Tom's Birthday

May 8, 2007
Tom's Birthday Party at ToFF House
7:30 - 10:30 PM

Contact: Durk Dehner
Press Release: Invitational: (sent manually by Durk & Sharon to a selected list).
Press Release: Post event: Due to a number of factors, including Dino not being available, this release was not published.

Invitations and Press Release: Dehner and Dino DeMarco
Tom Exhibition Coordinator: Volker Morlock
Food and drink: Volker Morlock
ToFF Photographer:

Volunteer Coordinator: Scott
    Volunteers to arrive at 6:30 for briefing by Volker. Black pants and shirt suggested. [If you have extra shirts bring them in case someone else doesn’t have one.]

The Foundation intends to sign with Etat Libre d'Orange to create a Tom of Finland scent.

Press are invited to attend and even of chocolate and wine with Etienne de Swardt, Founder and President of Etat Libre d’Orange and his associates Jean Claude Magret fashion and textile consultant, Jean-Marc Dimanche, packaging and design consultant.

Volker has set up a special exhibition of Tom's originals.

BOARD ATTENDING: Dehner, Scott H., Mike Goldie, Sharp

PREP 6:30 – 7:30 Dehner, Morlock, Scott H., Goldie, Sharp

SIGN IN/GREETING 7:30 – 10:00 Scott H., Goldie

CLEAN-UP 10:30 – 11:00


Mark Jones
Joel Powers
Renato Brito
Chris Salayko


Tony Payne

xxx xxx

Renato Brito Chris Salayko

Joel Powers Mark Jones



Setup & run-through of the big event. Kirwan attended.


Scott invites a selected group of volunteers to help with the event, and to help Volker with setup on Sunday, 05/06/2007 at 6:30 PM.


Some invitiational press releases sent to members of the press in the LA area.


Board Committee discusses event with Dino DeMarco. This event will be to celebrate the birth and be an occassion to sign the agreement with the fragrance company. It can be a simple cocktail party with VIPs and a photographer and showcase some of Tom's work to a full-blown press event with a major Tom exhibition. It all depends on sponsorship money!


Durk notes:

  • The cost factor with framing so many originals. Suggestion, a sponsor. One that doesn't donate regularly like Frontiers, Slammer, and MJs. Perhaps the Hollywood Spa, a restaurant like The Abbey, or a healthcare / pharmaceutical company.
  • We would require a budget from Volker, plus changes in HQ for the event and how long this exhibit would be up.
  • We need a list of publications to invite: Gay, art publications, others?
  • What is "the hook". We need a compelling reason for for their attendance.


Durk, Dino and Volker brainstorm about press relationships the previous Sunday. Volker reports:

  • Durk introduced Dino De Marco as our pro bono public relations associate.
  • We propose a special evening at the house on Tuesday, the 8th of May which would have been Tom’s 77th birthday - between 7 pm and 10 pm towards the following goals:
    • Raise awareness of Tom of Finland's increasing legitimacy as an artist through the inclusion of his work in the permanent collections of museums and art institutions worldwide - most recently MOMA in NY and Chicago Institute of Art.
    • Celebrate the diversity in his body of work and its influence on society and pop culture.
    • Presenting the Tom of Finland Foundation as an educational institution documenting and supporting a prominent aspect of gay culture
    • Foster a favorable dialogue and nurture a relationship with members of the press in order to have wider coverage and inclusion in their publications on a regular and future basis.
    • This art-gallery-themed evening in celebration of Tom of Finland's birthday and his accomplishments will focus on the art and culture that the Tom of Finland Foundation is able to provide.