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June 28 - July 1, 2007
Durk Dehner Holds A Personal Gathering At Leveta


Posted to the website.

August 26, 2006
Ivy Bottini's Birthday Party

Contact: Dan Berkowitz
Committee: ?
Wyndham Bel Age

Website on Ivy


To be invited, you had to go to a website and "register" with the party planners. They're now preparing to send out the actual invites and, as Berkowitz is a member of the committee for the event, they sent him the list of respondees. The only one who has signed up representing ToFF is Louis (other than Berkpwitz).

This will be a primo opportunity to:

(a) show our presence in West Hollywood and schmooze on a social basis with a lot of the people who count there -- the entire City Council has RSVP'd, as have many other city officials and staff, business owner andC of C members;

(b) pay tribute to the person to whom we gave one of our major awards less than a year ago, who showed her art at the Fair and who has been telling everyone what a wonderful group of people the ToFF guys are; and

(c) spread the word about the Erotic Art Fair Weekend, which happens six weeks later. ToFF is donating a piece of art to the silent auction at the party. It's probably too late to sign up via the web now, but Berkowitz can get actual invitations. Please let him know which of you would be interested in going, and he will secure invitations.