NY Erotic Art Fair Weekend (NY EAFW)

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CONTACT: Dan Berkowitz

Consider raising admission for 2007?





Will we go back? It all depends on how much it cost in 2006. Hotel & air fair was expensive. Berkowitz recommends asking center for promo contacts to lower expenses

May 19 - 21

Hours for Fair for '06
Friday 8-11? Vip Reception on starts @ 7? Volunteer orientation @ 6?
(Invite upper level members to VIP reception.)
Saturday 12-6? Center party on 3rd fl. after fair closes?
Sunday 2-7? Artist 'set--up'/get-together/brunch @ 1?


  • The two smaller rooms off the garden will be reconfigured so we should think in terns of using the room off the main lobby. Feature Keith Haring rm.?
  • Entrance to Fair through garden/street gates? Awning? Tent? ToF 'guards' (GSMA)?
  • Fair will be on third floor of the Center. Will require new hanging system. NYC Magazines need details on all events. Volker is in the process of finalizing selection of artwork for Foundation area. Is Berkowitz coordinating drawing sessions?


  • Employ cashier/s? Employ 'security'?
  • Assign tasks to L.A. Board during event planning.


  • Have orientation before Fair.
  • Utilize more Center volunteers (Dan Whitman - coordinator)


  • Relocate?
  • Reduce size of beer/wine bar during Fair hours to avoid congestion.
  • How much does Center make in sales?


  • Invite celebrities and editors of art publications to VIP Reception. Include Center donors as part of opening event.


  • Exhibitions as 'preview' to Fair. 4 -- 6 wks in advance. At Center (Ector)? Chelsea Frames? Museum of Sex? Leslie/Lohman? On-line with Visual Aids? Guest curators. Show artists that will be at Fair. [ Ira Smith will have booth @ Fair and wants to be a part of off-site shows.]


  • Each "booth participant" gets assigned a number, much like we do with EEAC. This number may need to be prefaced with an "F" for finances or something else to avoid confusion between this "tracking number" and the actual booth number. (Shudder!)
  • When a company check comes in (or a friend pays for the booth) this give us a "hard" reference. If we donate a booth to a starving artist or honored guest, we have a reference -- and can pull the money from the Artists' Fund or whatever. But it would give us a one-to-one correspondence between booths and payments.
  • The same should be true for sales and artist payouts. A sale may go to the "Artist Name" on our transaction slips, but the Artist Payouts go to their "real" name. Having a means of referencing between the two could clarify a few issues on the accounting side of things.
  • There are some issues we should plan for... Two (or more) artists splitting a booth. (Add an A, B, C after the booth number?)
  • Selling from the Foundation table should also be clarified. Selling Beau, but paying out to Kevin King makes the bookkeeping awkward and hard to track. "ToF1", "ToF2" and so on for each artist's work we sell might help make sales and payouts a little neater.
  • Tracking an event's Petty Cash fund may also be worth while to investigate as cash is being transferred from the primary to secondary to third parties.
  • A formal meeting between the President, Director, Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper and other interested parties is proposed to occur in a January to February time frame -- well before the next major event. Informal discussions beforehand are encouraged.
  • The intent is to simplify tracking income and expenses without becoming unduly intrusive upon the typically hectic flow we often find ourselves in.



EEAC winner may not have booth @ Fair due to family illness.


Rbt. V is putting out word to collect stories on Christopher Street. He hopes to find a tour guide but is prepared to do it himself. Has someone to video tape that will also visit Fair (working on a documentary). Sent LI images.


Christoper St. Tour might be conducted by

Rafael Risemberg (The Center)
212.971.1084 w. DareBaitNY@yahoo.com

Or Elliott Rabner (Leslie Lohman)

Or Bob Pesche (R. Valin)

Valin to arrange sponsor (free) booth w/ Babccok.

The artist, Sulan (John Darcy Nobel) and his partner, Bobby Clement lived two floors above Ty's on Christopher St. In fact, they lived there when Ty's opened. The music was quite noisey...
They were both very much a part of Stonewall.


The group plans an "Invasion" at the Fair on Saturday @ 2:00 PM. Leather Invasion will need a booth at the Fair to showcase and artist (photographer) that works with them and to distribute the organization's literature.

Leather Invasion asks for two comps to Coming of Age. Crede to take care of this. S. Kramer is also an artist (did work @ the TOM store) who does erotic work but doesn't have enough work to have a booth at the Fair this year. He has been sent info on getting volunteers. Needs to be put on VIP list for Weekend. Steve has sent email to Robert. Brian will contact Robert about EAFW posters.

Begin Walking Tour at 9:00 at

  • Julius' 159 W. 10th St., Ph: 212-929-9672 Landmark bar with mature crowd.
  • Stonewall 53 Christopher Street; Phone: 212-463-0950 The famous (infamous?) bar has been restored and re-opened.
  • Ty's 114 Christopher Street; Phone: 212-741-9641 One of the oldest bars on Christopher.
  • The Hangar
  • ? The Dugout 185 Christopher Street. 212-242-9113 Bear bar.
    Finishing at
  • Leather Man 111 Christopher Street; Phone: 212-243-5339 Gay and Lesbian leather store.

7:30 meet @ Julius for burger and to start walk. 9:00 back @ Julius to start bar hop. Add Dugout bar to itinerary?- Get this event on promotional materials.


Saturay night, May 20th, after the Fair closes, the plan is to have the organization, the Leather Invasion, do a walking tour of the West Village. This program would be done in colaboration w/ ToFF. The tour would start @ 7:30 PM with an historic tour of the area. Dehner to find out if someone from Leslie Lohman can act as guide. A bar crawl to follow.

The Hangar 115 Christopher Street; Phone: 212.627.2044 [SHARP talked to Steve Kramer at the Hangar. He will make it a "leather night" there and put the bartenders in leather (his artwork is also there). Robert needs to contact him. 718.309.7672 qspaceboy@mac.com ]

Leather Invasion contact: Robert Valin
917.865.5993 w.
212-286-7399 c.


Bill received from the Center for rent. Will be paid on Monday with credit card and discussion commenced for the form of this year’s Weekend. Look into entrance through the courtyard for ’06.

Artist application is on line and the deadline for closing of sign up listed as April 20.

Board & Staff going to NY: Dehner, Berkowitz, Babcock, Scott, Wieneke. Mike Goldie? Sharp?


Has Center been paid?


Contact Finnish Consul in NY. Are they "on board?"


Joe Hilton will be in Italy and not available to coordinate models at Fair. Will get NY models names/numbers to Berkowitz. Contact Wayne @ Leslie-Lohman to assist?

May 20 - 22

Traveling to NY from LA

  • Daniel Babcock (Artist Coordinator, Sales Coordinator)
  • Dan Berkowitz
  • Durk Dehner
  • Mike Goldie
  • Joe Hilton
  • Scott
  • Volker Morlock
  • Sharp
  • Richard Wienecke


  • Durk Dehner
  • Daniel Babcock

'CAFÈ' HOURS: (Mike LaRocco)

  • Fri. 5:30 PM -- 9:00 PM
  • Sat. Noon -- 6:00 PM
  • Sun. 11:00 AM -- 7:00 PM

BAR: (Ector) Open during Fair Hours. Full bar during Reception. Beer & Wine on Sat. and Sun.

LAYOUT: (Babcock) Special room for Leslie/Lohman?

MUSIC/SOUND/PA: (Durk) Supplied by Center.

SUPPLIES/MATERIALS TO SHIP: (Babcock, Goldie) Lights, tools, hanging clips and hardware, sales forms, cash register and credit card machine, office supples.


  • Grids (Durk) 65 pcs., blk, (60 2x8, 5 2x7)
  • Decor for Fair Entry (Sharp, Wienecke)

EQUIPMENT FROM CENTER: Banquet tables, chairs, 'stage'.



  • ToFF Buttons (proof of admission)
  • Program (Berkowitz)
  • Volunteer insert (Berkowitz)
  • Chelsea Frames 'coupon' insert (Sharp)
  • Newsletters (Durk)


  • T-Shirts from "Side Show" ($15.00)

SINAGE (Berkowitz)


  • Tom Giclee, Tom original (EAG)
  • Tom original
  • Tom framed roughs
  • Scott Sideman (2 paintings & giclee)
  • 2 Binders asst artists (inc. Kiwans and Minoru's donation.)
  • 1 binder Tom's roughs


  • IoY (Babcock) IoY poster (Sharp)
  • Flyers, posters & counter displays (BeeJay OiSKINBLU@aol.com )
  • Flyers, posters & counter displays (Brian Crede and other artists in Fair)

BANKS/CASH: (Berkowitz)

GUEST LIST: (Berkowitz)

Photographer: Jackson   jacksonphotografix@hotmail.com


  • Michael Broderick


Send NY EAFW Thank-yous to Volunteers



9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Set-up

2:00 PM - 6:30 PM Artist Check-in & set-up

7:30 PM Room opens for Artist set-up
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM


9:00 PM Opening Ceremony (Berkowitz)

  • Introduction of Board Members
  • Remarks by Sponsors
  • Presentation of Artwork to Center (Durk, Sharp)
  • Durk will unveil an exhibit highlighting some of the many artists whose careers the Foundation has boosted in its twenty years. NO



11:30 AM Room opens for artist set-up
12 NOON -
6:00 PM


Drawing Workshop: Sessions throught the day.

  • David Perry (NY)
  • John Farley (NY)
  • Doug Gatewood (VA)
  • Steve Caylor (CA)
2:30 PM

Program (C Paglia) NO (Paglia not in town).




1:30 PM Room opens for artist set-up
2:00 PM -
7:00 PM

Drawing Workshop: Sessions throught the day.

  • David Perry (NY)
  • Spike (NY)
  • Doug Gatewood (VA)
  • Steve Caylor (CA)
3:00 PM

Seminar: Robert Woodworth (moderator). Thomas
Woodruff, Nayland Blake, Durk Dehner, David Humphrey, Michael Kirwan, Hillary Harkness (N)


8:00 PM

Party (at Splash) (Scott acts as 'host')

    Drawing Workshop Models Not Attending:

  • Moose (per Sharp) N
  • Jim Diego (per Sharp) N
  • Will Clark N

    Need Model Release Forms. (on-line master)


Print Program, Use Buttons NY (new or old)


Created two "banner posters" for the outside of The Center and shipped banners.


Dan to NY, HX on Sale; HX Ad, 3rd Deadline?


Deadline for Program Information


Put Up 2nd Round of Posters, Counter Cards


HX on Sale? HX 2nd Deadline


Send Reception Invites


Inventory, Supplies, Order Sales Slips, etc.


#2 Press Release, HX Ad Deadline?


Send Postcards


Reserve Grids, etc.


Do Table Layout

Michael Kiwan to be at Fair to sign and sell his NYEAFW posters. Not exhibiting this year but a number of gallery representatives will have examples of his work for sale. Half a table needed (posters are 12X18) for display/sales. Near entrance?


Send Letter to Collectors


Order Buttons


Notify Artists/Send Cards


Artist Application Deadline


#1 Press Release.


Decide Seminar(s)


Send Cards to Artists/Co-Sponsors.


Send Cards/Poster to NY.


Posters/Cards to Printer.

Durk will unveil an exhibit highlighting some of the many artists whose careers the Foundation has boosted in its twenty years at Friday reception.


Write Sponsors, Volunteers.


Order Buttons and/or Design New Buttons.


ToFF gift to Center will be framed TANK photo print. Sharp to select artwork. Durk to check with Chelsea Frames about framing piece.

Fair to have more rooms in Center?


"If you need help with advertising the event again this year let me know. I think we need to start early again this year. My contact with the Center Bingo is no longer working with the Center. Maybe you can approach the Center directly about passing out postcards and information at the Bingo nights - starting about 3 weeks before the event. I think this was a major advertising move for us last year". -- Brian Crede


Louie received outline of activities and hours from Dan Berkowitz.

Reception location? and art sales?
Symposium panelists?


An artist (requested that he be removed from the site 05/01/07) will participate, but was wondering if instead of a small spot maybe we can rent him an additional room to hang his large works (30+)? He can pay for the rental of the additional space. Floor space can be used to set up additional venders (sculptor?).


Joe Hilton plans on coordinating the drawing sessions. (Steve Caylor to model). Moose to model (per Sharp).


Center is offering more space and greater partnership with possibility of expansion beyond 2004's space.

Research needs to be done on other spaces for the future, e.g., availability and cost of galleries. Also consider working with Museum of Sex in some way.


The Foundation has begun making plans with the Center and is looking at other venues for events. We want this to be an even more exciting event in '05.

Artist's Application Forms to be sent out early next year. Artists are invited to reserve space now and submit comments & suggestions.


Dates posted for 2004.


HX Magazine - Two 4-Color ads offered for sponsorship.

Durk & Sharp (818.203.7656 cell) staying at Chelsea Pines.

Daniel Babcock from May 19th - 25th will be at Hotel 31 in NYC 120 E 31st St., NY, NY 10016 (212.685.3060). He will also have his cell phone 323.251.2578.

Dan Berkowtz is staying on East 10th Street and can be reached by e-mail or pager 213.580.4704.

Scott arrives in NY on Thursday 5/20 - about 9:00 pm. -- staying at the Sheraton Four Points - Chelsea (7th/25th) -- leaving NY on Monday 5/24 mid day. Cell Phone Number is 949-637-5884, and will have his laptop.

Volker Morlock staying with friend Robert Fontanelli 212.358.8006.

Drawing sessions coordinator: Joe Hilton

An evening with Tom at Leslie/Lohman:

  • Display copy of Tom's last sketch.

  • Provide reference photos of Tom's studio. LL will build "artistic recreation".

  • ToFF will bring Tom's boots & photo.

  • LL has gathered 10 framed works to exhibit.

  • ToFF will bring 6 works that will matted and behind Plexiglas. LL to provide frames based on sizes sent to them.

  • ToFF to provide copies of the works that have been acquired by the Rothschild Foundation.

  • ToFF will bring a binder of laser copies of Tom's doodles that he did at the artist table, some of his reference imagery that he did for use in drawing and some of his sample photos of some of his models.

  • ToFF to bring photos of Aarno and copies of drawings that Tom did of him. LL to let Michael Fresco (Aarno's lover) to know about event.

Participating Fair Artists: 

Art@Large, Alexis Baden-Meyer, Brian Bednarek, Belasco, Steven Speliotis/Spider Webb/Body Archive, Dale Bolivar, Michael Breyette, Michael Broderick, Neil Bruce, Rob Clarke, Brendon Connors, Brian H. Crede, Albert Crudo, JD Dragan, Xavier Gicquel, Kim Hanson, Will Hübscher, Ross Johnston, Michael Lee, Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation, Curry Mendes, Art by Minoru, Jeff Palmer, Benoit Prevot, Miguel Angel Reyes, Robert W. Richards, Brian Riley, Rodriel, Rob Hugh Rosen, Frank Sheehan, Patrick Sleem aka Patrix, STEAM, Bill Travis, Don Ventura, Carolyn Weltman aka sophi, Brett Wexler and Paul Wirhun.


"Thank you" print to framers.


Got new good volunteers. Durk is offering tickets to ToFF NY Pride Party to them.

Will send Center framed giclee print as "Thank You".


Weekend's success partially due to getting artists involved in advance promotion.








Dan Berkowitz to hand-carry Tom of Finland rough to NYC to have it framed at Chelsea Framers for 5/22 presentation to Leslie/Lohman Foundation.


Mailing for NYC Fair to Collectors, FN Members and Yes Mail on our Database for New York areas and a bit beyond sent out.


Dates set for 2004


4:00 PM
Set date for 2004.
  Improvements for next year:
      Artists' reception
  Report on sales & attendance.



Setup: 2:00 PM

Artists Reception: 8:00 - 11:00 PM

  • $7.00 Admission

  • No host bar

  • The reception will include the donation of a Tom of Finland original sketch to The Center, with the attendance of representatives of The Center's board of directors.

  • The reception will include the unveiling of a display of Tom of Finland's early life and career in his native country. Representatives of the Consul General of Finland in New York are expected to attend.


Art Fair: Noon - 6:00 PM


Art Fair: Noon - 6:00 PM

Panel Discussion: 2:00 PM (tentative)

Barbeque: 5:00 - 10:00 PM


Live models will be available for sketching and photographing both days of the fair.