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Images: Sizes & Preparation
Links: Artist & Gallery Links



Images: Sizes & Preparation

Images used on the site fall into three general classes. This allows us to repurpose images used around the site.

"D" Dispatch:

115 pixels tall.
Are usually named with an underscore "D" such as myfile_D.jpg.
Are used for the Dispatch e-news, the Events Page and other areas where a "menu" of images are presented.

"T" Thumbnail:

216 pixels tall.
Are usually named with an underscore "T" such as myfile_T.jpg.
Are used for Event Detail pages and a few other places where a larger image is desired.


Presentation images may be of any size, but typically we limit the image of a maximum of 800 pixels in either height or width.
Presentation images typically are linked to (or presented on their own page) and are not embedded in a page with other information.
Presentation images do not require an underscore suffix.

Naming conventions:

Never use spaces or dashes in a name, use underscores instead.


  • Images are usually presented as JPG images in either RGB or Greyscale format. It is preferred to present black and white images in Greyscale format to reduce their size.
  • Images should be saved at Photoshop Quality Level 4 (out of a scale of 12) and as Baseline or Standard. This provides a good compromise between size of the final image and detail level.
  • It is recommended that the image be sharpened a bit for web display by using the Unsharp Mask tool. My recommended settings are: Amount: 50%, Radius: 0.5 pixels, Threshold: 0 levels. Some small images may require more sharpening, in which case I usually just repeat the process rather than adjusting the settings.
Posted 01/23/2009
Links: Artist & Gallery Links

Quick links:

Basic procedure for adding an artist link:

  • Investigate the site to insure it meets our guidelines.
    • It must contain erotic content, and at least a dozen images that are free to view for the casual surfer.
    • It must not contain images that present minors, bestiality, or other images declared legal obscene in the United States.
    • It must not be a porn star or vanity site who's primary purpose is to sell videos or photosets. This can be tricky to judge, but we are looking for artists and organizations presenting an "artistic" vision.
    • Make a note of whether the site links back to us.
  • Examine the image or images presented by the artist:
    • We want to select an image that reflects the artist's overall style.
    • As these images will be small, we want to select one (and maybe crop the image) to present a viewable image. "Busy" images with lots of detail, when shrunk down to a small size become blobs of color.
    • We want to select an image that appeals to our readership.
    • Prepare a "D" size image.
      • No "_D" suffix is used for these images, instead we use prefixes:
      • "L_" for a link to an artist site.
      • "LG_" for a link to a gallery site.
      • "LM_" for a link to a museum.
      • "LO_" for a link to an art organization.
      • "LBS_" for a link to a book store.
      • Artists names are presented last name, double underscore, first name, as in "L_Spicer__Jeff.jpg".
    • NOTE: A second image for the Dispatch e-news may also have to be prepared, as the e-news cannnot present images of male genetalia or "extreme" S&M content. A "_Dispatch" suffix can be used for these images to help differentiate between the two.
  • Prepare the description:
    • The description should be 35 words or less, and contain the website, artist or gallery name. This will be used for one of the two links. It also will be used to place the entry in the correct alphabetical order.
    • At times a description is not provided or is very short. In that case, feel free to improvise.
  • Create the entry:
    • Find the appropriate page and spot for entry on our Links Pages.
    • Create a duplicate of the entry above or below.
    • Add the image and description.
    • Link the image to the artist's website. Highlight the website or artist name and also link that to the artist's website. Be sure that both links open in a new browser window. Using the target="_blank" tag is our preferred method.
    • Create an anchor to that entry. This will be used to direct the artist to their link in the confirmation letter and also used in the Dispatch e-news to announce the new entry. The anchor typically uses the image file name without the JPG extension.
    • Check the links on the site, of course..
  • Create the Dispatch e-news entry:
    • The image for the e-news should link to the image used for the link entry unless a secondary image is required for just the e-news. In which case, upload the secondary image to the newsletter's 0000_ArtistLinks directory. A red "x" next to the image notifies the newsletter editor that an alternate image is being used.
    • Both links in the e-news directory should point to the entry in our Links Pages.
  • Notify the submitter of the link that it is on the website and will be announced in a future Dispatch e-news. A suggested template follows, but adjust accordingly.
    • Dear xxxx,

      Your artist link has been posted on the Tom of Finland Foundation's Artist Link pages at:
      <link to the entry>

      Please check your link for accuracy and content.

      We appreciate the link you placed on your site leading to Foundation's website.


      We would appreciate a link to the Foundation's website. A text link is fine, but we also have banners you may like to use at:
      We ask that you link to our entry page at:

      <Say a few brief, nice words about their website.>

      Yours in brotherhood,

  • Update the Links Spreadsheet
    • Link #: A unique sequential number
    • Website Name (Text Order): i.e. The Happy Bachelor
    • Website Name (Sort Order): i.e. Happy Bachelor, The
    • Website Link:
    • Link Back: blank=unknown, Y=yes, N=no
    • Our Website Presentation Link: pagename#anchor
    • Artist Name: Artist, gallery or museum name.
    • Real Name: If the artist uses a pseudonym.
    • Contact Name: If the artist has a webmaster or other person handling their site.
    • E-mail Address:
    • Site Type
    • Donation Date: If a donation was given for the listing.
    • Donation Amt.: If a donation was given for the listing.
    • List Start Date: The day the entry was first entered
    • Description: The description we use for their entry.
    • Notes: Anything unusual that we want to remember
Posted 01/23/2009