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Adam Buster Wentzel (Mr. San Diego Leather 2006) will be bringing a special guest, Miss Julia, Ms. Sooner State Leather 2002. It's her first time to the ToFF House! Visit w/ Kirwan. Sharp notified.


Peter Weiermair @ LAVETA
Time TBD

Goldie will call him and pick him up around 11:00 at his hotel and bring him to the House where Dehner will introduce him to the Archives and he will meet with Kirwan. He will visit Castro's gallery at 4 pm (right after their drawing class).

Volunteers needed to drive. Times TBD.

Itinerary: Pick up Mr. Weiermair @ MoCA bookstore @ 2pm. He is staying in Marina Del Ray (310.822.2904). Bring him to Laveta to meet with Kirwan, see House and its treasures. Take him to Rick Castro's gallery.

Peter Weiermair needs to be picked up at MOCA at 2:30 PM to meet with Dehner. Kirwan will be meeting with him at 4:30 PM and afterwards he needs to be ferried to Santa MonicaPeter Weiermair will be visiting Michael in LA on July 23. HE IS GERMAN. HE OWNS HIS OWN PUBLISHING COMPANY. HE IS DOING A BOOK ON LESLIE LOHMAN. He was at their opening of their new facility. He is well liked and seems very outgoing. We will want to befriend him well he is here.

Since he does not drive he is wondering if it would be possible for someone to pick him up at his hotel in Santa Monica? (He did not give me the hotel name or address.) If not he said he could meet Michael at the MOCA (he would take the bus) in the morning.

..."We will make sure that Peter Weisermair will be taken care of during his stay here in Los Angeles. I think that Mr, Kirwan is in touch with him and we shall arrange for him to be taken around in our traditional limo for the Foundation - my 79 Dodge monster truck.. lol true."


Noon 'till 2:00

(Wed afternoon prior to June Pride weekend).
Nation gathering of Sisters. ToFF to host event.
CONTACT: Durk Dehner

06/06/2006 Sisters confirm there will be 16 coming. They will be in "civies". Kirwan to prepare light repast of finger sandwiches and a trifle.

08/19/2005 -

Marc DeBauch to stay at the Foundation House.

10 AM

Dan Babcock gives a house tour to Eli Rarey and a friend.

1 PM

Durk & Dan Babcock gave full house tour to David Alexson & Stephen Heteel.

They have extensive Original Art Collection (200+ which does include an original Tom of Finland). Joined Foundation. Excellent contact. Added to VIP files. Will notify them of us in NYC (remind them that is). Invite as VIP to events. Durk will do a follow up letter in next few days.