HQ Exhibitions

Yearly, revolving exhibition in Foundation headquarters from ToFF Permanent Collection. Traditionally has "previewed" for Art Crawl weekend and "opened" on Erotic Art Fair Weekend at the Artist's Reception.

Invite artists, who's work has been hung, to the opening/s.

CONTACT: Jay Jorgensen, curator, Permanent Collection

(Permanent Collection Committee: Louis Jay)
(Tom of Finland Collection: Tony Payne, curator)
(Foundation Gallery: Volker Morlock, curator)

Art Crawl Planning Page






Michael Kirwan to inventory LINK's work and do Intake Forms so it can be handed over to PC Dept. to select pieces for inclusion and display - after which pieces can be chosen that are to be offered for sale.

Dan Babcock to do Intake forms on the Benjamin Collection so the work can be exhibited. Special sinage needed for '06 Artist Opening Reception.

Jorgensen finishes hanging and makes notes for wall tags.

Plans to catalog works in show TBD. Sharon M. to do wall tags for '06 Exhibition. Plans to wrap '05 Exhibition and transport to art storage TBD.

09/30/2006 -


John Jockinson back on Saturday. Touch-ups on hung artwork. Jay Jorgensen creates wall tags. Jonathan Cowans and Marten ______ to assist. Doug O'Conner?

Anything to be done with Link's work in time for the exhibition?


The docent program will start at the beginning of the New Year. ToFF will teach Volunteers about the Foundation and its collections, so they can help in promoting and preserving.


As it stands, Design & Decor can have the following pieces ready to be picked up on10/05/06 pm (Scott coming to town?). Dbl color photos by GREG DAY (40x24); blu jeans by DIC (26x23); 2 cowboys by TANK (23x27); Leatherman drawing by TANK (32x36); Sharp's FERNANDO REYES (27x28) (as the Reyes PC piece won't be ready) and DD's BRIAN CREDE (21x25).


Dehner will send out an announcement for any persons who would like to go through the first of the orientations for being a docent here at ToFF. It would be great if we end up having the ability to launch it at the Reception. Dehner will do a orientation this Saturday afternoon for any persons who are interested for the first round.

We need some decisions made on work that is coming down or not and also to photograph the works being packed up and sent back to storage which would be so wise if we did that prior to the weekend for more room. Bring Tom's work down to one room on the main floor and use the breakfast room and his studio for his work? Who's curating? What for the dining room? (Use the 3rd floor and the library for works for sale?)


Who will do the stripping and refinishing of the area in Dehner's office prior to Ross Johnston's arrival on Wednesday, 10/04? He will install his new art piece in the ironing board niche.

Due to several factors there are some delays with artwork that is to be framed. Sharp is the liason for the framer at present. Confer with Reception Coordinator re: schedule. Do VIP's need escorts/docents for a tour on Friday?


Dehner asks artist Andrew Epstein about leaving his erotic work to ToFF's permanent collection.

Artwork from cover of Autumn '06 Dispatch by Miguel Angel Reyes located. The piece should be displayed for the '06 Artists Reception. [Plus lots of issues next to it! - Louie]


Hanging party on Sunday with John Jockinson.He hangs 2 walls in LR and lower hallway. "Kit" located! Who is doing Tom's work?


Saturday the work goes to the framers. All pieces from "Dispatch collection" with the exception of Quantance. The selection from PC (Samson, Day, eg) goes in. What pieces will be ready for the exhibition? Which pieces should be ready? Date to be picked up?


The budget was worked out as to how many pieces can be framed with monies from '06 fundraisers (and on what date).


Check inventory on wrapping materials. Most likely office will need to reorder bubble wrap, low friction tape and assorted cardboard corners.


Hanging "kit" for House needs to be located - it is a cardboard box of assorted monofilament and moulding hooks. Last seen in the Foundation shed...
Dehner talks to Design & Decor about framing 15 pieces. Artwork from LINK delivered to HQ.


Jorgensen comes to HQ to layout his new show. Tony Payne has not returned his calls. Jorgensen takes down '05 exhibition. Doug O'Connor and John Jockinson not available to hang new pieces. Jorgensen would like to see Michael Kirwan wrap the "old" pieces that will be going back to art storage.Jorgensen needs intake Forms on pieces from Cliff Benjamin Collection. He would like for Dehner to arrage to have a crew next weekend to hang the pieces he has laid out. Schedule on Calendar that the following weekend Jorgensen will be back on Sat. & Sun. to put up the final pieces and work on wall cards. He does not have time to go to Design & Decor to have new pieces framed.


Michael Kirwan declines invitation to work with the Permanent Collection group.


Sharp talks to Jorgensen about his schedule and bringing in Tony Payne to curate '06 exhibition. Jorgensen is very busy and would appreciate the help.


Michael Kirwan suggests Tony Payne to curate '06 exhibition. Cliff Benjamin makes large donation to Permanent Collection - much of which to be considered for '06 showing. Work on schedule to have new event-sponsored, Be Part of the Art pieces framed.


2:00 - 5:00 PM
Permanent Collection meeting. Sharp and Jorgensen catalogue new works. Sharp and Kiwan in discussion with the Artist, "LINK" to donate his works to P.C.


Dave Alexson is taking to artist,Tom Jones, on behalf of ToFF. Dave has made a donation to the Permanent Collection and is asking Jones to donate his Harry Bush's to the Foundation.


2:30 PM
Meeting moved from the 29th for scheduling reasons.


Sharp and Jorgensen meet to go over new acquisitions and prepare selection for Dispatch centerfold.


Permanent Collection Meeting Time: 1 PM


2005 exhibition to be curated by Jay Jorgensen.
Assisted by: Sharp

Durk to "do" his room. Hector's and Anthony's rooms will stay as is unless there are add'l pieces they may want.

  • Include BPoA and framed recent additions.
  • Tony Payne and Durk will work on Tom's pieces in studio, dining room and breakfast room.
  • Brian G. is painting rooms/walls that need it.
  • Add new picture molding to breakfast room

09/19/2005 -

Research & prepare wall cards @ HQ.


Hang show. Mark Legassie and John J. to assist. Charlie Z. works on inventory book. Jonathan and Don W. wrap artwork. Framers deliver last two pieces (for Durk's office).


Rover and Cal to p/u lg. Tom portrait and assist Jay in hanging. Doug to purchase hanging hardware for Saturday.


Layout exhibition. Charlie Z. starts '05 inventory book.


Pull artwork from storage. Pull "must-hangs" and "can hangs" @ HQ. Jonathan C. and Alex assist.

09/03/2005 -

Jay not available.


Jay & asst. to photograph existing work and stow in Art Workroom.


Phone mtg. Jay/Sharp.


3:00 Mtg. @ HQ w/ framers.


Meeting to schedule hanging of new show. Pull "must-hangs". JAY UNABLE TO ATTEND DUE TO ILLNESS. Schedule made by phone. Schedule for wrapping artwork and returning to storage TBD.


The work of ToF will be increased from last year and exhibited both in the dining rm. and breakfast rm. (Tony P. and Durk D. to curate)

Create display of new TANK work.

The emphasis of this show is "Be Part of the Art" and putting up as much work from that program as possible.

09/13/2004 - 09/17/2004

  • Label artwork for storage. Produce and put up wall labels. Daniel B.
  • Return artwork to storage.
    Durk D. and asst.


  • Prepare artwork for storage.
Utilize Archiving group


  • Photograph artwork
  • Hang (if not finished).
JayPG. Benno S., Renato B, Richard W., John J.


  • Hang artwork.
Doug O., Richard W., John J.


  • Pull artwork & supplies from storage.
  • Complete layout.
Mike G.


  • Pull Artwork at HQ.
  • Begin physical layout.
  • Set up pieces for Daniel to make cards and "Art Crawl - 2004" stickers.
Daniel B.