1) This contest is for emerging erotic artists only. An “emerging erotic artist” is defined as one who has not received payment for the sale of any art in the erotic field. 

2) THE CONTEST OPENS March 15th, 2003 and all submissions must be received by the closing date of: August 1st, 2003. DEADLINE extended to September 1st!

3) After submissions close, the judging process begins. Judges will make their scores, the results will be tabulated, and winners will be contacted.

4) ALL CONTESTANTS will be notified of the final results, and all Winners in each category. Winners will be announced and displayed on our website and in our DISPATCH Newsletter: Winter 2004 edition.

5) The ENTRY FEE for a single work is $15, or 2 entries for $25. Entrants may remit by check, money order, American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

6) Artists are restricted to a maximum of two entries.

7) Subject requirement for submissions is limited to the EROTIC, which may include heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, pansexual male or female, surrealism, fetishism, fantasy, or any combination thereof. It must be EROTIC.

Submissions via post:  Print out the
ENTRY FORM and fill it out completely. Include reproductions of the artwork(s) you are entering either as A] hard-copy color reproduction(s) no larger than  8 1/2 x 11”  [21 1/2 x 28 CM], or B] on floppy disk or CD in standard jpeg format, 72dpi, medium quality, RGB mode, maximum height & width 10". Please send reproduction(s) or copies of the work ONLY. We cannot be responsible, and accept no liability for original artwork.  Mail completed entry form, payment and reproduction(s) to: Emerging Erotic Artist Contest 2003 c/o Tom of Finland Foundation, 1421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles, CA  90026.

Submissions via e-mail: 
Highlight and copy the ENTRY FORM, paste it into an e-mail* to  Administration@TomOfFinlandFoundation.Org and fill it out completely including credit card payment. Attach to your e-mail reproductions of the artwork(s) you are entering in standard jpeg format, 72dpi, medium quality, RGB mode, maximum height & width 10".

9) Complete anonymity is guaranteed to any contestant requesting it. Any pseudonym chosen by the artist is acceptable (except for "Anonymous").

10) Entry of work(s) to the Emerging Erotic Artist 2003 contest constitutes permission to reproduce the work for the purpose of judging, advertising, and promoting the contest and the Tom of Finland Foundation. Winning works may be reproduced in media coverage of the contest and/or advertising of the Emerging Erotic Artist Contest and the Tom of Finland Foundation. Work will not be sold or reproduced for any profit-making venues whatsoever without prior written approval of the artist.

11) The contest is open to all media. Submissions may include photography, drawings, paintings, mixed media, collage, sculpture, three dimension art, or digital renderings. (Final decision of category placements will be determined by the Foundation.) 

(A) Single Figure, (B) Dual Figure, (C) Multiple Figure, (D) Fantasy 

When a work fits in more than one category, it will default to one with the least competition from the other entries. 

12) Judges will make their decisions based, above all, on erotic content, taking into consideration all artistic criteria by which art is usually judged.

13) Thirteen (13) prizes will be awarded, as follows:

a) There are three winners in each of the four categories plus an overall Grand Prize Winner from all categories combined. The Grand Prize Winner is awarded a cash grant of $500, receives a Commander Level membership to the Foundation and copy of “Tom of Finland: The Art of Pleasure,” published by TASCHEN. 
b) 1st - Place Winners are awarded a cash grant of $100 each. 
c) 2nd - Place Winners receive a copy of “The Art of Pleasure.” 
d) 3rd Place Winners are awarded a TOM of Finland - FLOATY Pen set. 
Grand Prize & First Prize Winners will be invited to attend the Foundation’s annual Awards Banquet following the yearly Erotic Art Fair Weekend in October. Each of the twelve winners in the four categories will be inducted and receive a one-year membership, ARTIST Level, in the Foundation, (excepting Grand Prize Winner-see above). Only one prize will be awarded to any individual artist, (again, excepting Grand Prize Winner). 
The real prize is the publicity and exposure accorded all participants, who receive international recognition through the Foundation’s promotion of winners and entrants in publications and on our website.

*E-mail submissions only: Click on the "ENTRY FORM" link, place your cursor within the page, right-click on your mouse and go to "select all" (Mac users: keyboard 'Command-A'), all the text will then be highlighted, right-click and go to "copy" (Mac users: keyboard 'Command-C').  Click on the e-mail address Administration@TomOfFinlandFoundation.Org, place your cursor within the message area, right-click and go to "paste" (Mac users: keyboard 'Command-V').  The entry form should now be in your e-mail, now place your cursor and type in information wherever needed.  Make sure to attach your jpeg images as specified above before sending the e-mail. E-mail entrants must pay with credit card.

** Please note that all photographs of any identifiable person(s), if nude or engaged in sexual activity, must include : a) a signed model release and b) a legible copy of valid I.D. proving model’s age to be 18+. Photography not accompanied by model release(s) will not be considered, and no entries that depict any activity with minors will be accepted. 

Questions? Call 213.250.1685
E-mail to Administration@TomOfFinlandFoundation.Org
Or send for entry form to: Emerging Erotic Artist Contest 2003 c/o Tom of Finland Foundation, 1421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles, CA  90026.