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Museum closed on April 30, 2006


An institution created to educate the public about human sexuality. Works on loan from ToFF.

  • Will host ToFF workshops/salons.

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The Erotic Museum and The Tom of Finland Foundation present:
Girls Who Do: The Illustration of Michael Kirwan

October 6, 2005 through January 12, 2006.

  • Opening Preview Oct. 6th: To be used as opening for WHLA EAFW. Artist to attend.
  • $10 general public, $8 non-fair artists and Foundation members.
  • FInd Ligour sponsor: Trader Joes?
  • Invite Press.
  • ToFF to provide own staff including 2 security personnel and refreshments.
  • May charge own donation amount to those attending. Will profit from those donations.
  • TEM will remain open for business during the event and charge admission to walk-in visitors. ToFF needs proof of libality insurance for TEM. Cleaning fee ($75)

Grand Opening Nov. 17th : Artist to attend. Big multi-purpose event for TEM.


  • 09/30/05 Artwork delivered to TEM framed and ready to hang with descriptive text.
  • 09/06/05 50% of $2500 to be delivered to TEM.
  • 08/22/05 50% of $2500 to be delivered to TEM.


  • Framing donated by Design and Decor Framers of Santa Ana.
  • Michaeljohn Horne.

Those sponsors who contribute to the Foundation toward the $2,500 grand opening party will be acknowledged as sponsors by name in all communications and promotional materials produced by the ToFF and TEM.

Artist Statement & Images

  • Exhibit 32 pieces from ToFF. 23 hetero Kirwans from Fear + 5 new hetero Kirwans + 2 for-sale homo Kirwans + 1 hetero for-sale Tom rough + 1 homo for-sale Tom rough. Complete inventory to be delivered no later than September 30, 2005 (framed).
  • TEM to provide 10 tickets for the opening event for the ToFF to use for promotion + approx. 30 comps.
  • TEM to produce a promotional postcard with one image from the show (qty:2000) and provide ToFF with 500 of them.
  • Include events in letters to artists and all ToFF promo materials.


Check in artwork and close file.


TEM is staying open for a few more days. Will notify when pieces are ready to be picked up (end of week, most likely).

Pick up exhibition! - Postponed

Exhibition was extended to April 30 -- the museum's scheduled closing date.


Exhibition extended to April 1, 2006.

There may be a change in ownership of the museum.


TEM to return undeliverable postcards to ToFF. Request new printing of cards. MK to show portfolios - split $ 50/50 w/ TEM. Cost breakdown to be delivered 11/15/05 w/ tickets. Send final guest list to Eric for Will Call. Benno to photograph event. TEM to make Artist Fund sign.


MK to have postcards ready to mail 11/11/2005. Press Release to go out 11/10. Enlist Sharon and "fetish" friends to attend. MK to show portfolios @ reception? Play up Artist Fund. Meet w/ MK 11/10. Obtain cost breakdown from Eric for reception. Tickets/passes to be received when?


Change ToFF site to reflect NEW "Artist Reception" date. Start work on new Press Release. Do mailing of cards to ToFF members?


Artist Statement send to TEM. Images for promotion put up for use by TEM and ToFF. TEM's insurance co.? Contact Kirwan's publishers. Sign TEM agreement. Present Michaeljohn w/ award at Banquet?


New artwork arrives from Kirwan. Order more matching molding for frames from D & D. Start press release.


Exhibition title - "The Girls Who Do: The Illustration of Michael Kirwan". TEM to create signage and other support materials for the exhibition and install the exhibition. Receipts from sales of artwork will be split evenly between the Museum and the Foundation. Foundation's portion to go to ToFF's Artist Fund. ToFF members will receive discounted admission through the run of the exhibition: $7.95. Official preview 10/06. Grand opening Nov. 17th. Foundation to scan and prepare images for promotion.


TEM has new marketing opportunities for this exhibition. Exhibition needs to be up for our '05 WHLA EAFW so we can "sell" it with our promotion (cards, ads, mailings) for the Weekend's other events. Sept. 29 - Nov. 29? Oct. 6 - Dec. 6?

"Pretty Ugly" is working title - we can come up with better. Michael is working on his artist statement. Sponsors that may contribute to the $2,500 for the grand opening event - can they be listed on all TEM communications re: exhibition? Finalize agreement w/ TEM 08/16? Get TEM's production/press schedule.


Project presented to Board. OK w/ $ for Opening Party. Contact Kirwan re: publishers. Kirwan available to attend Sept. opening.


Sharp has lunch mtg. w/ curator. Title of show? Aug 4th set? What else to hang from ToFF? Sponsorship? Import artist? DIscuss percentage Museum takes on sales. Any costs? Confirm that TEM's insurance is current. Credit framers on wall tags/catalog. TEM's press release is sent when? Schedule & artwork delivery dates.


Telephone confirmation of Kirwan Exhibition. Kirwan to donate more pieces to ToFF to "fill-out" show. Meet with TEM first week in June. Aug 4th opening? Arrange for Kirwan to attend.


Propose Micheal Kirwan show. Works for sale -- approx. 30 pcs. Use framed pieces from Fear. Add 5 more homo ones? (The sale of these illustrations profits the Foundation.)


2:00 PM

Discussion of future exhibitions.



Inaugural Exhibition

Pick up Artwork 11 AM.


Gay Pride Day
  • ToFF Rep. to give 30 minute talk - "The Liberating Potential of Erotic Art." at approx. 9:00pm.
  • Evening will highlight Tom of Finland exhibition.


Drawing Workshop

2 - 5 PM

  • Upstairs in main gallery at the South end.
  • Back stairwell for changing.
  • ToFF to supply & bring snacks.
  • Museum will supply 30 chairs and 6 easels.


Meeting at TEM to examine space.


  • Valentine's Day Love-in
  • 9 PM - Midnight


  • Museum opens to the public at 3 PM.


  • Final inspection of installation planned.


  • Send out invites/announcements to artists/patrons represented.


  • Artwork delivered to the museum.


  • Select frames for pieces in exhibition.


  • Documentation of pieces for exhibition.


  • Final selection of pieces on loan. Tom and approximately 22 other artists. From Permanent Collection and works for sale.
  • Loan of The Art of Pleasure.


  • Review of Tom of Finland merchandise for sale.
  • Pull artwork.
  • Museum will sponsor 9th LA EAW


  • Plan visit to space.
  • Discuss loan vs. purchase.
  • Lay out plan to pull examples.
  • Review curator's wish list.


  • Plan visit to space.
  • Discuss loan vs. purchase.
  • Lay out plan to pull examples.
  • Review curator's wish list.


  • Preview Tom's work for museum to purchase.
  • Preview Permanent Collection for loan-out.
  • Preview works for sale to exhibit.