Tom of Finland Erotic Art Foundation
C A L E N D A R   S U B M I S S I O N S

When submitting events for the Calendar...

  • Remember to include as much basic information as possible!

    • WHO is sponsoring the event? If the sponsoring group is "The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Support Center of Oshkosh, Wisconsin", don't just say "The Center". 
    • WHAT is it called? If it doesn't have a name or title, it may be premature to post information on the event. On the other hand, if the name changes -- just let us know!
    • WHEN is it going to occur? Include date(s) and times if the information can be concise. For gallery showings, Gay Pride events and other events with a wide range of times we ask you to provide a web link.
    • WHERE is it happening? If street address, city, state and zip code are appropriate, take a few extra minutes to include it. A link to a map is an extra plus. As we are an internationally oriented website, don't assume that "everyone knows where it is".
    • WHY is happening? A fundraiser? A promotion? An artist exhibition?
    • HOW MUCH does it cost? Is it a free event or are there entrance fees?
    • RESTRICTIONS? Is the event open to the public, reservations required, or private?
  • Include a link to a website. If there is a specific page (that won't go away until after the event) please send us a direct link. Links to home pages that require surfers to "drill down" to find the event information will lose some potential visitors.

  • Feel free to attach a graphic with your e-mail. But be sure that the copyright holder has authorized the use of the image for general use  to promote the event (or use on the ToFF website). We take copyright usage seriously. Likewise, we don't want to infringe. A graphic (just one!) can enhance the response to our website visitors.

  • Foundation Members: If you are submitting events and/or deadlines for our planning calendar please indicate if it is for internal use only.

By following these guidelines, we can more easily process your requests!