Holiday Potluck

Volunteers keep the Foundation moving forward. Some help on Archive Sundays, some lend their backs at the Los Angeles and New York Erotic Art Weekends, some distribute flyers, some are attentive hosts on our Salon Nights... there's much the Foundation owes to our volunteer force.

This is a night that the men and women of our volunteer force get a chance to celebrate and mingle. (There isn't much time to socialize while working on an event!)

Typically from 7:00 -10:00 PM, at Foundation Headquarters: 1421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles CA 90021.  MAP



7 to 11.00 PM
Dinner at 8 PM
CONTACT: Daniel Babcock 213.250.1685

RSVP by Dec. 7th.


Original date - changed to 12/09/2006.


Invite Designed by Rod Reynolds
Mailed out Nov. 10, 2006.


The staff is preparing the invitation for the Holiday party here at HQ, and before it is sent, Dehner thinks he would put out the idea of doing it on the following Saturday evening, Dec 9th. The only reason is he thinks that everyone had such a good time at the Opening Reception for '06 WHLA EAFW and so it might provide for others to come who couldn't and yet it may cause others NOT to come 'cause of other commitments.

The committee has selected one of Tom's rare images to be the image for this year's invitation. Rod the dejay is doing the invite for it and he says he wants to dj for the night. Dehner told him only if he does it from inside the middle of the party.

ToFF will have a "store" open for the night.



7 - 10 PM or so....
An evening of food and fellowship. Tom of Finland Foundation will provide turkey, ham and beer. Volunteers and their guests to bring side dishes.

RSVP by 12/05/2005 (call office or e-mail)

HOST/S: ToFF's Board of Directors
CREW:Daniel Babcock, Sharon Furman

ACTIVITIES: Eat Food, Schmooze, Network all that is welcomed and encouraged.

GIFTS to volunteers was a 11 x 17 Tom of Finland Calendar Poster (Two flavors available.)

GUEST LIST: (Dan/Sharon) 17 attending as of 12/2.




Help needed on 12/06 or 12/07 to decorate and tidy HQ.

Babcock thinks we should hand out disposable cameras to a few people to shoot some pics and see what they come up with!


This event is for for active volunteers, those who have actually done something this year and not out-reach to the masses. This is not public stuff nor is it a volunteer drive. It should not be on the Upcoming Events Page and e-news, but it should be on the Public and Planning Calendars.



Link to Invitation






The Foundation provides the turkey and ham, and we invite you all to bring your most creative side dishes, desserts or beverages to round out the menu.

So, if you haven't already done so, let Daniel know you're coming, and what you plan to bring.

As always, at the end of the party, we'll be distributing leftover food to the homeless downtown. If any of you have clean and usable blankets, sweaters, or jackets that you're looking to dispose of, bring them with you, and we can distribute them as well. It's winter!