PLANNING SECTION (Meeting Notes Follow below)
10:30 AM Breakfast & Coffee
11:00 AM Meeting

  • '06 WHLA EAFW Wrap-Up
    - What worked well? What could be improved? Why were art ales significantly less?

01:00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM Meeting

  • Developing the ToFF Talents
  • Determining Communication Structure

Dehner Y
Goldie Y
Scott Y
Jorgensen Y
Nelson N
Sharp Y

Babcock Y
Louis Jay Y

Should Berkowitz he be asked?

Notes on elections.


  • We are going to discuss a new subject ­ "Coordinators". As you know, during the '06 WHLA EAFW, we gave some folks the role of leading a function and letting them make the decisions and be responsible for all parts of that area. (Ex. Dan Babcock ­ "Sales", Jonathan Cowan ­ "Cafe"). The Board felt this methodology worked well and would like to extend the same concept to the Foundation overall. Are there areas or "departments" within ToFF that could make use of this concept (Ex. Archiving, Permanent Collection, Publicity, Grants, Webmaster, Salon Evenings, etc.) ?

11/02/06 — Durk

  • The pros and cons of the fair, all the key volunteers will be heavily invited to be there and also others who are potentials for getting deeper involved with the foundations programs and operations. ex. several archive volunteers to lead that area, the permanent collection area, publicity, special event coordinators, and so yes what ideas do you fellows and gals have for other areas. then lets get the formal invitations out to them so they dont think its a laid back type issue. So we'll deal with the fair , and a bit of a seminar on what we want to offer these individuals.
  • Lunch will be served and we shall reconvene and so by 3pm it concludes to be followed after a break with a two hour board meeting with Louie in attendence and also possibly Mark Nelson if we can give him notice right away.

Dehner will find out if NY people can make this date.

Dehner will call the NY gang and find out if they can do a “retreat” here in October. Suggested date is Oct. 22nd.



Durk D, Dan Babcock, Sharon Furman, Sharp, Sharon Miymura, Volker Morelock, Mike Goldie, Louis J, Michael Kirwan, Scott, Richard Wienecke, Joni Vandurber, Jay Jorgensen, Dino DiMarco and Jonathan Cowan.

Regarding the Fair:

  • Talk of moving the Fair to West Hollywood auditorium over by West Hollywood Park. Making it indoor and outdoor.
  • Durk was to find out if the space was available.
  • There was talk of doing a Gallery event a month before. Volker's knows of a Gallery in that area that may be interested.
  • Maybe do Friday night Reception at The Abbey or some other local in West Hollywood.
  • I think we should have numbered tickets at the door so we are able to count them and have a receipt of admissions.
  • Need to figure out how to build more of a program to draw people in.
    • Artist Demos
    • Singer/ Celebrity
  • We need to have a place to gather peoples info at the Fair. Fill out info to get ticket into raffle. This can not be done at the door but inside.
  • Merchandise and Artist Fund booths away from FN Art for sale booth.
  • Each person who was a lead person needs to submit to the Planning pages notes on "How the job is done"

Departments to Build and improve.

  • Perm Collection
  • Archive
    • Joni said she would like to get involved with archiving. Also her friend Laura is interested (she is also our first female Commander Member!)
  • Memberships
  • Fundraising
  • Dispatch
  • ML Artist Fund
  • Grant Writing
  • Press Liaison
    • Dino DeMarco will help with press.
  • Need to find away to increase revenue
  • Art Sales
    • Volker is to write up a proposal about getting EAG going again
    • We will be doing an Art Sale on Dec 10th preview of this will happen at Holiday Potluck.
  • Grants
    • Joni will work on Grant info.
    • Roger Earl's friend Terry may be willing to help train us.
  • Permission to use agreements.
  • Licensing aggreements.

Durk will be contacting

  • MichaelJohn
  • John McConnell
  • Tom McClay
  • Hormel
  • Harvey S. Shiply Miller (Rothschild Foundation)