2014 Emerging Artist Competition
2014 Home
Artist: Sylus A.J. Afano
Title: Left Behind
Medium: Led & China White Marker on tone Gray paper
Submission Number: 4A
Artist: Dave Pop!
Title: Whoa Neddy!
Medium: digital
Submission Number: 6A
Artist: Onassis Tamayo Yumul
Title: Taurus
Medium: Digital
Submission Number: 9A
Artist: Daniel Martinez
Title: Cultivation
Medium: colored pencil on paper
Submission Number: 10A
Artist: Rebecca Sutton
Title: When We Kiss We Bite Our Tongues
Medium: watercolor on paper
Submission Number: 11A
Artist: Charles K. Rosenberg
Title: Please
Medium: wool blankets, found object (porcelain praying hands figurine)
Submission Number: 13A
Artist: Calvin
Title: The Killing Moon
Medium: Collage: paper
Submission Number: 18B
Artist: Parnell Corder
Title: Chest
Medium: Watercolor on Paper,
Submission Number: 20B
Artist: Bohemienine
Title: She-male
Medium: graphite on paper
Submission Number: 21B
Artist: Cristiano F Lopes
Title: Untitled
Medium: inkjet print on canvas
Submission Number: 22A
Artist: Brice Chatenoud
Title: Oeuvre de Chair #6 / Poup
Medium: Fine Art Print
Submission Number: 24A
Artist: Andrew Ogus
Title: The Judgment of Paris 21
Medium: Acrylic, litho ink, graphite on printmaking paper
Submission Number: 28A
Artist: Khalid Ibrahim
Title: Life
Medium: graphite on paper
Submission Number: 29A
Artist: Spencer Chalk-Levy
Title: Band of Outsiders
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Submission Number: 31A
Artist: Joshua Evan
Title: Migration of the Self
Medium: Digital Photograph
Submission Number: 32B
Artist: Keith DeNatale
Title: Cave Boys
Medium: acrylic paint and sumi ink on paper
Submission Number: 36A
Artist: Alessandro Tomassetti
Title: Oral Fixations 1
Medium: ink, watercolor and pastel on paper
Submission Number: 37B
Artist: Les
Title: He Likes the Punishment
Medium: Pencil on paper
Submission Number: 43A
Artist: John Marchena
Title: Blessing
Medium: Photos overlayed eachother creating background designs, digitally changed printed on metal
Submission Number: 46B
Artist: The Creep
Title: "Ned of Flanders: World's Greatest Leather Daddy"
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Submission Number: 47A
Artist: Leo Vincent
Title: Bound For Glory
Medium: frescoe- watercolor and stains on plaster slab
Submission Number: 48B
Artist: Miles Lewis
Title: Meditation: Male Torso & A Brain on Stilts in Boots
Medium: encaustic wax and egg tempera over cyanotype mounted to panel
Submission Number: 50B
Title: Cali
Medium: Digital Photography
Submission Number: 52B
Artist: Jim Self
Title: Prometheus Regeneration
Medium: oil on canvas on panel
Submission Number: 54B
Artist: Andreas Mantegna
Title: Enchanted Forest
Medium: Dry brush and ink on Bristol board with digital color
Submission Number: 58A
Artist: 225 East 12th street
Title: Adam
Medium: watercolor and egg tempera on watercolor paper
Submission Number: 62B
Artist: Andrew Sanchez
Title: Untitled Male_01
Medium: Graphite on Paper
Submission Number: 64B
Artist: Stephan Likosky
Title: Deconstruction of a Hunk
Medium: Digital Manipulation
Submission Number: 65B
Artist: Flip
Title: A Boy and His Monsters
Medium: pen and ink on bristol board
Submission Number: 68A
Artist: Tito Norte
Title: Chris
Medium: Charcoal on Ink Washes Prepared Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper with Bleach Resist
Submission Number: 69A
Artist: D W Firman
Title: Kurt, In the Studio
Medium: Watercolor, ?on Arches Hot Press Paper
Submission Number: 75B
Artist: Anthony Mitchell
Title: Red & Black Leather Daddy
Medium: Pencil and Prismacolor Pencil on paper
Submission Number: 77B
Artist: Gareth Ernst
Title: Patrick and Pikachu
Medium: Water colour crayon, semen, ash and chalk on black canvas.
Submission Number: 78B
Artist: Mike Flynt
Title: Nirvana
Medium: oil on canvas
Submission Number: 80B
Artist: Casey McManis
Title: Slut
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Submission Number: 84B
Artist: Marco Coronel
Title: In Leather We Trust
Medium: Graphite on paper
Submission Number: 88B
Artist: Eric Wallen
Title: Fantasy Football
Medium: acrylic wash with watercolor pencil on board wrapped with a jockstrap wood perimeter edge
Submission Number: 96A
Artist: Patrick Mizumoto
Title: Acceptance and Renewal
Medium: Oil on Linen
Submission Number: 99B
Artist: Hyuge Dicke
Title: Untitled
Medium: graphite on paper
Submission Number: 102A
Artist: Paul Gellman
Title: Common Law Cabin Cum Fantasy
Medium: Mixed Media (Found Objects, Gesso, Acrylic, Magic Sculpt)
Submission Number: 103A
Artist: B. Bernhard Heller
Title: For Doug
Medium: Marker on paper
Submission Number: 104B
Artist: Toronto
Title: Trophy Dad
Medium: Graphite and ink on paper
Submission Number: 105A
Artist: LVTHNR
Title: Sir Ganesha
Medium: Digital
Submission Number: 107A