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We may be participating in the 2005 event.

Greg Day has expressed an interest in being in the Foundation tent this year.


Board voted to skip this year's Erotic City, due to concentration on other priorities, as well as perceived confusion and lack of communication on part of CSW organizers; we will continue to pursue why Foundation received no money from CSW in 2003 for participation of volunteers.


Any CSW/Erotic City meetings scheduled? What is planned for this year? Contact name?

Is Erotic City the right location for ToFF at the Festival? Why were the ToFF volunteers who turned in their volunteer slips not credited with any donations to the Foundation in 2003?


Limited participation this year? Foundation has small booth with some art displayed and promotional materials for 2004 LAEAW? Booth manned by a small # of volunteers?


Walk-through meeting. ToFF unable to attend.


Meeting with CSW at HQ. Discussion about issues regarding alcohol at the venue. Attendees: Durk Dehner, Dan Berkowitz, Brie Dean, and Rodney Scott.


Administration will schedule times of artist participation and notices upon his return from the NY EAW. Volunteers (we need 2 volunteers for each shift) should contact Durk Dehner.


    Setup: 9:00 AM - Noon
    Open: Noon - 11 PM


    Open: 2:00 - 9:30 PM
    Breakdown: 9:30 PM


  • Tent is 20 x 30 feet.
  • There are two outlets for electricity. We have to bring our own lights and extensions. (How many watts are available?)
  • Need to provide the number of volunteers that will get paid, plus others that won't.
  • Need list of artists to be on the access list.
  • Need to put up information on
    • Need to send information on what the Foundation will be doing
    • Artists in attendance each day.
    • Will we have models and artists sketching?
    • Will we have a video monitor again this year?
    • Rob is the webmaster.
  • Send press releases to other organizations?
  • They have suggested that we create a marquee for outside the entrance. They said we would find artists to assist in creating this.
  • They want to know if we want to be in the parade. Need to fill out reservation form. -- Vehicle fee is $50 if we don't want to walk. -- We also could walk with banners. We would be part of the L. A. Leather Coalition.


  • Alcohol will not be served in the area, nor be allowed to be taken in per the Sheriff's department. They are looking into placing a beer garden near the entrance to our area.
  • There is no date for a follow-up meeting with CSW.