Tom of Finland Erotic Art Foundation

H E L P   U S   S P R E A D
T H E   W O R D !

      The Tom of Finland Foundation routinely sends out press releases about our activities and other newsworthy events.

      Help grow our list of newspapers, magazines, radio/cable shows and newsletters. These can be major media organizations, the alternative press, or your local gay oriented publication. We are international in scope, so we invite submissions from the tiniest of burgs to world capitals.

      The more the world knows about the Foundation, the better we will be able to Protect, Preserve, and Promote Erotic Art.

      Information we need is: the name of the publication or show, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, contact name(s) -- in other words, the more complete the information the better!

      Send your finds to: Dan Berkowitz

      Thanks -- from your friends at the Foundation!