A biennial contest for new erotic artists.
CONTACT: unknown 213.250.1685.
Contest rules, information and past winners
2005 Rules & Link to submission form.
Judges History Page Policy??? Judges not to be announced until after the contest ends.

Sponsors Page


2009 Contest Home Page
2009 Contest Rules and Entry Forms

2009 Judges Page (planned)

Judges participating:

Names of judges under consideration:


Basic opening pages added to the website for adjustment and approval.


Durk sends basic contest info and prizes.

Tentatively Cancelled This Year

2007 Judges Page (planned)

Judges participating:

Names of judges under consideration: (None as of 03/22/2007) Suggestions?


Board Committee suggests not doing the Contest at this time as there is not enough manpower yet.


Dehner is preparing figures for March '07 BoD Mtg.


2005 Judges Page

Judges participating:

  • Cathie Opie (Artist, Photographer)
  • Charles Cowels (Gallery owner NYC, Owns Charles Cowels Gallery where we are doing the Coming of Age event.)
  • Cliff Benjamin

Names of judges under consideration: (None as of 7/18/05) Suggestions?

  • Rex?
  • Charles Cowles?
  • Jim French?
  • Taschen - Dian?
  • Ivy Bottini?
  • Clive Barker?


DIscussed at Board meeting. Change "rules" of the EEAC. Update website's EEAC PURPOSE/INFO page and add note to 2005 EEAC CONTEST RULES & PRIZE LISTING page. All prizes need not be awarded if the judges determine that the number or quality of entries do not warrant it.


Appeal mailed to artists.


The numbers of entries is very low.

Currently it's listed on the ToFF website that past winners are not allowed to enter the Contest. Babcock and Dehner have talked about this and agree that the Foundation should open the Contest up to past winners being allowed to enter the Contest with the only exception being the past Grand Prize winners are not eligible.

The reasoning behind this is if an artist won 2nd place, he or she may want to strive for first place or Grand Prize placement. As long as they have not started selling work, Babcock sees no reason why they should be excluded from attempting to win the Grand Prize title (once an artist has won Grand Prize placement there really is no place higher up to go in the Contest and at that point hopefully they will feel the validation of their art and if they so choose be at a level where they are able to sell works).

  • Change "rules" of the EEAC?
  • Update website's EEAC PURPOSE/INFO page?
  • Add note to 2005 EEAC CONTEST RULES & PRIZE LISTING page?
  • Send out a letter to past winners letting them know they may enter the Contest (thus encouraging them to strive to grow as an erotic artist)?
  • DIscuss at Board meeting?


Contest opens for submissions
08/31/2005 Contest closes to submissions (If needed, we can extend the deadline to Aug. 15.) Note: Extended from 08/01 to 08/31 around 06/01/2005


Contest extended to 08/31/2005.


Engage magazine/s as sponsors?


We are working on sending out a press release with last year's winners and announcing the '05 contest on a CD. Also on CD will be Foundation info, a short Tom bio, and a bit of info on 20th Anniversary. To include images for press use.*


New prizes determined.

  • Grand Prize Winner: A cash grant of $750.00. One Year Membership at the Commander Level, Award, and pewter pin.
  • First Place Winner: A cash grant of $300.00, One Year Membership at the Seaman Level. Award & pewter pin.
  • Second Place Winner: A cash grant of $200.00. Recruit Membership for one year. Award. pewter pin.
  • Third Place Winner: A cash grant of $100.00. One year Membership at Recruit level. Award & pewter pin

o) Need info by Wednesday 02/23/2005.
o) Need to determine prizes.
o) Need opening/closing dates.


2003 Judges Page


Contest opens for submissions
08/01/2003 Contest closes to submissions
o) Winners awarded at EAW/LA Dinner.
o) More PR and pleas for more entrants.
o) Judges?
o) On-line voting?