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AVN Online 08/01/2006 More laws closing in on adult content.
GAVN 02/22/2006 FSC Responds To Motion to Dismiss 2257 Lawsuit
AVN Online 12/19/2005 A ruling in industry favor.
AVN Online 11/30/2005 Court extends stipulation until Dec. 30
AVN Online 08/31/2005 Court extends stipulation until Oct. 1.
AVN Online 08/10/2005 Government clarifies some issues.
AVN Online 08/02/2005 Government backs down?
AVN Online Documents and Analysis

Scanner Links
For scanning transparencises, Epson Perfection V700 & V750-M
For ledger sized, Mustek Plug-n-Scan A3 EP Scanner


I N D E X   T O   T H I S   P A G E

O T H E R   P R O J E C T   A R E A S

2 0 t h   A N N I V E R S A R Y

SYNOPSIS: Celebrations of the Foundation's twentieth year.

Committee: Cliff Benjamin, Mike Goldie and Dan Berkowitz.

Link to 2005 Promotions Poster


CD: Durk & Louie to work on gathering materials for the CD -- to be sent out later this month.

  • Taschen to give book party and launch campaign?
  • On-line exhibition of ToFF Artwork (with emphasis on Tom's work). Use Benno's scans?
  • Berkowitz suggests we consider short video documentary on history of Foundation, to use as fund-raising tool and enter in Festivals if appropriate.
  • Set dates for meeting/s.
    Report to the Board with suggestions for house fund campaign and events.
  • Introduction of new membership levels.

STATUS: Current.  CONTACT: (was Dan Berkowitz)  OTHER INFO: Planning Pop-Up

A R T I S T S   F U N D

SYNOPSIS: The Foundation's Marcello Lupetti Artists Fund can assist artists with materials, registration fees for classes and exhibitions, and can aid with the documentation of their artwork.

You may send artists to this linked Page for an application.


Fundraising suggestions from Tattoo Dan:

Event: An Evening of Interdisciplinary Erotica

  • Readings, Performance, Video works dealing in the Erotic
  • Done at an outside place venue TBD.
  • Charge entrance and maybe have some visual works for sale from the Foundation Gallery?
  • Depending on who I can get to participate I am thinking of approaching CAL ARTS about doing it there. (this would need a big name draw such as Annie Sprinkle, Karen Finley ect)
  • I am talking with some artist friends of mine to find names of writers/performers and video artist. Both teach at CAL ARTS and as an alumni of CAL ARTS I may be able to pull some strings.
  • No date as of yet.

Event: XXX-mas Ornament Drive:

  • I would like to invite artist to design a Xmas ornament. Then Have a Xmas tree up at the Oct. Art Fair to sell them at say $25.00 a pop?
  • I would have to send out a letter to them now if I plan on getting this done for October.

Guidelines reviewed.

STATUS: Current. CONTACT: Administration

A R T I S T   G U I D A N C E

SYNOPSIS: A section of the website to guide artists into the world of erotic art. 

  • Selecting a "name". Your real name or an artist name? Will using your real name interfere with your current career?
  • Promotion: Get the word out about events and appearances in bookstores, galleries, etc.
  • Plan ahead: Get the word out EARLY! Sending out a notice to your private mailing list might be fine a day or week in advance of your Grand Opening, but consider the lead time for periodicals and websites. As soon as you've got the details nailed down -- pass them on. The Foundation often receives notices of events that are too late to effectively promote -- and that is one of our goals.

STATUS: Just a thought.

A W A R D S,   T O F F   H O N O R E E S

SYNOPSIS: Listing of past and potential recipients of Foundation awards presented annually at the WHLA EAFW.

Awards Banquet PLANNING PAGE

Year Lifetime Achievement
Artist Hall of Fame**
Cultural Icon*
2000 Hugh Hefner Tom of Finland
(no award given)
2001 Larry Flynt

H. R. Giger

Rob Halford
2002 Benedikt Taschen Bill "The Hun" Schmelling (no award given)
2003 Durk Dehner Herb Ritts
 Clive Barker
2004 J. F. Lohman &
C. W. Leslie
Michael Kirwan Camille Paglia
05/212005 2:30 NY EAFW Program (Paglia to receive 2004 award)
2005 Edward Lucie-Smith Pierre et Gilles Ivy Bottini
2006 Harvey S. Shipley Miller Michael Childers Rod McKuen


Lifetime Achievement Artist Hall of Fame Cultural Icon*
Jim French Jim French John Waters
Elton John Olivia DeBerardinis Madonna
 Bob Mainardi & Trent Dunphy Rex Elton John
 Camille Paglia Wolfgang Tillmans  Robin Tyler
 Michael Patrick King John Waters Ellen DeGeneres
Paul Rubens Don Bachardy  Rupert Everett
Robert Patrick Greg Gorman  Harvey Fierstein
Richard Marshall Tom Blanchi  Barney Frank
Nayland Blake Bruce Weber  Michael Patrick King
Bruno Gmünder  Robert Crumb Bruce Vilanch
(not available in 2006)
  Roy Blakey  Ian McKellen
  Kenneth Anger Paul Rubens
  Beau Lily Tomlin
(not available in 2006)
  Greasetank John Rechy
    Rev. Troy Perry
    Judith Light
    Tom Ford
    Holly Johnson

Names in gray have declined.
Names in italic are under consideration for 2007.

* Created to honor someone whose artistic achievements and personal example cause him or her to become a role model.
** Created to honor someone whose artistic achievements have been exemplary.

Request for e-mail suggestions is open on Tuesday, May 13, 2003. Deadline for suggestions is Saturday, June 14, 2003. Send candidates to coordinator: Sharp

B A N N E R   C O N T E S T

SYNOPSIS: Create more banners for websites to link to the Foundation 

  • Make it a contest that will excite people, but won't cost a lot.

STATUS: Tentative planning page.

B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S

BoD Meetings

SYNOPSIS: Board members activity.

  • 08/21/07 - Scott H. submits an e-mail letter resigning from the board due to a move to San Francisco.
  • 05/10/07 - Mike Goldie sends e-mail that he is not available for any board meetings.
  • 04/19/07 - Mike Goldie continues as a Member of the Board:
    "This letter is to inform the board that I have reversed that decision until the board has its elections with the return of Scott from Australia, and at the same time the necessity of a invitation of one or more new board members to the Foundation board. There is a time line, I am willing to stay in the position of being C.F.O. I do plan to stay on the board after that to assist with the guiding of the Foundation during this time of limited funds and staff."
  • 04/14/07 - Mike Goldie resigns from the Board of Directors
  • 03/21/07 - Volker Morlock is honored to be asked back to the Board of Directors of the Tom of Finland Foundation, however, for the reason why he could not stay on the Board several years ago has not changed, he has declined at this time. It is okay with him to just be an auxiliary member/advisor to the Board without the right to vote.
  • 09/10/06 - Board votes to accept Berkowitz resignation. Dehner voted President Pro Tempore. Current Advisory Board defined with members Cliff Benjamin, Cathie Bagwell and Gary Feldgemaker.
  • 08/24/06 - Dan Berkowitz resigns by email.
  • 07/20/06 - Gary Feldgemaker says he will be on Advisory Board. Should Charles Lohman be asked?
  • 05/07/06 - Cathie Bagwell is willing to sit on the Advisory Board. Scott says we need to define what the Advisory Board does.- Add Gary Feldgemaker and Michael Kirwan as names under consideration
  • 02/05/06 - Who is to be on Advisory Board besides Cliff? Cathy Bagwell? Lynn Deshields?
  • 01/08/06 - At Board Meeting, members vote to officially remove Gerald Vitagilano from Board.
  • 12/28/06 - Mike Goldie resigns from the Board of Directors, but is not accepted by Durk Dehner.
  • 10/25/05 - Gerald Vitagliano sends e-mail to inform of his immediate resignation from the Tom of Finland Foundation's Board of Directors.
  • 09/11/05 - Jay Jorgensen voted onto Board.
    ELECTIONS: Dan Berkowitz, President; Durk Dehner, Foundation Director; Mike Goldie, Chief Financial Officer; Sharp, Secretary; Cliff Benjamin, Member; Scott, Member; Mark Nelson, Member; Gerald Vitagliano, Member.
  • 08/07/05 - Gerry Vitagliano voted onto Board. Board votes to officially ask Jay Jorgensen to join.
  • 07/28/05 - Candidates for the Board will be asked to submit a bio/resume/curriculum vitae; if the Board chooses to proceed, they will be invited to "meet and greet" the Board at the start of a regular meeting, where they will be able to ask questions they may have about Board membership, and they, in turn, will be asked about what they think they can bring to the Board.
  • 07/25/05 - Gerry Vitagliano announces that we now have the pleasure of his company and his knowledge added to the Board and the Foundation at large. He's happy to join forces with everybody at the Foundation and looks forward to helping any way he can.
  • 07/21/05 - Create ToFF Confidentiality Agreement for Board and Staff?
  • 07/17/05 - Mark Nelson voted onto Board.
  • 07/17/05 - Berkowitz to write up official policy on new members. All members to have bio "on file".
  • 07/11/05 - Jay Jorgensen has accepted the Board's invitation to consider joining. This committment is something he takes very seriously and has been waiting to be able to find more ways to help the Foundation.
  • 07/06/05 - The Foundation will have the good company of having Dan Babcock present at future meetings of the Board of Directors. He will attend, not as a voting board member, but as a staff person to support the communication between board and office staff.
  • 07/05/05 - Board to decide whether they want to run again, and who the officers should be.
  • 06/23/05 - Mark Nelson has accepted the Board's invitation to join. At the beginning of the July Board meeting we will officially "elect" Mark to the Board.
  • 06/05/05 - Invite all new "candidates" to Tom's Cocktail Party.
  • 12/05/04 - The resignation of Dan Babcock as secretary and board member was noted. Mike Goldie was elected interim Secretary.
  • 06/09/04 - Durk will call friend of Bobby Clement who serves on non-profit boards for suggestions on new Board members.
  • Research all possible candidates for Board.
  • Local and out-of-town names for Board. NY "contact"?

Advisory Board:

  • Cathie Bagwell accepts. Announced at 05/07/2006 Board meeting.

New Board members under consideration:

  1. Jeff Yarbrough (attended S&C Cocktail Party 2004) Will officially be voted on at the board meeting on Sept. 12, 2004.
  2. Jim Rivera (attended S&C Cocktail Party 2004)
  3. David Lune (attended S&C Cocktail Party 2004)
  4. Bobby Clement.
  5. Gerald (Jerry) Vitagliano (Permission from his employer?)
  6. Mark Nelson
  7. Jay Jorgensen
  8. Charles Leslie
  9. Craig Owen
  10. Robert or Ector (The Center)
  11. Brian Crede
  12. Bill Hynes (Convention and Visitors Bureau)
  13. Philip Hitchcock (Will not accept?)
  14. Michael Kirwan (Too far away?)

STATUS: In discussion. CONTACT: Sharp

B U S I N E S S   C A R D S

SYNOPSIS: Scott designed new business cards which everyone should have received by now. If you are in need of additional cards, should contact Scott directly.

STATUS: Completed.  CONTACT: Scott

B U S I N E S S   L I S T

SYNOPSIS: Compile a list of businesses and contacts that can be called on as sponsors for Foundation events.

Louie began working on a prospect list a while back. Many businesses set up their promotional budgets for a year in advance. Learning the best time to talk to them is significant. Another list from the New England Fetish Fair Fleamarket.

  • Start with local gay businesses. Call for contact name.
  • Add to ToFF DB? New sponsor field?
STATUS: Work group to be formed.  CONTACT: Durk Dehner

C A P I T A L   C A M P A I G N

SYNOPSIS: The "wish list" of equipment, repairs, construction, etc., which should be the targets of the funds. We need to come up with a list of specifics, so we can get cost estimates, and then publicize the list so potential donors know exactly where their money will go.

Short Term / Minor List

  • Update / Install new database.
  • Purchase copier. Review lease agreements and purchase if cheaper.
  • Do 20th Year poster and distribute nationwide.
  • All wages due staff paid.
  • Phone for Sharon's desk.
  • Insurance on artwork
  • Convert 2nd floor sunroom into art workroom and storage. (Including flat files.)
  • Van for transporting art and materials to events (dealership sponsor?).

Long Term / Major List:

  • Fix house / get historical status
  • Transfer house to the Foundation and retire the mortgage.
  • Build art storage facility on the property.
  • Shelves and cabinets for the Library.


Capital Campaign Brochure scheduled to go to the printer.


The Capital Campaign Brochure will be presented at the 2006 Commanders Dinner. Berkowitz, Dehner and Scott will work on it with Michael Kirwan. Feb. 1st it should be finished and at the printer.


We are in the process of working on a public List. It will be posted, along with estimates of what everything will cost, on the website in the near future. Members can help by underwriting one or more of the items on the Wish List: major donors will be recognized with permanent plaques at HQ, 03/06/2005 To be discussed at BoD meeting.


To be discussed at BoD meeting.

STATUS: Submissions for list being taken. CONTACT: None (was Dan Berkowitz)

D A T A B A S E :  N E W

SYNOPSIS: The current Paradox database needs to be replaced. The two major options appear to be Access and FileMaker Pro.
CONTACT: Administration

COMMITTEE CANDIDATES: Durk Dehner, Scott, Daniel Babcock, Louis Jay, Jay Lawton, Sharp, Cathie Bagwell, HRD, Matt Hullum, ... and anyone else interested.

  • Bill and Patric of Industrial street recommend Access. Bill suggests we use 3rd party tools to actually do the programming rather than the built-in tools included with the program. Bill also would be happy to consult on this project. Cathie Bagwell strongly urges Access.
  • Others prefer FileMaker Pro as easier for novices to modify and create on-the-fly forms and queries.
  • Jay PG suggests we invite Matt Hullum 818.985.9819 (home) 818.634.2583 (c) as a FileMaker Pro expert who has worked on projects for a major studio.
  • Security:
    • We need a database that can be "secure" in that a casual user could not copy it to CD and have full access to all information.
    • We require at least two levels of security. Volunteers often need access to artist names, and so on but should not be allowed to change or view certain information. This may require a "log-on" 
    • Database security is a subset of overall security. This is an issue that may require a separate topic of its own.
  • Development and testability:
    • Separation of "code" and "data" is a highly desirable feature. Code can be updated on a test database, then the new code base would swapped with the old on production platforms without concern about the data. This will also minimize backup times as the code base would only have to be backed up when it was changed.
    • Cost and ease of implementation and changes.
    • Definition of the database. Relational databases can be complex. Before it can be defined, there should be an analysis of practical and managerial requirements. What kind of information should be stored and how should it be linked together?
    • We should also be able to accommodate artwork and "permission to use" conditions on not only Tom's work, but the works we receive. We must keep track of Tom's art, and need to begin to document conditions where the Foundation has permission to use various artists' works for posters, websites, etcetera.
    • An article from PC Magazine rating the databases. For simple databases, they like Filemaker. When it start getting complex and more than simple macros are needed, they liked Access. Another article on Filemaker Pro 7, the latest release.

STATUS: Pending.

D V D   C H A P T E R   O N   T O M

SYNOPSIS: Create a DVD extra feature/chapter to promote and educate the mission statement of ToFF either by short narration/or scrolling format with inclusion of artworks by Tom of Finland supplied by Foundation.

Present the "chapter" like a Public Service Announcement with a picture gallery of images (presently have) and they would be put into a visual pictorial with voice-over telling about TOM and then about the Foundation and its programs and mission.


Board members and Contacts to submit to Durk Dehner the "points" that should be covered in this DVD/PSA.


The piece could be something that could be used elsewhere (other than w/ MSR) so it can be produced it with a broader picture in mind. Scanning and technical work would cost ToFF about $500. Dehner could do voice over.


MSR Video (Mike Hashimoto) proposes ToFF special feature/chapter. All references on the title box and credits in MSR videos do not mention the Foundation but use ToFC so that there is no association with ToFF being involved in quote, "porn."

STATUS: In discussion. CONTACT: Durk Dehner

E E A C   H I S T O R Y   O N   W E B S I T E

SYNOPSIS: We are missing any EEAC images from 1995 on the website. We may wish to add at least the winners.

STATUS: Pending.

E - M A I L    C O M M U N I C A T I O N   P O L I C Y

SYNOPSIS: ToFF Staff, Volunteers and Board Members are learning how to use e-mail to effectively communicate. Everyone will take the time to help each other with this. All should be aware and not cc people who may not have an interest in a particular topic. Information can be posted on the ToFF Website on the Calendar and its Planning Pages, or the Projects Page instead of being sent by e-mail - this reduces the amount of mail that goes out.

The website is the place to store information so individuals don't need to "save" lots of e-mails on their own computers. Any e-mail that must be send out should be brief, to the point and can utilize links to where more information can be found on the subject.


Any e-mail sent out from a ToFF.org address to the public must have the prior approval of the Director.

ALL communication sent to the public needs to be seen by at least two pair of eyes - for proofing and content check. Any internal e-mail needs to contain the reason WHY it is being sent or forwarded (FYI, for proofing, for review), what kind of response is needed and a date by which the response is needed.

The preferred method of "discussion" is at meetings - and not through the use of e-mail. Questions can be quickly answered by telephone or "text" messages. Any information that can be posted will be put up in quick order and brief e-mail messages can reference it with a link.

STATUS: Ongoing. CONTACT: Sharp

E R O T I C   A R T   G A L L E R Y (EAG)
(Formerly EGM - Erotic Gallery by Mail)

SYNOPSIS: In order to pursue its goals of promoting erotic art and supporting erotic artists, the Foundation has created the Erotic Art Gallery.

This convenient service provides a wide selection of erotic art for sale from all over the world.

To facilitate artists who are sending in their images electronically new guidelines are listed for them to help the Foundation present their images at their best.

STATUS: Ongoing.  CONTACT: Volker Morlock

E V E N T S :  "C O M P"   P O L I C Y

SYNOPSIS: Scott to draft a policy on who gets free door admission at events including Sponsors, special guests and friends.

STATUS: Pending. CONTACT: Scott

E V E N T S :  P H O T O G R A P H Y   P O L I C Y


There may be pix taken at ToFF events that shouldn't be released. All photos/links will be submitted to a committee of Durk Dehner, Dan Berkowitz and Sharp, for review prior to being given an okay to release them to the public (and that includes the press). We do not put any photos up that we find not in the light that we want the Foundation to be seen.

It is a agreement that we, one of the three on the committee, will approve the photos and respond to the photographers, within three business days. The photographer will hear back from only one person on this committee.


E X H I B I T I O N S   —   D E V E L O P M E N T

SYNOPSIS: Art exhibitions in which the Foundation has involvement.

      "Homotopia" (Liverpool Culture Company) - November 1 - 18, 2008

        PUBLIC LINK (none)


In development
CONTACT: Durk Dehner
Homotopia Website
Liason: Gary Everett
See also: Galerie Jean-Luc & Takako Richard for the 2006 exhibit.


Durk responds:

So we have a plan: to bring the exhibition to Liverpool in the year 2008. Keep me posted on location and dates as soon as you can. As we get the next location for the exhibition that is in Europe now, stored in Paris, we shall inform you immediately. What months do you want to reserve for it now so we can hold them for you till you get a location for the works total of 130 works. 100 permanent 30 that are for sale.


Gary Everett replies:

It would be in our interests to exhibit the collection you mention at a prestigious gallery or civic hall in the city. As I mentioned 2008 is the pivotal year when Liverpool is crowned European Capital of Culture and considering Tom's origins and the global reach of his work I think it would be a most fitting, exciting and dynamic event. The work you mentioned looks impressive.

The city over the year of 2008 will be attracting in excess of 20,000,000 visitors of all persuasions and it is important that a non metropolitan (ie London) audience get to see the work. It is our job to make sure enough gay visitors are given an international cultural experience unlike any other UK city.

I am in discussions with Tate Gallery Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery and also the Liverpool Biennial about the possibilities. They are all very keen to hear more.

From our perspective it would be advantageous to talk further as we are all very keen to promote this once in a lifetime chance to show Tom of Finlands work and lets face it Liverpool is one of the most homo-erotic places in the UK. It beats London hands down. Lol.

Exhibiting the work would truly position both the festival and the city on an international scale and would love to hear more about the potential for this.

We would also like to explore the financial and budgetary requirements and/or donations to your foundation if you are wanting to develop this idea. If possible I would love to travel to Paris to see the work.


Durk responds positively and mentions that a Tom exhibition is currently stored in Paris. 100 works from the Permanent Collection, and 20 - 30 works for sale. The exhibition may be in Prague during those dates.


Invitation received to participate in Homotopia from Gary Everett.

"Homotopia was founded shortly after Liverpool was named European Capital of Culture 2008 (our big year) and is an annual celebration of LGBT arts, theatre, film and performance. It started as a tiny pilot project in 2004 and has grown from audiences of just 3500 to 9,000 for our last outing in 2006. As part of the 5th Liverpool Bienniale and Homotopia I am hoping to explore the potential of inviting one of your curators or founders to present an exhibition of Tom of Finland in Liverpool in Nov 2008.

"Homotopia is a grass roots organisation activating both local and national artists. Historically it is also important to mention that Liverpool has not benefited from the type of cultural & economic investment that London and Manchester have. This is changing and the city is fast experiencing a huge cultural and economic renaissance and the festival has in a short amount of time become a central fixture in the city’s cultural calendar.

"It would be both a significant and monumental event if we could exhibit any of his work in the city and I am eager to communicate or develop links with your organisation to explore this as a project. Tom of Finland has made a profound and lasting impact on international gay culture and it is with this in mind that I am interested in the legacy of his work and the potentially dynamic cultural opportunity to present his art in one of the UK’s most vibrant and diverse cities."

      Helsinki City Art Museum and MSC Finland - Tom's Club
06/21 - 08/27/2006
        SET. See PUBLIC LINK


CONTACT: Durk Dehner
MSC FInland - Tom's Club contact: Timo Rautiomäki, president (info@mscfin.fi)
MSC Finland - Tom's Club Website


Exhibition posted on our website. Dates are June 21 - August 27, 2006


Durk offers museum Coming of Age exhibition but they say they have a small space and too many pieces already.


Work will come from private collections and not the Foundation. Date TBD within a few days.


MSC Finland - Tom's Club has announced that in co-operation with Helsinki City Art Museum an exhibition of the works of Tom of Finland to be held in Helsinki Summer 2006. The ition will start from the end of June until the last weekend of September and will display Tom's works that are privately owned and not necessarily seen that often.

Tom was one of the first members of the club. MSC FInland - Tom's Club and ToFF have enjoyed many years of co-operation in the past. It is the club's 30th anniversary and the 20th Finlandization weekend leather party. It will also be 15 years since Tom passed away. The exhibition is to mark all these 3 events and to honor and celebrate them. The club wishes this to be the biggest exhibition ever held in Finland, perhaps even in Europe and the world.

NOTE: The club would like ToFF to provide them with information regarding previous exhibitions including the amount of Tom's works displayed at each of them as well as the city and dates when the exhibition was held.


General purpose forms (currently, just our model release form):


F U N D R A I S E R S  —   C H E C K L I S T

SYNOPSIS: Basic "things-to-do" checklist. THIS INFORMATION should be put on the Planning Page for the event and/or Calendar grid so everyone can be involved and contribute.

NOTE: Have sign-up lists for new members/volunteers at every ToFF function.

  • Who is the CONTACT and/or event coordinator?
  • Who is on the COMMITTEE for this event?
  • Schedule PLANNING MEETINGS. AGENDAS. Assign TASKS to committe members and anyone helping. Post NAMES of who is in charge of what. Schedule PLANNING DEADLINES.
  • Determine THEME/TITLE/TAG LINE (at least) 6 weeks in advance.
  • What is the budget? (Promotions, props & materials, bottom line) Is this event's more or less that the "standard" fundraiser budget?
  • Set ADMISSION/DONATION amounts. Determine costs.
  • Contact SPONSORS. Fill out Sponsors Page.
  • Post EVENT on ToFF public web pages.
  • Will a PRESS RELEASE be sent? WHEN?
  • PROMOTION. Determine promotional GRAPHICS (postcards & posters & press) and the DEADLINE the concept for these materials should be ready to hand off to a graphic artist for production. Printer processing times and the DEADLINES for all printed matter. DISTRIBUTION METHODS. How soon before an event should this stuff hit the street?
  • Arrange for hire of STAFF if needed (security, door, cashier, bar/servers)
  • Call for VOLUNTEERS, methods & procedures. VOLUNTEER SCHEDULE. Fill out VSP.
  • SCHEDULE EQUIPMENT and props; purchases and rentals.
  • SCHEDULE purchase of SUPPLIES, materials, expendables, FOOD, BEVERAGES.
  • In addition to the above, list the following of all that apply, and fill in as info becomes available.
    • PRIZES (name of person responsible for):
    • GIVE-AWAYS (name):
    • RAFFLE (name):
    • AUCTION (name):
    • HANDOUTS (name):
    • MERCHANDISE (name):

    • TICKETS (name):
    • BANK (name):

    • SPACE/LAYOUT (name):
    • SET UP (name):
    • EVENT SCHEDULE (name):
    • ACTIVITIES (name):
    • BREAK DOWN (name):

    • MUSIC (name):
    • SOUND/PA (name):
    • MC (name):
    • JUDGES (name):
    • ARTISTS (name):

    • DECOR (name):
    • SIGNS (name):

    • GUEST LIST (name):
    • PERKS (name):
    • THANK-YOUS/GIFTS (name):
  • Count all the dough that came in!!
  • Do final accounting. Turn in receipts.
  • Make final NOTES. Compile SUGGESTIONS for next event.
  • Check for PRESS/REVIEWS.
  • Compile final LIST of those who helped in any way and send THANK-YOUS.

F U N D R A I S E R S  —   D E V E L O P M E N T

SYNOPSIS: Setting Fundraising benefits for the year. (Not arranged in any special order, but the list is getting long. Maybe this is going to need its own page!

      21 Years / 21 Works

The Foundation is curating a exhibition of 21 pieces from the Permanent Collection of Tom's work for traveling to fundraisers around the country.


In discussion. CONTACT: Durk Dehner

      San Diego

Doing a fundraiser for the Foundation in late January, 2006 with or without a connection to Roadkill's plans to exhibit erotic art in his new condo building. What serves that community? Where? The gay center has deemed themselves all for family values. Utilize "21 Years/21 Works"?


Lots of things planned. For example, Mr. San Diego Leather.


Roadkill's unit will not be available 'till the end of March. He will keep the unit for two years. Exhibit 21 pc. show?

Grayland wants to do a ToFF event w/ the SD leather community at a dance club. $5- $10 admission. Feb. 06? Dehner in discussion with him. February '06? DIsplay of bar posters? MOMA artwork? Tom's "history" panels?


Roadkill thinks he can plan to do an opening in February. Perhaps the best time slot would be the second weekend in March, to coincide with the Mirst SD Leather weekend?


In discussion. CONTACT: Durk Dehner



See the Benefits: Faultline Planning Page for Faultline developments.

      Gauntlet II


In discussion. CONTACT: Scott


Charlie still talking about Sunset Junction weekend. Or perhaps the bar's name-change night? April?


AVATAR has the Friday of Sunset Junction booked but Charlie likes the idea of kicking off Sunset Junction weekend with ToFF, so he will pencil it in for next year ('06). The Foundation will get back to him with some other proposed dates.


Friday night event? Cover band "Queen"? Hook up with Sunset Junction as "official" event?


Meeting with Charlie. Discussed several options.

1) We can take the Saturday night event in August and have the bands as an extra bang-for-your-buck (it could feel more like an old Toms Bar from Mogul days). Or,
2) we can choose another date entirely and have any theme we want. Answer needed shortly.


Sunday event? LALW Sunday? Confirm issues with Charlie that need to be in place prior to going ahead. ToFF's schedule is filling up fast so date/plans need to be set ASAP. Durk sent e-mail to Charlie.


Discussion about possible event at the Gauntlet II in the future.



Scott will contact Rafael @ MJs regarding a possible August '06 event.


See the Benefits: Miscellaneous Planning Page for developments on the July, err, August 2005 Event.

      David Seiling Residence


Pending. CONTACT: (was Dan Berkowitz)


Dan reported that David Seiling, a Commander, had offered his new house to use as a fund-raising venue. It was agreed that Sharon will be asked to cull a list of members and contributors in the Palm Springs area, and all Board members will submit names of personal contacts they have in the P.S. area, in hopes of putting together a local committee to organize a semi-high-end cocktail party.

      Gary Felgemaker Residence


Pending. CONTACT: Durk Dehner


Gary has offered his new house in Plam Springs to use as a fund-raising venue. It is a published mid-century structure. He has a great collection of photographs and art. Gary did some 'flyering' for Tom's Bar '05 and said everyone he encountered was positive about Tom and the Foundation.



Pending. CONTACT: Durk Dehner


Marc DeBauch says this town would be a great place to have a fundraiser.


G I F T S   T O   T o F F -- Estates & Bequests

SYNOPSIS: Foundation to put together information on how people can leave artwork/collections and/or money to worthy causes.

  • Create a packet that can be given or mailed to those interested.
  • Hold a seminar or class on Estate Planning given by attorney.
STATUS: Planning.  CONTACT: Durk Dehner


SYNOPSIS: Grant application encouraged by Cliff Benjamin.

  • The Tom of Finland Foundation has received it's first grant. We were fortunate enough to receive a grant in the amount of $5,000.00 from the Peter S. Reed Foundation on June 22, 2004. These monies are to be used exclusively for the Tom of Finland drawing preservation project.
  • We are to provide the PSR Foundation a report on how the monies were used no later than June 1, 2005.
  • The Reed foundation provided the Tom of Finland Foundation last year with a $5,000 grant to assist us in doing several things with the TOM OF FINLAND permanent collection.

  • The Judith Rothschild Foundation has no preset restrictions on the amount of a request, although previous grants have not exceeded $35,000.

Report to the Reed Foundation is due.


Deadline for our report completion, as we will be heavily involved with the NY EAW until the due date for this report.


Start of the report to the Reed Foundation.


Dan Berkowitz adusted our planning schedule to avoid a crunch during our NY EAW activities. It might be prudent to expend these funds before we apply for additional funding from the Reed Foundation.


This money is being spent in upgrading our existing method of storing ToF works. Moving them from archival plastics bags kept in archival boxes within fire proof safes to a new Mylar type of firm yet flexible type film sheets that the works can reside within and not be so vulnerable to touching and bending.

We also are moving right ahead in the two step process of first digitally photographing all of the works of Toms that reside within the permanent collection and also those that have been allocated for sale over time. Once they are digitally shot, they are then set up for either scanning or photocopy neg shooting.

The whole process shall be potentially completed by mid years time.

STATUS: Open. CONTACT: Durk Dehner

H I S T O R I C   S T A T U S   F O R   L A V E T A   H O U S E

SYNOPSIS: Have "Tom's House", The Foundation Headquarters on Laveta Terrace, designated as an historic landmark.

Comittee: Durk Dehner, Sharp, Scott

The designation will be tied to Tom of Finland, the artist, who used this house as his American residence for over ten years (1980-1991). His studio, within the house, has been kept in tact. The house functions as a museum for erotic art with visitors from all over the world.

  • Contact firms in LA who offer services to assist in documentation of property for possible consideration as historic and cultural landmarks.
  • Los Angeles Historic and Cultural Landmark?
  • State and National listings?
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation?
  • Assistance from Echo Park Historic Society (Dehner, co-founder)?
  • Meeting/tour w/ Jeff Samudio to be set.
  • /
  • Architectural rendering of House by artist, Windon Newton?

STATUS: In discussion.  CONTACT: Scott Planning Pop-Up

H O U S E   R E N T A L

SYNOPSIS: Renting the Foundation House for events may help raise revenues as well as be a good promotional tool.


Insurance is a consideration.

Durk's promotional rough:

"The Tom of Finland House is available

Have your function in a turn of century handsomely appointed three story craftsmen . Over 150 works of art dawning its walls, with sprawling outside gardens that allow for garden dinning, outside patio barbacues, and evening walkabouts along the gqrden paths. Select from a range of pricings for limited or complete use of house and grounds. Consider this special location for your next function for your clubs meeting location, a special birthday or cermemony celebration, outside caters accepted please inquire for availability and pricing."

STATUS: Current. CONTACT: Durk Dehner

H O U S E   T O U R S

SYNOPSIS: The Foundation's headquarters is also a museum open to members, scholars, artists, the press, or anyone (of age!) serious about erotic art. Visitors see the most recent exhibition of selected works from the Permanent Collection and Tom's studio where he created hundreds of his drawings.
LINK to Pop-up.


Guidelines reviewed.

STATUS: Current. CONTACT: Administration

H O U S E   W O R K R O O M   F O R   A R T

SYNOPSIS: Capital Campaign designates conversion and use of 2nd floor sunroom into art workroom and storage.


  • Desk/computer work station. (Corner built in)
  • Flat files. 2 units. Stacked to form storage surface. (JJ?) A&A Furniture Liquidators?
  • Stool/s.
  • Sleeper sofa (double bed). (5' wide max)
  • Shelf units under windows.(30' X 7') Shelf unit w/ worktop, on wheels, for under closet window. (Modified for built-ins)
  • Standard file cabinets (2 under desk)
  • Wardrobe unit for guests. NO
  • Cabinet for storage? NO
  • Move in Permanent Collection cabinet from Tom's rm. YES


  • Rolling, standing-height worktable. (Slides over flat files) (Constructed) (JJ)
  • Desk/work station. (Corner built in)
  • Black-out roller shades for windows. (10) windows. (21.5" x 45") White/Gry DD
  • Hardcore UV film on windows. (Doug)
  • Muslin/canvas panels to cover windows. (Sharp)
  • Cork boards for 2 windows?
  • Replace window in closet. Exterior panel shutters. Interior "plug".
  • Reconfigure shelves in closet to accomodate artwork. Pad/carpet. Bins/kickboards on floor.
  • Paint in closet. NO
  • Cork/bulletin boards on walls.
  • Repair hardwood floors.
  • Re-putty windows. (Brian G.)
  • Paint brown wall grey to match carpeting on wall (Brian G.?)
  • Use lt grey plasitc laminate for surfaces. (and/or black).


  • Move in Art computer from 3rd fl.? Scanner?
  • Network hook-up.
  • Fone.
  • Work lights. Reading lights.
  • Elect. strips under windows.

John Jockinsen to look at space, make recommendations and help prepare budget to make space useable.


Clean out/organize space. Move in temporary items for storage.


Board gives OK to start paying monthly rent for this new space

STATUS: Current. CONTACT: Sharp

L I F E   D R A W I N G   W O R K S H O P S - Home and abroad

SYNOPSIS: An activity that has received encouragement is a series of Life Drawing Workshops.
LINK to Pop-up

  • 06/26/04 MONEY MAKING IDEA: Jay Lawton suggest calendar to be offered for sale that features WorkShop models and artist renderings of them. "Monthly TOM OF FINLAND Life Models".
  • There has been a lot of interest in this project. What we require is a proactive coordinator.
  • Not only could these events be a lot of fun, but the donations at the door could become a small, but regular, income generator -- as well as a source of new members.
  • Once we develop a "formula", these events could be easy to host across the country. Any city or town with three or more willing ToFF members could find a venue and insure that the proceeds would reach us. A kit with guidelines and materials would have to be developed when we got to that stage

STATUS: Active. Monthly sessions. Contact: SHARP or Joe Hilton

M E M B E R S H I P   L E V E L S

SYNOPSIS: Planning for Foundation Membership levels, rates and "gifts".

Membership Page


$25 per year      $35 outside US & Canada
Artists who receive this special low rate are encouraged to submit reproductions of their work and recruit their friends and patrons to become members as well. Benefits are the same as those for a Recruit. Artists with websites will receive a link on the Foundation Links page.


$50 per year      $60 outside US & Canada
Membership gifts:

A Tom of Finland writing pen (when you turn them upside down, oops! there goes their clothes).
Two complimentary Tom of Finland greeting cards featuring the artwork of the artist Tom of Finland.


$100 per year     $110 outside US & Canada
ALL Recruit benefits (above), plus:

A special print release of a rare 1961 Tom of Finland drawing.
Two vintage Athletic Model Guild Quarterlies.
An addtional two Tom of Finland greeting cards (for a set of four).

Seamen are also invited to a special cocktail party — an early-summer reception at Foundation Headquarters honoring contributors of $100 or more.


$250 per year     $260 outside US & Canada
ALL Seaman benefits (above), plus:

A Tom of Finland address book.
Two additional Tom of Finland writing pens (for a set of three).
Three additional vintage Athletic Model Guild Quarterlies (for a set of five).

Commanders are also invited to the Annual Commanders’ Dinner, for contributors of $250 or more. Enjoy cocktails and dinner while being catered to by a select group of fetching Foundation volunteers.


$500 per year
ALL Commander benefits (above), plus:

An antique-styled pewter pin created by the artist for the express purpose of being given to the members of the Tom of Finland Foundation.


$1,000 per year
ALL Commander benefits (above), plus:

A additional five vintage Athletic Model Guild Quarterlies (for a set of ten).


$2,500 one-time donation
ALL Admiral benefits (above), plus:

A personalized clear resin oblique inscribed with your name and the drawing of our namesake Tom of Finland, specially commissioned by the Tom of Finland Foundation.
A Certificate of Appreciation.
Your name included on a wall mounting honoring past major contributors to the Tom of Finland Foundation located at the Foundation House.


Foundation to produce some fine art Tom prints as gifts to upper levels? Benno to print?


Durk will come up with new gifts for the (public) Membership Page.


The list above reflects all gifts (perqs/incentives) that are sent with new and existing membership levels.


Listing of perks/incentitives on Membership Page TBD.


Commodore @ $500 per year
Admiral @ $1,000 per year
Lifetime @ $2,500 one-time payment

Recruit Membership has been raised to $50. (Seaman Membership remains at $100, and Commander Membership remains $250.)


Need date all the new levels/rates can be made "official" and announced / offered publicly.


Recruit level raised from $35 to $50? Part of the "perks" for Commodores and Admirals may be some new parties?


Two new membership levels were approved by the board:

  • Commodore at $1,000 per year.
  • Admiral at $2,500 lifetime membership.

Two new levels will be announced in conjunction with the ToFF 20th Anniversary.

STATUS: Ongoing. Subject to BoD review. CONTACT: (was Dan Berkowitz)

M E M B E R S H I P    O U T R E A C H   1 - Links from the ToFF website

SYNOPSIS: One of our goals is promoting artists. A part of this program consists of providing links from our website to their websites. 

  • Part of the "perks" for Commodores and Admirals may be some new parties?
  • Links need to be periodically checked, as they often vanish.
  • Sites we link to should be checked for a reciprocal link back to the Foundation. If there isn't such a link, we should encourage their site to link back to us.
  • We currently offer only two graphic banners for sites to use to link back to us.

    It would perhaps encourage link-backs if we had a selection of banners and text links to use to link back to us. It is also a good idea to provide HTML code to make it easy for beginning webmasters to make the link. For a sample of this, see the Flames & Feathers website:

STATUS: Dividing the work load has been suggested. We will need a letter to request sites to link back to us, as well as checking links and reciprocal links. Any suggestions or volunteers?

M E M B E R S H I P    O U T R E A C H   2 - Reaching the heartland

SYNOPSIS: We are aware that most of our membership is strongly based in LA, San Francisco and New York. Recruitment has been mainly through our events. An outreach program has been proposed consisting of:

  • Inexpensive classified ads in regional publications. Target cities may include Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Kansas City and Minneapolis. Larry is developing the text for these ads as well as researching publications suitable for our purposes.
  • Providing "editorial content" for regional publications. While it is great when we get occasional exposure in national publications, we might also get good exposure with "generic" materials that editors can include in their magazines: basically a history of the Foundation and what we are doing today with graphics they can include with the article. It would also be good of some of the Foundation's personalities were available for interviews to allow editors to give their presentation a personal slant. (Every magazine likes original content.)
  • 04/27/03 - Durk authorized  selecting five publications. Larry will help with the selection of these publications, as he has been developing a great database of publications and links.

STATUS: In development. Suggestions and volunteers are welcome.

M E M B E R S H I P    O U T R E A C H   3 - "Ambassadors"

SYNOPSIS: Write to all our larger contributors, making a personal appeal for them to become "Ambassadors" for the Foundation, introducing us to their circles of friends.

STATUS: In development. Contact: Durk Dehner

M E M B E R S H I P    O U T R E A C H   4 - International

SYNOPSIS: Have several people in different parts of Europe that will be a contact person for ToFF. They can also be a good look-out persons and have an address to which materials can be sent. These overseas CONTACTS will be really useful to have as they can keep us tapped in to the beat, as it were. They can keep abreast of local press.

STATUS: In development. Contact: Durk Dehner


A Skype or other type of Internet telephone can make phone costs much cheaper, plus give us a "point of presence" in various areas worldwide.


Produce some business cards for CONTACTS and add names to ToFF website (CONTACTS & DIRECTORY? New INTERNATIONAL PAGE?). Henning von Berg and a friend of Dehner's first people to ask. Title? Field Representative, Correspondant, Foundation Liason? Produce business cards here, provide a ToFF.org email address and ToFF letterhead stationary. Send recent Dispatch.

P A R T N E R S H I P S — L E S L I E / L O H M A N

SYNOPSIS: How do we build a closer relationship w/ this organization? Dehner and Leslie have entered into talks.

  • Exchange (duplicate) books from out libraries.
  • Trade artwork (Blade for Tom, e.g.)
  • Present each other on each other’s websites. “When in L.A. visit ToFF ”/“When in NYC visit LL”.
  • Berlin's Schwules Museum, established in the late 1980s, is a private institution dedicated to preserving, exhibiting, and discovering homosexual history, art, and culture. Dehner and Leslie talked about this being a European “partner”.

Progress announced at the Board Meeting.

STATUS: Planning. CONTACT: Durk Dehner

R E M O T E   W E B S I T E   U P D A T E S

SYNOPSIS: There are some software packages that allow "content providers" to make restricted updates to a website, much like using a word processor. This functionality would allow calendar and updates to be made by key personnel without going through a webmaster. Ease of use is supposed to be similar to using MS Word's basic features.

A minimum of two "update" stations would be required: 1) For the Foundation office, and 2) for Sharp. A third station might be required for the webmaster.


In-depth planning/experimentation scheduled to begin.


Discovered "Contribute" package by Macromedia for $149 per station. They offer a 30-day demonstration package. It might require having a current version of DreamWeaver for the webmaster, or maybe just another module.


Sent for information from a vendor offering "remote update" software.

STATUS: Planning. CONTACT: Louis Jay

R O T H S C H I L D   F O U N D A T I O N   P U R C H A S E

SYNOPSIS: Six works by Tom of Finland have been purchased by the Judith Rothschild Foundation, to be included in a collection of 1,500 significant drawings to be gifted to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York in 2006. Negotiations are currently underway with MOMA and several other museums to display the collection.

Press Page Link
Press Page Image Link (not activated).


Tour schedule needed for next Press Release.


Added to the Announcements Page and Press Page.

STATUS: Current. CONTACT: Cliff Benjamin

R I G H T S   M A N A G E M E N T

SYNOPSIS: This section may become a formal subcommittee closely working with the board of directors.

  • ISSUE: Unlicensed use of Tom's work.
  • ISSUE: Encouraging the licensed usage of Tom's work.
  • ISSUE: Expanding the scope of our mission to include rights management for other artists.
  • Bill & Patrick have offered the Foundation the use of an Internet software package called "Issue Tracker" which we will begin using to track unauthorized usage and responses. This same package could also possibly be used to track ToFF royalties, licensing and permissions-to-use. 07/06/04
  • It is vital to preserve our copyrights by actively safeguarding those rights. 07/06/04

STATUS: In development. Expansion on these topics will be forthcoming.

T O M   I M A G E   F O R   2 0 0 4 (IoY)

SYNOPSIS: The following image needs to be selected so it can be used in promotion for 2004 Foundation events. It will also be reproduced in a very special, very limited edition fine art print meeting the highest of the art world. You are choosing THE Foundation image for the year.

Public Announcement Link
Press Announcement Link

Please look over these four images and send your recommendation for one to SHARP by 12/20/03.

The Following Images Have Been Selected For Foundation Use In 2004

Cat. # 81-11R

At the direction of the Board this study (rough sketch) was chosen by a committee of Durk and Cliff. It will be used to promote both the LA EAW and NY EAW, and other events during the year. The original artwork was shown for the first time at the 2004 Commanders Dinner. Public link is  HERE.
Cat. #88-1

This image was chosen by the Board for Volker to have made into a very special, very limited edition (50) fine art print meeting the highest standards of the art world which the Foundation will offer for sale during the year.



Tom's most romantic image of all. Timely in this age of "gay marriage". Nice identity with Foundation. Rather universal appeal. Ideal image for use in print as the depicted subjects are not cropped or cut off in any way.
"Sailor Portrait"

Very iconographic. Not overtly erotic because of the nature of portraits. Great appeal for general audiences - only one with no uniform would have more. Strong image for print. Masterful, stand-alone work.
"Two Sailors"

Erotic. Nice energy between the two subjects. Cropping of arm might make it awkward for print. Specific appeal (sailors). Beautiful rendering. Excellent in a SERIES of prints.

STATUS: Completed.

T O M   I M A G E   F O R   2 0 0 5 (IoY)

SYNOPSIS: An image needs to be selected so it can be used in promotion for 2005 Foundation events. The required date for the print version of the Dispatch is March 3, 2005.

Public Announcement Link (under construction)
Press Announcement Link TBD.

Committee: Durk, Cliff and Sharp.


Finalize Image-of-the-Year procedure. Punch up text. Include promo materials using the image as part of the package?

Then finalize public announcement, add to home page, announcements page, E-news.


Image scanned. Announcement added to Announcement Page, but link to details is left "under construction".


Image selected.

STATUS: Current. CONTACT: Durk Dehner

T R A D E M A R K   R E G I S T R A T I O N S

SYNOPSIS: Our Australian trademark registrations need periodic renewal.

The following dates are "expiration dates/renewals" for the AUSTRALIAN TRADEMARK REGISTRATIONS between Tom of Finland and Blake Dawson Waldron, Esq.:

  • Registration No. 604940: June 21, 2010
  • Registration No. 604939: June 21, 2013

Lisa Ritson and Melinda Upton (melinda.upton@bdw.com) will contact TOF within 6 to 12 months prior to next renewal deadlines.

We should have other follow-up dates like: June 2008 and June 2009!

STATUS: On going.  CONTACT: Durk Dehner

V I D E O   P R O J E C T S



It would utilize video from Gary the leather lecture DD did NOV 15, 2005 and other sources. It could be submitted to various film festivals.


STATUS: On going.  CONTACT: ?

V O L U N T E E R   D R I V E   2 0 0 4

SYNOPSIS: Campaign/s to enlist new volunteers for events.
Poster samples by Jay PG
Volunteer Page

  • Review existing volunteer list and create new e/snail mailing list.
  • Create web page for volunteer "recruitment" w/ new image TBD.
  • Jay Lawton to help create new poster/s, "Foundation Wants You".
  • Schedule photo shoot of Foundation "event" for use in print/web appeals.
  • The campaign should start around Aug 5 - 10, depending on when the pics are available.
  • 07/30/04 - Photo shoot, 5-6 models, photographer Jay PG.
  • Include Scott in press release about what board members do.

STATUS: On going.  CONTACT: Scott

W E B S I T E   P O L I C I E S   -   General

SYNOPSIS: To keep official and unofficial website policies in one on-line document. 

  • State of California: We should be aware of California Senate Bill 1386 (SB 1386), which went into effect July 2, 2003.

    According to Adam Rak, manager of government relations for Symantec, "This bill, operative July 1, 2003, would require a state agency, or a person or business that conducts business in California, that owns or licenses computerized data that includes personal information, as defined, to disclose in specified ways, any breach of the security of the data, as defined, to any resident of California whose unencrypted personal information was, or is reasonably believed to have been, acquired by an unauthorized person."

    Typically, the Foundation does not include Social Security Numbers or Credit Card Numbers in their computer databases. The exception may be Outlook, which often retains e-mails which could contain Credit Card numbers for EAW booth rentals and general merchandise purchases. The Board may wish to establish policies for storing "personal information" on their computer databases.

    When and if we use on-line credit card processing, these concerns will need to be reviewed as it pertains to the system we implement.

    Further information: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,1189295,00.asp

  • ToFF Board: On-Line Donations:
    • The Board favors the idea of small on-the-spot donations. PayPal has become unfriendly so another service should be used.
    • This service should be set up to accept on-line membership/renewal fees.
    • This service can be used for Contest and Fair entry fees.
    • Status: To be investigated. Will require coordination with Bill and Patric to set up a system for memberships and contest/fair entry fees.
  • ToFF Board: AVS:
    • The Board does not favor the use of adult verification services.
    • When we link to other sites we should try to link to pages "past" their AVS gate if possible.
    • We should investigate the "net nanny" programs.
    • Status: No plans will be made to investigate AVS gates on our site.
      Linking past AVS gates on other sites should only be done with the owner's approval for a number of reasons which should be discussed, particularly if it is an artist link.
      1. The owner placed the AVS protection on their site for a reason. This may be because they wish to protect minors from the contents, for financial reasons, or both.
      2. Linking into a protected area (such as the gallery portion of the site) may skip the artist's biography and other important areas of the website. Site construction varies widely, so this may or may not be always a consideration.
      3. The lawsuit between Microsoft and Tickettron demonstrated that "deep links" into a website can be grounds for legal action. As our promotion of events is typically very welcome, I generally link into sites where the event is promoted. However, an AVS gate typically indicates that anything beyond that point is not open to the general public. Linking inside the gate, should only be done with permission.
      4. To prevent "deep linking" into the protected area of a website or the use of bookmarks, the webmaster typically changes the name of the master subdirectory (folder) where the protected contents are stored. (I used to do this on a monthly basis.) Any link we have into a protected area will have a much higher incidence of broken links.
      5. We will investigate coding our pages to make them more "friendly" to child protection software.
  • ToFF Board: Commercial Links:
    • The Board is comfortable with the idea of the "thank-you links" we are using now.
      e.g. The foundation wishes to thank Roger Earl of Shackle Alley for all the years he has volunteered his time.
      e.g. The Foundation wishes to thank Eric York for assistance with several projects.
    • Using logos from companies that sponsor Foundation programs is fine as we use them now. I.E. an active link can be created from the sponsor's name or logo to their website. We never can suggest or recommend that someone click on the link.
    • A location on the website for "thank-you links" has yet to be determined.
    • Status: We will determine a place on the site for "thank-you links", especially ones that cannot be easily included with particular events.
  • Standing Policy: For-Pay Sites:
    • The Foundation site, being a free and not-for-profit site, as a rule, does not link to for-pay sites with an exception being made for an erotic artist's site. We always check, however, if there is a free area we can link to within their site (see AVS above).
    • Status: Policy currently in force.
  • Standing Policy: Underage depictions:
    • No posting of materials that can be construed to portray anyone under 18 years of age or linking to sites that do.
    • Status: Policy currently in force.

W E B S I T E   P R O J E C T S - G E N E R A L

SYNOPSIS: Goals and plans for the website. In addition to keeping our calendar and events page up-to-date, 

  • ISSUE: Reorganize and restructure:
    1) It takes two clicks to move from our "home page" to our first real menu page. Not a good welcome to regular visitors.
    2) Areas, like our "for sale" galleries, are buried a bit. And internally, the site's organization has way too many files in too few subdirectories.
    3) The site move to our new address hasn't been the smoothest. Portions may need some adjustment to be "FrontPage" friendly.
  • ISSUE: Updating older sections. What was good design three years ago is already looking shaggy. Plus sections like our EAG have grown unwieldy as page has been linked to page over time.
    1) EAG
    2) EEAC

  • ISSUE: Add missing "credits" to recent on-line Dispatchs.
  • ISSUE: Match e-mail newsletter signup to our on-line Dispatch display.
  • ISSUE: New DataBase required that will import existing catalog of artwork and which will allow direct on-line publishing of images and text.
  • ISSUE: Update list of Tom's exhibits. (SHARP feels Cliff B. helped compile this list.) The Austrian exhibit is a must.
  • ISSUE: Create a palate of "official" ToFF colors for website and print.

STATUS: Some items are active and others are under consideration.

W E B S I T E   P R O J E C T S - T O M ' S   P A R T I E S

SYNOPSIS: Goals and plans for the website. In addition to keeping our calendar and events page up-to-date, 

  • ISSUE: Reorganize and restructure:
    1) It takes two clicks to move from our "home page" to our first real menu page. Not a good welcome to regular visitors.
    2) Areas, like our "for sale" galleries, are buried a bit. And internally, the site's organization has way too many files in too few subdirectories.
    3) The site move to our new address hasn't been the smoothest. Portions may need some adjustment to be "FrontPage" friendly.
  • ISSUE: Updating older sections. What was good design three years ago is already looking shaggy. Plus sections like our EAG have grown unwieldy as page has been linked to page over time.
    1) EAG
    2) EEAC

  • ISSUE: Add missing "credits" to recent on-line Dispatchs.
  • ISSUE: Match e-mail newsletter signup to our on-line Dispatch display.
  • ISSUE: New DataBase required that will import existing catalog of artwork and which will allow direct on-line publishing of images and text.
  • ISSUE: Update list of Tom's exhibits. (SHARP feels Cliff B. helped compile this list.) The Austrian exhibit is a must.
  • ISSUE: Create a palate of "official" ToFF colors for website and print.

STATUS: Some items are active and others are under consideration.

W E S T   H O L L Y W O O D ,   C I T Y   O F

SYNOPSIS: ToFF builds relationship with WeHo.

Link: West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
Link: West Hollywood Convention & Visitors Bureau


City to build new cultural center and wants ToFF to be part of it.


ToFF receives grant from City for WHLA EAFW. Use monies for a lighting designer for the Fair? Street banners?


Foundation applies to City for grant monies for WHLA EAFW.


Foundation to plan to display model of ToFF Museum in storefront, City Hall or Chamber of Commerce offices.


City Council votes to become a Co-Sponsor of the 11th annual WHLA EAFW (this is the third year in a row the City has come onboard as a Sponsor).


ToFF receives West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's 2005 Small Business Award in the Art and Design category.


The Foundation looks forward to working with the City of West Hollywood, the West Hollywood Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the members of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to make West Hollywood the home of Tom of Finland.


ToFF joins West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


ToFF to join West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce?


Find space to exhibit works from the Foundation's Permanent Collection in a "museum"/gallery in West Hollywood.


City of West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board to sponsor LA EAW.


Proposal to City of West Hollywood for them to sponsor the LA EAW with Plummer Park as a possible venue.

STATUS: Ongoing. CONTACT: (was Dan Berkowitz)

Y A H O O   G R O U P

SYNOPSIS: Establish a forum for artist information & discussion.

Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tomoffinlandresources/


The Group has gotten off of the ground.

STATUS: Under construction. CONTACT: Administration