CONTACT: Durk Dehner

August 2005 Issue
Article Rough


Gorgeous Mag hits newsstands.


Gorgeous Mag submission date.


Article to include listing of events that will be happening between now and end of


Submit story.


Images of two Tom Drawings sent to on website. Address didn't bounce but the intended recipient didn't get it.


"Silverlake" issue. 700 word article to focus on ToFF, its HQ in Echo Park and its upcoming events (Art Crawl, WHLA EAFW, Kirwan @ TEM) for next issue. Include images of artists' work (inlcude Patrick Lee). Issue on stands from Aug. 15 - Nov. 15th. What to send to Boulevard (publisher's straight, somewhat conservative publication)?



Big Book's release date still expected to be Oct. 2006.


Taschen is looking at a release date of 10/06/06. Party @ Western Project? Exhibition (NY/Berlin/LA) to tie-in? Gary Robinson to research venues.


4:00 PM
Publisher at Foundation House to videotape material for book.


Progress. We have developed a data base with thumbnails of every Tom image that we have in the archives under the guidance of Joel Powers. Stephen Blackwell and James Rose have been added to the research team in cataloging every image in our records.

We are now putting out an announcement to the press worldwide to see if we can track down more undocumented works by Tom and better reproduction copies of works within his library of known works. The project is still in its infancy in that through the production of the book for Taschen will come the expanded and digital library of the Tom library.

Any persons interested in volunteering their time and or expertise to move this project along are invited to be in touch with Durk Dehner at the Foundation.


The Foundation has also been contracted to have the largest book on TOM to be offered within the next year from this date. It will contain over 700 pages and with major enlargements, details and reference material. The physical size of the book with is very large and will focus on several decades of work from the mid 1960s to the culmination of his time in 1990.

We do not have a off the press date for this one but it shall break all boundaries to date with an amazing presentation. Release date in late 2005.

05/01/2004 Published by Taschen.

Scheduled to hit bookshelves mid to late 2005.



ToFC is offering this title for sale. It is on European bookshelves and expected to hit US the 1st of August.


In March shall come to your local bookstore the collection of all of Tomís KAKE stories with several others laid in their as greasy rider, and some of his earlier prepublished works. This new release will allow everyone to now have access to all the titles under this umbrella and treasure the additional memorabilia that includes personal photos of tom during different periods of his life along with his doodles

This set of books will come in a great container box to hold these gems and pull them out to kick back on the bed and let ones mind drift into the world that their super hero KAKE will take them on. TASCHEN VERLAG BOOKS.

01/01/2005 Published by Taschen.

Scheduled to hit book shelves early 2005.



This started with a small book, a monogram book of maybe 70 pages to then move onto a substantial bigger book that was titled The Art of Pleasure. In itís third printing and still selling well


Published by Taschen. 3rd Edition in smaller format.

Scheduled to hit book shelves today.

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