggests that they work out a time to hang their art before August 5. ToFF webmaster and the people at Space need artist bios. Dehner to supply Kearns w/ ToF artwork.


List the artists in alphabetical order.

If we can get models to pose, the exhibiting artists will probably not be doing the sketching.


Each artist will have a space approximately 7' wide x 4' high in which to display their work (the ceilings are high). Artwork can be hung during the week preceding the opening, and the pieces should be removed sometime during the period of August 28-30.

Art that is for sale or not. Each artist to prepare a short bio with contact info, which ToFF will print and post. ToFF will have an exhibit about the life and work of Tom. Promotional materials for WHLA EAFW available to hand out.


Berkowitz met with Michael a few days ago to work out (some) details -- and will have more details in the next several days. The precise name of the venue is "Space at Fountain's End" and they don't like to use the word "The" before "Space."

It will be a wine and cheese reception with the artists. Hopefully, there will also be a few artists sketching models throughout the evening to provide some eye candy -- they have a small stage area in the space. The Foundation will provide the wine and cheese, and in return will keep all proceeds of the evening as a Benefit. Kearns will be promoting the event (and the ongoing exhibit) to his email and mailing lists, and ToFF should do the same.

The exhibit will remain up through the weekend of the 27nd, and will need to be struck within the few days after that date. A number of other events will be happening throughout August, and Michael plans to open the Space for longer periods before and after, so that people can come view the exhibit at those hours, in addition to during an actual event.

They very much would like to use a Tom image to promote the event on postcards and their website -- hopefully Durk will work something out with them soon.


There will be the erotic reading and the stage production. ToFF will do exhibition in lobby that will be up for the whole run. Artists to be invited to show: Jay Jorgensen; Ivy Bottini; Miguel Reyes; Michael Kirwan. The back wall will display the history of Tom.


ToFF Board says this is something to look into. It might be a good way to get, and use, new artwork-banners.

Wednesday June 7, 2006
That Man: Peter Berlin (Film Showing)
Outfest in conjunction with the Foundation

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: Keven Smith
Volunteer Coordinator: ?
Public Notice

That Man: Peter Berlin Website

Contact: Jim Tushinski


Wednesday June 7, 7:30 PM, Rigler Theatre @ the Egyptian Theatre


That Man: Peter Berlin, the story of the 1970s gay sex–icon, will be available on DVD on June 13.

Saturday May 13, 2006
Taste of Testosterone
Orange Coast Leather Assembly (OCLA)

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ?
Volunteer Coordinator: Durk Dehner?
Public Notice



Noon - 7 PM
$20.00 Donation

A fundraiser to benefit ToFF

Silent Auction
Door Prizes
Educational Workshops

OCLA has ToFF logo and Tom image for promotional use.

ToFF to give items for auction/give-aways. DD to attend and give pitch for ToFF.

Wednesday April 26, 2006
An Evening of EROTIC ART
Tom of Finland Foundation

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: ?
Volunteers: Mike Goldie, Michael Kirwan
No Public Notice


08:30 to 10:00 PM
Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of the Valley
5730 Cahuenga Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Dehner will lead the group through a presentation of life in the leather scene here and abroad, commencing in the fifties with the advent of Black Leather, Bikes, and the forbidden underworld of SM, B&D. Through a visual presentation of art and photos he will show us a dark and lustful period that evolved into the sexual freedom experimentation of the seventies and eighties, on into the present and finally what the future might hold for the next generation of horny obsessed sexual outlaws… or are they?

Saturday April 8, 2006
Men of Color II
[First Men of Color benefit, March, 30 2003]

Contact: Durk Dehner
Committee: Richard Wienecke
Volunteer Coordinator: Durk Dehner
Volunteers: Mark Jones, Sharp, Anthony C., Michael K., Doug T.
Public Notice

EAGLE contact: Charlie Matula (add last name to "Friends" list)


9pm - 2 am
$5.00 Donation

A celebration of diversity in leather. Produced by Eagle LA & Onyx. Proceeds to benefit ToFF. Foundation takes door donation and silent auction $. Evening includes door prizes and give-aways.

Special display of Tom's images projected onto screen (curated by Sharon M. and built by Doug T.). DVDs of erotic artists shown on club's monitors curated by David Bradshaw.

Silent Auction Coordinator: Richard Wienecke

Auction items include donations from artists Michael Kirwan, Hector Silva, Jay Jorgensen, Jay PG, Andrew Pacheco, Rigo Maldonado, and Minoru.

HOST: Robert Blackmon
POSTCARD: Eagle L.A. produced card. Atwork supplied by ToFF.
SET UP: 04/08 3:30 pm. ToFF to set up silent auction and hang banner.


EXACT amount that was made has not been announced.

Saturday March 18, 2006
San Diego Mr. Leather
Contact: Durk Dehner
Public Notice

ToFF is co-beneficiary w/ Being Alive. ToFF to set up display panels and table for hand outs @ venue. Hang ToFF banner and art "posters".

Board/Satff going to SD: Berkowitz. Dehner, Goldie. Scott. Michael Kirwan. Anthony Cendaus. Volunteer Doug from Vancouver. Sharp? Yes, Sharp. Someone had to drive.


Waiting to hear from Graylin. Dehner will call to find out the amount of what we made.


It will happen.

Saturday February 18, 2006
Gauntlet II Benefit by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Contact: Durk Dehner
Public Notice

Send letter to thank the Sisters and let them know how the proceeds will be spent by the Foundation and how they will be honored here. They brought in over $6,000 and the Board discussed, and agreed, that we take 50% for use in General Fund and then the other will be used in the construction of a presentation area in the Library Room and a art folio storage area in that closet for all art that is turned over to the Foundation for the purpose of ToFF showing it to the public with the intention of finding owners for it and thus providing more income for the artists that it belongs to. We will send out a press release via email and hard mail to local Los Angeles publications announcing the very generous contribution made by the sisters to the Foundation.


9 PM

ToFF to set up credit card machine for silent auction.


How will ToFF participate in the silent auction?


This event will be the capper to the Commanders Dinner evening - everyone will be invited to go over to the Gauntlet. What is the cover charge? The hours?


Received by e-mail:

Dear Friends, Board Members, and Staff of the Tom of Finland Foundation,

On behalf of the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, I'd like to share with you our intentions of helping out the Foundation. We will be hosting our 6th Mr. Sister Leather Contest. The event will take place on Saturday, February 18th at the Gauntlet II in Silver Lake. We have decided that the proceeds raised that evening will benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation. We hope that you will join us that evening. There will be more details to come, but please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Sister Erotica Psychotica,
The Avant Guardian of the Nasty Habit,
Chair-Nun of the Mr. Sister Leather '06 Contest
323-668-2629 hm.
323-913-9199 x 12 wk.

Sunday October 2 , 2005
West Hollywood Book Fair

Sponsored by the City of West Hollywood.

STATUS: Active
Events Page Listing

Contact: Durk Dehner


I guess it's official. Added to Events Page and Volunteers Page.

Friday, August 27, 2005
Benefit for Foundation
at the Hoist in London

A "Tom of Finland night" benefiting the Foundation. ToFF to receive 25% of door (£7 entrance)? Expected attendance 300-400. ToFF to lend banners. Possible for Saturday night - "Mr. Tom of Finland/Europe" contest (audience judging).

Events Page Listing

STATUS: In negotiation as of 08/05/05.

Contact: Durk Dehner

08/05/2005 In negotiation. (Not posted to Public Pages yet.)
Sunday, August 14, 2005
Foundation Benefit
at MJ's

Events Page Listing
Projects Page Listing
Volunteers Page

(Rescheduled from 07/31/2005)

Tom Walker - MJ's contact.

Contact: Scott
Committee: Durk Dehner
Rigging Crew: Richard W., Doug O.
Volunteer Coordinator: Scott
Photographer: JayPG
Graphics: AXEL

Time: 2-7

CAPACITY: 700 (It's very hot out there, and to make sure that we can have maximum numbers allowed in, we need to make the parking lot workable).

Title/Theme: SWEAT!/Tea dance.
(MJ's crowd is different than the Faultline crowd -- Muscle/Dance party YES)
MJ's is expecting us to pull of a major parking lot party for them, so that is what will be.

  General: $7.00
  ToFF Members: $5.00
  Commander level & up free.

MCs: Durk and Scott.

(Dance/DJ? The rock band 'GROIN' (Cliff's BF's band)? NO.)


  • Raffles (None)
  • Boot Black (Bob Y)
  • Artists to show/sell (5-6). (SHARP) ToFF to provide tables, shade, 1 easle for each artist, and some wall space.
    Artists to arrive @ 1:00 PM.
    1. Belasco Y, 2. Rick Castro Y, 3. Hector Silva Y, 4. Minoru Y, 5 Greg Day Y, 6. Brett Barris Y.
    David Crocker N, Jeff Compasso N, Brad Rader N.
  • Temporariy tatts (need to be done inside where there is no sweat).
  • Contests/events on stage throughout?
         * Possible: Change pants - to towel - to swimsuit.


  • 76 Black "cum" towels from David Specht.
  • ToFF Passports.
  • Dispatches.


  • Sharon roaming as "cigarette girl" w/ tray of snacks and ToF "souvineers" (like magnets).


  • L.A. Sporting Club (Scott) for fashion show? NO


  • Go-go boys.
  • Slide show of various artwork? Too bright to project inside?


  • MJ's will build a temporariy fence six to eight feet high on southern side to prevent any visibiility from trader joes. We may have to supply the additoinal two foot of wood sticks and black plastic (that will be verifiied by contacting Barry Greenfield, who works for MJ's and is in charge of this order). The wall of the present patio will stay the same


  • Use the big reproductions that we used at Splash in NY. MJs has asked the we keep the inside decor to a miniumum as they have quality decor in there already. B/W images in the portholes by the dancefloor? Artists can bring large work if its not too much hassle for them and we can try to use it. Greg Day may bring photo mural to try.
  • Hang most all of our art work outside in patio and parking lot with just a few high quality pieces inside with our banner. The windows in the dance floor have been sugguested to have Tom logos cut out in them or tom sillouettes (about 12 inches high).
  • Durk's pick-up truck in the center of the parking lot - build around it with camoflague tenting to give shade.


  • Apology for the name infringement.


  • Need to purchase: 80' x 12 of black plastic, 100' of no-leak hose, (1) 2"x4"x12' piece of lumber, (300) zip ties large size, (1) box of hemp rope 600' long.


  • (6) tables, camoflague netting (three areas of camoflauge each about 24'x24' in coverage), shower and wading pool.
  • From storage: ToFF stage and the stanchions that will assist in holding walls up.
  • Speakers and cordless mike.



  • Tom's Men? N
  • Except for Board Members, Staff and Volunteers working the event - thats it.


PROMO: ToFF Postcards and posters. MJ's runs ads.

08/12/2005 We didn't do sponsors for this event (except MJ's). Confirm DJ.
08/11/2005 MJ's own BBQ guy will be there (late aft.?) No disclaimer to be posted on ToFF website or e-news - only the sign posted @ event and no flyers need to be handed out for the other "SWEAT!". The "shower" may need to be build (and not borrowed).
08/05/2005 Need people to flyer at the door of the MJs for the following nights: next Friday and Saturday (as MJ's staff refuse to do it). On Tuesday night there is a group that uses a professional shower used in nightclubs. We shall go and find out if its possible to rent it from them for our event and what would be involved. 12 volunteers requested for parking lot set up. The whole parking lot has been approved for having drinks.
08/05/2005 Durk, Doug O. and Richard W. to look at space flash enclosure. Liquor to be sold on patio. More promotion needed for event. We need more help in gettin flyers out.
07/29/2005 No activities planned for event yet. Can we use "SWEAT!" as name of event? Infringement? Make deal with owner of name (hand out his cards @ event?).
07/17/2005 Scott and Durk to schedule planning meeting when Scott returns from Florida.
07/04/2005 Date rescheduled to 08/14/2005.
06/24/2005 Michaeljohn wants to change the date, yet again. Tom Walker to check with him to see if 08/07 is good. Scott hasn't heard yet, but will call and bug him 06/25 or 06/26.
06/10/2005 Tea Dance? Scott spoke with Tom briefly (and some of the other staff) about parking lot events and he will do some more homework. Once DD gets the go-ahead he will search for some "name" dee jays (local ones that would do it for free or for a token like $100 or so).
06/08/2005 Maybe something with Sweat in the title - since we will also have the patio and it will most likely be hot and sweaty in late July. Not sure what imaging we can use with that theme - I was thinking instead of T-shirts or tank tops we could make "sweat towels" (small little towels with ToFF logo or imaging on it.) I have seen this done at other events (ex. IML) and it seems to go over well (people can use them for cum-rags after the event) and people could put them in their right or left pocket to decare themseves if they choose of just have it hanging out of their zipper!
06/05/2005 Date is set for 07/31/05. Theme TBD. "GROIN" is no longer under consideration.
05/27/2005 Berkowitz will not be available on July 31st as he will be on the east coast.
05/14/2005 Scott has to be out of town on the 17th. Does the 31st work?
05/13/2005 Scott confirms date w/ Tom Walker of 07/17/2005. Will contact him in June so planning can start. (Changed from tentative date of 07/24/2005.)
03/17/2005 Posted on Planning Calendar. Planning begins. Parking Lot party? Parking lot for customer use? No details as of yet.
03/16/2005 July 24th - confirmed date for event.
02/21/2005 Arrange a time in summer. MJs postponing the expansion of the patio for the time being. Saturday night or possible Sunday afternoon.

Booted and Jockstrap wrestling theme? Strip Poker theme? Mexican masked wrestlers for performers? $5.00 to $6.00 door charge. Postcard for MJs event.

ToFF's schedule is filling up fast so date/plans need to be set ASAP.

12/05/2004 Board members agreed to hold an event at MJ's in 2005.
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Will Clark's Porno Bingo

Events Page: Listing

CONTACT: Dan Berkowitz
Volunteers Page

A benefit for the Foundation. Dan Berkowitz will be there to help call the games. 2-3 Volunteers needed.

9th Avenue Bistro
693 9th Avenue (between 47 and 48 Streets), NYC

05/10/2005 Will Clark receives ToFF logo and has been been promoting the event.

Friday, March 18, 2005
Foundation Benefit
"Queer Artists and Their Books"

Events Page Listing

Contact: Durk Dehner
Volunteer Coordinator: Scott?
Photographer: JayPG

Time: 7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

MATERIALS HANDOUTS: New Passports (larger size).

Marc Arranaga is putting this weekend together and wants to involve the Foundation in the event which includes an Exhibition, Book Signing, Reception and Roundtable Discussions.

A copy of each book that is part of this event will be donated to the Foundation's Library.

03/18/2005 7:00 - 10:00 PM

ToFF is not selling anything from the Foundation (nor ToFC) at this event. The focus is on Marc's artists. ToFF is supplying cheese and crackers.

Meeting with Mark: Noon - HQ

Need 6 ToFF volunteers? for reception.
Pull mailing list.

01/28/2005 ToFF logo send to Marc to place on event invitation.



Marc would promote Friday night as a preview and benefit fundraiser for TOFF. Cash donation at the door (max $5)? VIP list with patrons that will come in for free.

Interested in mailing to the TOFF list, but because of postage costs he doesn't think he can mail to more that a thousand. Only local zip codes?

Needs ToFF assistance with the wording of the event for the press release and invite card.


01/19/2005 ToFC to help with sales and $ processing?


Saturday, March 12, 2005
Michael Kirwan's

Events Page Listing

Contact: Sharp
Committee: None.
Volunteer Coordinator: No ToFF Volunteers Required.
Photographer: provided by Design & Decor.

EXHIBITION: For-sale show at the Design & Decor Gallery and Framers. Michael Kirwan has contributed a large number of illustrations to ToFF. They are all "straight" and from men's magazines. The sale of these illustrations profits the Foundation. Gallery owner Eddy Coyote and Sharp have curated a show of approx. 25 pieces for this show. Work to be returned to Foundation framed. Design & Decor to split profits from sales.

03/12/2005 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
A special one-night-only exhibit at Santa Ana, CA gallery.

Eddy picks up final selection of artwork.