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The Tom of Finland Foundation was established by Durk Dehner and his friend Touko Laaksonen, a.k.a. Tom of Finland. As Tom had established worldwide recognition as the master of homo-erotic art, the Foundation's original purpose was to preserve his vast catalog of work. Several years later the scope was widened to offer a safe haven for all erotic art in response to rampant discrimination against art that portrayed sexual behavior or generated a sexual response.

Today the Foundation continues in its efforts at educating the public as to the cultural merits of erotic art and in promoting healthier, more tolerant attitudes about sexuality. In October, the Tom of Finland Foundation will present The 9th Annual Tom of Finland Foundation Erotic Art Weekend in Los Angeles. For more information on this and other events, drawing workshops, fundraisers and exhibitions, check out the Tom of Finland Foundation event board at

DANIEL BABCOCK - administrator

Daniel Babcock is the Foundation's Office Manager. Dan Babcock has studied Fine Art, receiving his BFA from California Institute of the Arts. He has been associated with Tom of Finland for over twelve years.

CLIFF BENJAMIN - former board member

Cliff Benjamin is a gallery owner and collector.

DURK DEHNER - foundation director

Durk Dehner grew up in Alberta, Canada, and attended fine arts programs at The Allied Arts Center in Calgary, Alberta, the University of Alberta, Edmonton, and The Vancouver School of Fine Arts. Dehner co-founded the Tom of Finland Foundation with Tom himself in 1984 to establish an archive for Tom's life history and work. Dehner has been at the helm of the Foundation developing it into what it is today while working in publishing, film direction, editing and production, public relations and marketing, photography, art collecting, writing, event production, and public speaking. He is a true renaissance man living in the twenty-first century.

"Durk Dehner is Tom’s archivist and provided the original art for these volumes. He was born in Alberta, Canada, where he studied art before moving to the United States in the mid-seventies. He modeled for photographers Bruce Weber and Ken Haak, and began working with Tom of Finland in 1978 as his public relations liaison. Dehner was instrumental in bringing Tom out of the underground and focusing public attention on his work. The two co-founded the Tom of Finland Foundation in 1984 as an archive for Tom's work and life history. He continues as head of the Foundation, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has expanded it to provide a refuge for all forms of erotic art."

— from the Taschen Website "Tom of Finland -- The Comic Book Collection" May 2005

Durk Dehner has been at the helm behind the Tom of Finland presence since 1979, a video porn director, a guy who was a model for Bruce Weber, and tied for first place in the first IML.

He was a model for Target Studios, in Drummer magazine, broke as many rules as he could get away with and put on the notorious underground parties in Los Angeles called BUTT BOYS.

He is now the director of the Tom of Finland Foundation. He mentors young guys in a strict form with consequences. He especially enjoys meeting anyone who has taken an intense interest, sexual and otherwise. He enjoys guys who cannot control their fetishes; boots, gear… never enough.

He is a granddaddy, had a son at sixteen and enjoys women that are of the same nature as he is -- wild and uninhibited. He has choosen a road into the future that is real for him . He turns on to arenas in which he can thrive and grow. Normal is where boredom resides. Durk Dehner, The Hellraiser.

SHARON FURMAN - administrative assistant

Sharon Furman was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Sharon moved to California in October of 1971. After a five-year employment, with E. F. Hutton Brokerage Firm in Beverly Hills, Sharon became a legal secretary for 26 years.

Sharon has lived in Santa Monica, California for 35 years (yes, the same apartment). Since her move to California, she became a “photo-buff”, which included taking pictures of various friends. She was introduced to Durk Dehner and the Tom of Finland Foundation in 1990. After attending the Foundation’s parties and events, Sharon’s thirst and excitement for owning “male erotica” became overwhelming. She became an “art collector”. Sharon displays her voluminous art collection (referring to the artists’ names and including their photos) proudly throughout her apartment.

In 2004, the opportunity arose and Sharon began working for the Foundation. Sharon’s closing statement is: “When asked, where do I work, I am very proud to say: for the Tom of Finland Foundation! You’ve got to attend one of our events or parties! The artwork is amazing!”

MIKE GOLDIE - chief financial officer

Mike Goldie is a longtime Board member and was elected Chief Financial Officer. Goldie is a Santa Monica businessman and has contributed in enormous ways to the Foundation. He is ever-present and dedicated to the future of our organization. [M.G. does not like any information given out on him.]


Louis Jay originally hailed from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and moved to California in the late seventies. Born in 1951 at St. Mary's Ringling Hospital in Baraboo, WI, his life has been a three-ring circus ever since.

Centering his career on computers — from mainframes, to minis and then to PCs — he shifted from technical programming towards helping small organizations with user applications. "Some of my jobs were so technically oriented that none of my friends could understand what I was doing. I wanted to move into more 'people oriented' areas."

Louis was the typesetter for Frontiers Magazine for a while, and later was editor-in-chief for Parkwood Publications' International Leatherman, Round Up and Foreskin Quarterly magazines — as well as being instrumental in getting The Leather Journal off the ground.

A friend suggested he stop by for the Foundation's Archiving Sundays years ago. Now he's involved with the bookkeeping, graphics, the website, and keeping the computers running smoothly.

JAY JORGENSEN - board member

Jay Jorgensen was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1964. He picked up his first camera at a young age and was hooked. An early influence were the beautiful nudes of dancers by Kenn Duncan that appeared in "After Dark" magazine. Moving to Los Angeles in 1985, Jorgensen's work took a turn when a friend asked him to take some nudes. "It opened up a whole new way of expression for me, and I began asking friends to pose for me. Those early images allowed me a certain intimacy in the images because of my familiarity with the subjects.

There was a great renaissance in black-and-white photography about that time. Herb Ritts, Bruce Weber, Helmut Newton were all publishing books, and the images were like none I had ever seen before. Horst and George Platt Lynes are also two of my favorite photographers and I have learned a lot by looking at their mastery of shadows."

In 1999, Jorgensen won the Grand Prize in the Tom of Finland Foundation¹s Emerging Erotic Artist Contest. His commercial work has appeared in Palm Springs Life, TV Guide and People magazines.

MARK NELSON - board member

Photo Credit:
Jeffrey Eason

Photo Credit:
Aaron Cobbett

Minnesotan Mark Nelson moved to New York City in 1992, after spending 3 years in Miami (getting his feet wet in the gay world). His first job in NYC was running designer Michael Katz's showroom, but to live the lifestyle for which he thought he wanted (!) he tended bar at The Break — the original Chelsea dive bar (Thursday $1 margarita nights). To make extra cash — never enough — Mark go-go danced for promoters Marc Berkley's parties and John Blair's Roxy.

In 1995 Mark became a manager of Brian and Harry's Splash Bar where he helmed the "Extreme Tea Sunday Night Party", booking talent such as Lisa Lisa, Cyndi Lauper, The Funky Green Dogs, etcetera.

The summer of 1998 Mark Nelson left Splash to start his own promotions thing teaming up with promoters John Blair and Rob Fernandez at Boys Life. Soon Mark was working at Life on Thursday and Sundays, and eventually moved the Sunday party to Cheetah with Fernandez.

Wearing different hats over the years, Mark has co-produced a few of the Tom of Finland Parties with Peter Sparrow, became a promoter for Junior Vasquez, and is currently a co-promoter at the renowned NYC Friday Night party Krash with JR, Tommy and Cynthia Russo and is the host of John Blair's Saturday Roxy in NYC.

As Entertainment Director for the annual Dance on The Pier (booking Janet Jackson in 2004 and The Pussy Cat Dolls in 2005); Mark co-produces the annual "gay day" Fairgrounds Out at Night at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey every September with Heritage of Pride. Mark freelances for Equinox Fitness Clubs, producing and implementing in-house events across the country for all their facilities.

Aside from spending too much time on internet chat rooms, Mark writes, edits and sends out a weekly email newsletter that currently goes to over 26,000 subscribers across the USA and many parts of the world.

Currently Mark's office is working with The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force 2006 Miami Winter Party Festival; Mark hopes to continue in his field for years to come.

SHARP - board member

Sharp studied Fine Arts, Art History and Design at several Midwest schools and managed the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has worked in design for film and television for over twenty years and fell head-over-heels for the Tom of Finland Foundation nearly six years ago. He sits on the Foundation's Board, acts as the editor of its newsletter, The Dispatch, and is the Head Curator of its Permanent Collection.

Says Sharp of art, "I'm impressed by integrity, wackiness, resplendent candor and all those things you want to revisit when you close your eyes at night before you fall asleep."