Tom of Finland Erotic Art Foundation



Your artwork has been selected to appear in the Foundation's Dispatch newsletter.  It will also appear on the website afterwards.

While we prefer to work with the actual artwork, we realize that this is not always possible. If you are sending your images electronically, the guidelines in this section should help us present your images at their best.

You may send your images on CD to the Foundation at: P.O. Box 26658
Los Angeles, CA 90026 or by e-mail to Webmaster@TomOfFinlandFoundation.org. Put "TOFF DISPATCH ARTWORK" in the subject line.

Images should be cropped to remove most of the extraneous areas outside of the actual image. 

Images must be sized appropriately for print. That means these images will be rather large. We request your images be 1,200 pixels tall. This will yield a 4 inch vertical image at 300 dots-per-inch. (300 dpi is our printer's requirement.) While the images will typically not be printed 4 inches tall, this allows us layout flexibility.

DO NOT TAKE A LOW RESOLUTION IMAGE AND "EXPAND IT" to meet our specifications. (That will just produce a bad image.) Don't worry about dpi, we can adjust that here. If your image is 1,200 pixels tall, you should be fine.

We prefer TIF or PDF (Photoshop) images, especially on CD. If you are e-mailing you may use JPG images. Try to use a low amount of compression --  the more compression used, the lower the quality of the image when it is un-compressed. JPG images will probably be about 200,000 to 400,000 bytes large when compressed -- without damaging the image. If your file size is over 600,000 bytes, you may want to increase the compression.

Note: If you are sending a grayscale image (such as a graphite drawing on white paper or a B&W photograph without toning), be sure to convert the image to grayscale instead of using RGB -- it will make for a smaller file without hurting the image.

Without viewing the original, it is impossible to do a good color match. If you do not have the resources to color balance and otherwise adjust your images, perhaps a friend could help you. (We may still do some additional tweaking for print purposes.) Let us know any special adjustments you have done so we don't accidentally "undo" your work.

If you have questions or need further help, please feel free to contact the Webmaster.

Thanks -- from your friends at the Foundation!