StreetFest LA

April 1, 2007

11 AM - 8 PM
18+, $15 admission
Santa Monica Blvd. Between Hoover & Sunset

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OUTSIDE LINK: LA Leather Coalition
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CONTACT: Durk Dehner




Gannon Gray, President, GLBT Productions, 310.663.0766

We all know that it isn't the best crowd for spending money on art yet we have to introduce and educate them to the fine world of the erotic arts. We are doing this because the producers of this event asked us to and to be the organizers of the artists that approached them to be part of this event. It was a first-come and we didn't do any outreach within the artists locally but serving those artists that had requested through the producers to be involved. We don't want to be noted for having any bias towards any particular artists.

ToFF will have 1 large tent 20x20 w/ black curtains next to the entrance of Alley. We shall have three sides with the walls of the tent covered then the side that faces the walk way of the festival will be open. The center part of that covered so there will be openings on both sides of the center. The center area is where the models will pose on an elevated box that is draped from behind with half circles of chairs around it. The artists booths shall form a like a a rectangular on the other three sides of the tent.


  • 9:30 am Pick up materials at warehouse (Dehner, Goldie, Sharp?)
  • 10:00 am Set up. Putting grids together. Hanging banners signs and anything else we would like to do to dress the dame for the day. (Dehner, Goldie, Sharon Miyamura)
  • 10:30 Artist Set-up. (Artists bring everything they will need for the day - including a lamp).
  • 12:00 to 8 pm ToFF table open w/ art for sale. Handing out of flyers as people walk by.
  • 8:00 pm We break down and all materials go back to ToFF House for the night. (Dehner, Sharp)

Costumes, Fetish, Classical, Jockstraps
$15.00 2pm - 5pm $5.00 each add'l hr.


  • Booth set up time is on Sunday from 8am-11am.
  • A Rep. from GLBT Productions will be at the information booth to direct you to your booth upon arrival.
  • After unloading you will be required to park at the designated parking area
    for all vendors. Please Display the Vendor Parking Pass on the windshield
    inside of your vehicle. (If you arrive after the Load-in time designated, you will not be able to drive on-site to un-load you vehicle.)
  • Assigned booth spaces are permanent and may not be re-designated.
  • Each vendor is responsible for keeping their area clean and free of debris
    during the operational hours of the vendor mart.
  • Electricity is available at all spaces for lighting purposes. Additional
    outlets will be a $75 charge unless it was a part of your negotiations.
  • All vendors will be required to shut down operations at 8 pm on 4/1/07 in
    order to meet city regulations. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No Vendor will be permitted to drive on-site at the Festival for loading
    until the area is clear. Vendor loading will take place at that time.


  • AXEL, Minoru, Hector Silva, Miguel Reyes and the Tom of Finland Foundation Gallery.


  • Membership forms and presentation! (Sharon M.)
  • "Vessels" to receive cash donations!
  • Passports
  • Drawing Worshop Flyers.
  • A big assed monitor to show the website and materials from our archives that are rare (duplicated copies, of course). Probably not room for this after all.
  • Event supplies tables and chairs ((4) 8 ft x 3 ft tables that come with the tent and 8 chairs) - we need to bring a few (we would need seven tables and 14 chairs for the artists and another fifteen chairs for the artists that will be drawing the models.)
  • Lamps, drape and platform for modeling.
  • Metal grid hanging system


Will the set-up crew be asked to man the booth and flyer from
11- 12?

Volunteers will be named on a list at the front gate for admission.


Dehner will check on a phone line for the credit card machine. Basically artists take care of their own sales. Dehner hasn't spoke to Volker. Organize materials @ warehouse on Saturday to be picked up Sunday am. Joe Hilton suggests not making the drawing session too complicated - if there is an admission charge let the artists pay that. I wouldn't have a separate fee for the drawing nor would I give them a waiver to come in for free. Dehner would collect from all the artists some monies to put towards the cost of the tent to assist in underwriting your providing the tent for the artists and the foundation.


The models for drawing are to be paid so artists need to be changed to draw - how is this to be done? Include, in e-news announcement, a special invitation to artists to come to Fest to draw. How do the volunteers get into the festival to assist with the the setting up and the operation of the tent during the hours of the event?


Goldie wants to make arrangements to pick up what is needed from the warehouse BEFORE Sunday to make that morning less stressful. Sharp (and his van) are available on Saturday and Sunday for transport and can fill in for any shift not covered by a Volunteer. Will artists handle their own sales? What is the schedule for the models/drawing?


Possibility of one more artist showing.

Is Volker coordinating art-for-sale? Put a email offer out this week - "if anyone who purchases art from ToFF Gallery directly - of over $100 - will get their admission back of $15.00". That might bring in more that would stay away. Richard Weineke is going to have lunch w/ Dehner and he might help out.


Scott sends out e-mail appeal to Volunteers. Come up with some event we can offer to the 20-something boys so we get them over to ToFF House. Think of doing something really special to pull in Volunteers for break-down.

Dehner will find out tomorrow what size are the tents and if we are still getting four as committed to earlier. ToFF will be selling hard and strong even though its not a buying crowd.


Board Committee decides it is OK to go ahead with this event. Scott, Sharp and Goldie say they are available to assist. Dehner will contact Volker to see if he is available to do ToFF Art Sales. Volunteer appeal to go out ASAP.


Do Passports need to be reprinted? Gear event to younger people. Joe Hilton and Miquel Reyes are both available to "do" modeling sessions.


Durk suggests to Gannon that our billing, "Tom of Finland Erotic Artists" be changed to "The Tom of Finland Foundation Artists Expose". (Exposé?)
Not changed on 03/09/2007.)


Gannon invites the Foundation

  • A personal invitation to Durk & Sharp for the StreetFest.
  • I would like to do the same as always and offer you a space that could support up to 8 artist possibly more. It will be in an Erotic Zone of the event.
  • I am sorry I have been lacks in getting in touch this year...but the event is going to be the biggest ever... thanks to the support of Coca Cola and their products.
  • BTW we just signed ENGLISH BEAT as the Headliner.


Gannon announces date finalized and their website is operational.


OUTSIDE LINK: LA Leather Coalition

Contact: Durk Dehner
Artist Coordinator: Sharon Furman
Committee: none
Volunteer Coordinator: In house
Event Photographer: ?

Rick Castro wants to be part of the event.

ToFF to coordinated booth for artists and to hand out fliers for Men of Color. Goldie and Scott to assist.

Artists Showing: Rick Castro, Hector Silva, Miguel Reyes, Jeff Compasso, Minoru, and Brett Barris.


Sunday, Silver Lake StreetFest Foundation Booth.

Sunday, Silver Lake StreetFest Foundation Booth.

DISPLAYS: Foundation table w/ banner




March 17 - 20, 2005 Dates confirmed on 02/01/2005.
PUBLIC LINK: Mr. L.A. Leather 2005
OUTSIDE LINK: LA Leather Coalition

Contact: Durk Dehner
Artist CoordinaTor: Dan Babcock
Volunteer Coordinator: Scott?
Event Photographer: JayPG



Sunday, Silver Lake StreetFest Foundation Booth.


ITEMS FOR SALE: ToFF is not selling any merchandise at the fair. We are not having a cash register.




The Foundation will have an small information and display booth at the Street Fest but will not be at the hotel. All artist-vendor tents and the ToFF tent will be in the same area. ToFF Administration will assist artists in "paring-up" artists to be vendors at the StreetFest and/or hotel. The cost to have a space/tent is $100.00 paid by the participating artist.

  • The official deadline for artist's applications is March, 11th, but they will be accepted up to March, 14th.
  • The LAL will soon have Vendors listed on their site.
  • Room for 6 artists at the hotel and 7 artist booths at the street festival.
  • This year the festival will sell beer for the whole length of the festival.
  • It will be dark by the conclusion of the fair and light is provided in the tents.
  • LAL will pull one Seller's Permit under Tom of Finland Foundation and will use it for all the artists.



ToFF "ad" in contest program sent.



ToFF "ad" in contest program (free?)?

ToFF has chosen this year not to have a booth at the hotel, but may have a (free) booth at the street fair and shall assist Gannon in informing artists of this opportunity for them. Durk e-mailed Gannon about this.

Give prizes for the Leather Contest.



Artist are inquiring about space at the Street Fest. Big ToFF "umbrella" tent as before? Or artists as individual LALW vendors and a small ToFF booth (free?) in the same area as the artists?

Dates confirmed. Street Festival - Sunday, March 20th, 12-7 pm. Host Hotel set - the Wilshire Grand.



Dates/venue may change as a result of hotel issues. ToFF participation still TBD.



Gannon Gray has asked Foundation for participation in this event. There will be a national "pocket pal", a dance, a street fair and a marketplace for consideration. There is possible space for the Foundation to have a fundraiser.

CONTACT: Durk Dehner
PUBLIC LINK: Mr. L.A. Leather 2005
OUTSIDE LINK: LA Leather Coalition

The Foundation has provided the organizers with several images for use in their publicity.

At the hotel we will also show the display of Tom's life that was the focus for last year's events nationally.

The selling of ToF merchandise will assist with the costs of us being there.

The materials on display from the Archives are only duplicate materials and reproductions and not anything of real $ value.

Volker will preview his new special, very limited edition (50) fine art print which the Foundation will offer for sale during the year.

NOTE: We are not a member of the LA Leather Coalition.



Hyatt Regency, Los Angeles
Exhibition of works from the Foundation's archives, and works for sale of Tom of Finland and other erotic artists.


  • Load-in hours for the venue: 8 am - 11 am

  • Setup (2 people needed) time TBA, probably 10 am-12 noon

  • 12 noon - 4:00 pm (2 people needed, 1 a cashier)

  • 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm (2 people needed, 1 a cashier)


Jeff Compasso



Hyatt Regency, Los Angeles
Exhibition of works from the Foundation's archives, and works for sale of Tom of Finland and other erotic artists.


  • 12 noon - 3:30 pm (2 people needed, 1 a cashier)

  • 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm (2 people needed, 1 a cashier)

  • 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Breakdown (2 people needed)


Benno Sebastian



Santa Monica between Hoover & Sunset

  • TENT SIZE: 40' wide (along Santa Monica Blvd.) by 30' deep.

  • DRAWING WORSHOP: 2:00 to 5:00 pm

  • PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

The Foundation will have a tent filled with erotic artists showcasing their works for sale and will operate the same as our Art Fairs.


  • Load-in hours for the venue: 8 am - 11 am

  • Setup 10 am - 12 noon (4 people needed)

  • 12 noon - 4:00 pm (4 people needed)

  • 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm (4 people needed)
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Breakdown (4 people needed)

ARTISTS @ Street Fest

Marc S. Arranga, Rick Castro, Jeff Compasso, Minoru, Sean Platter, Miquel Reyes, Hector Silva, Mitzi Valenzuela, Doug Myers, Tiffany Trenda & Yoffy.


Joe Hilton, Jay Lawton & Doug O'Connor.





Seller's permit application submitted.



Delivered pages for Pocket Guide to the printer.



Meeting at HQ 7:30 PM

To discuss venues and graphics.



The Los Angeles Leather Coalition has begun the process of creating a major weekend including big events such as an awards show at the One Institute, a block party, a banquet on Friday night, an underground party at the Hyatt, and a dance party.

Gannon Gray has asked Foundation for participation in this event. There will be a national "pocket guide", a dance, a street fair and a marketplace for consideration. There is possible space for the Foundation to have a fundraiser.



Committee meeting - Hyatt Regency 7:30 PM