The Appropriation Controversy


erotic art KEVIN FRANCIS (American)
Untitled, 2009
Charcoal on paper, 84” x 36”


erotic art 1st Place Winner (and Grand Prize Winner):
Untitled, 2009
Charcoal on paper, 84” x 36”
erotic art 2nd Place Winner:
The Whipping, 2009
Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 48”
3rd Place Winner:
Crack Takes Over Your Life
(After Joe Oppedisano), 2009
Acrylic paint and colored pencil, 18" x 15"

Read why this image was not immediately declared a winner.

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erotic art 1st Place Winner:
SATT (Italian)
Man on the Couch, 2008
China and color pencil on paper, 12.2” x 18.9”
erotic art

2nd Place Winner:
AGON (French)
Lagoon, 2009
Digital print, 14” x 11.5”

erotic art 3rd Place Winner:
JOSEPH R. CANTO (American)
Helping Hands, 2009
Oil on canvas, 12.5” x 17.5”

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erotic art 1st Place Winner:
KOBE LEAH (Portuguese)
The Crucifixion of Saint Peter, 2009
Digital photo collage print, 11.7” x 8.5”
erotic art

2nd Place Winner:
NANCY PEACH (American)
Unspoken Bond, 2008
Oil on canvas, 96” x 96”

erotic art 3rd Place Winner (Tie):
CAURO HIGE (Japanese)
Table Game, 2009
Acrylic on canvas, 18” x 13”
erotic art 3rd Place Winner (Tie):
J. DUFFY (American)
Pool Party, 2009
Mixed media on paper, 19” x 24”

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erotic art 1st Place Winner:
BART VARGAS (American)
Cock & Balls, 2009
Mixed media, 9” x 6.5” x 5.5”
erotic art 2nd Place Winner (Tie):
H2O, 2004
Oil on canvas, 36” x 36”
erotic art 2nd Place Winner (Tie):
Fully Cocked, 2008
Fiberglass, leather and found object, 72” x 36” x 24”

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(Our next competition is planned for 2011.)

The Grand Prize Winner receives 1) A Tom of Finland signed original study (shown above), 2) A three-day weekend stay at the Foundation House with sleeping accomodations in Tom's attic bedroom / studio, 3) A complimentary booth at a Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) Erotic Art Fair, 4) A Foundation membership at the Commodore level, and 5) An invitation to a luncheon in honor of all 2009 Contest winners. The Grand Prize winner receives these prizes in lieu of the category prizes listed below.

1st Place Winners receive 1) A lithograph by Tom of Finland that is numbered and signed "Tom of Finland". (This is very unusual, as most of his works were signed "Tom".), 2) A Foundation membership at the Commander level, and 3) An invitation to a luncheon in honor of all 2009 Contest winners.

2nd Place Winners receive 1) A limited edition giclée print by Tom of Finland from the collection on display in our Annex Gallery, 2) A Foundation membership at the Seaman level, and 3) An invitation to a luncheon in honor of all 2009 Contest winners.

3rd Place Winners receive 1) A limited edition print from the Foundation, 2) A Foundation membership at the Recruit level, and 3) An invitation to a luncheon in honor of all 2009 Contest winners.

The real prize awarded all participants of ToFF's 2009 E. E. A. C. is the publicity, exposure and international recognition accorded them through the Foundation’s promotion of the Contest.

The winners were determined using a “blind” scoring process by a distinguished panel of five judges. The judges are selected from an international roster of individuals in the field of the arts.

Judges score each work on a scale of 1 to 10. Scores will be tabulated and the works with highest point totals are the winners. The 2009 Contest judges were:

Photo by David Morgan
Kat Coric was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1969 and immigrated with her family to Montreal in 1974. She is a multidisciplinary artist, producer and art collector. She has been artistically active in Montreal since 1998.

In her work she explores issues relating to HIV / AIDS, Harm Reduction and the underground dance club culture. She produces special events that foster education around these subjects and is well known for creating memorable, original artistic events incorporating various artists from all domains.

Dr. Laura Henkel is the Resident Curator and Art Director for the permanent and special exhibits for the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mission of the Museum is sex education through the arts. The Museum seeks to bridge the gap between that which is commercial and often misidentified as pornographic, with that which is aesthetic, often identified as folk, pop, and fine art through a common visual language. The Museum encompasses over 17,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits designed to preserve wonders of the erotic imagination as depicted through the artistic expression of acts of sex and love.

Dr. Laura is the founder of Henkel Enterprises LLC, an appraisal and consulting company specializing in international market trends as it relates to all genres / mediums of the erotic. Dr. Laura Henkel is also the founder of Laura Henkel Fine Art, a company specializing in the brokering of rare and collectible fine art to international collectors, galleries and museums. Dr. Laura has a gallery location at the Erotic Heritage Museum and at the Arts Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Henkel has lectured and consulted many art festivals, art competitions, galleries, museums and government health organizations around the world. Dr. Laura received her Doctor of Philosophy in Erotology and her Doctorate of Human Sexuality through the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California. She is a member of the American College of Sexologists in the United States and the Association of Erotic Artists in the United Kingdom.

Jay Jorgensen was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1964. He picked up his first camera at a young age and was hooked. Moving to Los Angeles in 1985, Jorgensen's work took a turn when a friend asked him to take some nudes. "It opened up a whole new way of expression for me, and I began asking friends to pose for me. Those early images allowed me a certain intimacy in the images because of my familiarity with the subjects."

In 1999, Jorgensen won the Grand Prize in the Tom of Finland Foundation's Emerging Erotic Artist Contest. In 2006, Bruno Gmunder published a monograph of his work titled "Shades of Desire." His photography has also appeared in the anthologies "Ecce Homo," "Nudes Index IX," and "Naked." His commercial work has appeared in Palm Springs Life, TV Guide and People magazines.

Marco Livingstone is an art historian and independent curator with a particular interest in Pop Art, figurative painting and work by gay artists. Born in Detroit in 1952, he has been resident in England since 1974.

He has curated major Pop Art exhibitions in Japan (1986), for the Royal Academy of Arts, London (1991), Lisbon (1997), Modena (2004) and Bilbao (2005-6) and retrospectives of the work of Allen Jones (1979), Patrick Caulfield (1981), Peter Phillips (1982), Duane Michals (1984 and 1998), Arthur Tress (1986), David Hockney (1989, 1994 and 2002), R. B. Kitaj (1998 and 2004), Jim Dine (1990 and 1996), Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol (1991), Tom Wesselmann (1993), Duane Hanson (1994 and 1995), George Segal (1997), and Paula Rego (2007), among others.

His publications include these and other catalogues, plus monographs on Clive Barker, Peter Blake, Caulfield, Dine, Hockney, Jones, Kitaj, Richard Woods and others, and Pop Art: A Continuing History (Thames and Hudson, 1990). His book Hockney’s Portraits and People (2003), one of his many publications on Hockney, was awarded the 2004 Sir Bannister Fletcher Award for best book on the arts. Among the gay artists whose work he has written about are Hockney, Duane Michals, Jean-Marc Prouveur, Arthur Tress, and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Michael Taubenheim, born in 1968, lives and works in Berlin. His photographic work has been published in many magazines since 1990, followed by numerous solo and group exhibitions both at home and abroad.

After working as self-employed advertising photographer and as editor of photography for Bruno Gmünder publishing, he is now their CEO.

Recently he started to create pictures made of gold leaf. His first exhibition on his new work will be in Berlin in February 2010. More information can be seen online at

The rules used to submit entries for the 2009 contest are available here. Our next contest is scheduled for 2011.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork from the 2009 contest, please contact the administrator with your inquiries.

The images on this website are copyrighted and are not to be reproduced anywhere without the permission of the artist or other copyright holder.

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“I almost never draw a completely naked man. He has to have at least a pair of boots or something on. To me, a fully dressed man is more erotic than a naked one. A naked man is, of course beautiful, but dress him in black leather or a uniform — ah, then he is more than beautiful, then he is sexy!”
— Tom of Finland