2014 Emerging Artist Competition
2014 Home
Single Figure
Artist: Luis Loras
Title: Rolemodel
Medium: graphite on paper
Submission Number: 1A
Artist: Wim Beullens
Title: Nipple
Medium: Graphite on paper
Submission Number: 2A
Artist: Slate Quagmier
Title: Boyfriend in the Bathtub
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Submission Number: 3A
Artist: Felipe Meres
Title: Genesis 2 male, measuring gaze, pure anality
Medium: Digital collage, inkjet print on luster paper
Submission Number: 7A
Artist: Daniel Martinez
Title: Wading
Medium: graphite on paper
Submission Number: 10B
Artist: Gregory Stock
Title: Honda Jacket
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Submission Number: 14A
Artist: Aaron Lockhart
Title: from the series "Looking"
Medium: graphite on paper
Submission Number: 15A
Artist: Mon Graffito
Title: After Hours
Medium: graphite pencil on paper
Submission Number: 17A
Artist: Calvin
Title: The Watchman
Medium: Collage: pornographic magazine, wallpaper, paper
Submission Number: 18A
Artist: Parnell Corder
Title: Head
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Submission Number: 20A
Artist: Bohemienine
Title: Model
Medium: graphite on paper
Submission Number: 21A
Artist: Ana Benaroya
Title: Summer Dream
Medium: India Ink on paper
Submission Number: 23A
Artist: Brice Chatenoud
Title: Oeuvre de chair #2
Medium: Fine Art Print
Submission Number: 24B
Artist: Andy Macasil
Title: Untitled
Medium: cont?, pastel, color pencil, charcoal on paper
Submission Number: 25A
Artist: Michelle Fugate
Title: Flower Girl
Medium: oil on wood panel
Submission Number: 27A
Artist: Broocke Ross
Title: Erotic Emergence
Medium: Inks, watercolour, paints on watercolour paper.
Submission Number: 30A
Artist: Leo Rydell Jost
Title: Colored Dudes #44
Medium: Mixed technique
Submission Number: 33A
Artist: David Masllorens
Title: Steam
Medium: watercolor on paper
Submission Number: 34A
Artist: Alessandro Tomassetti
Title: Oral Fixations 2
Medium: ink, watercolor and pastel on paper
Submission Number: 37A
Artist: Justin T. Russo
Title: Stephen
Medium: Graphite on paper
Submission Number: 38A
Artist: Julian Sambrano Jr.
Title: Sunday
Medium: oil on canvas
Submission Number: 40A
Title: Mapping Desire
Medium: Diasec print
Submission Number: 41A
Artist: Christian Hogue
Title: Hard Touch
Medium: Vinyl doll, mirror, screws, barbed wire
Submission Number: 45A
Artist: David Fortin
Title: Server
Medium: ceramic sculpture
Submission Number: 51A
Artist: Roy D. Smith
Title: Blue Man
Medium: Pen & Pastel on Paper
Submission Number: 55B
Artist: Puck
Title: Round Two?
Medium: Polymer clay
Submission Number: 59A
Artist: 225 East 12th street
Title: After the Game
Medium: watercolor and egg tempera on watercolor paper
Submission Number: 62A
Artist: Andrew Sanchez
Title: Untitled Male Nude
Medium: Pen on Gessoed Illustration Board
Submission Number: 64A
Artist: Mountain Broady
Title: Mind Bended
Medium: Acrylic paint, Black ink, Graphite on paper
Submission Number: 66B
Artist: Scorpion
Title: Hidden Treasure
Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Submission Number: 67A
Artist: Tito Norte
Title: Matthew
Medium: Charcoal on Ink Washes Prepares Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper with Bleach Resist
Submission Number: 69B
Artist: The Clutch
Title: Master Angeleather
Medium: Graphite on paper + Digital
Submission Number: 71A
Artist: Michael Blake
Title: Untitled (Achilles/Perseus)
Medium: socks, plaster
Submission Number: 74B
Artist: D W Firman
Title: Walter, Seated
Medium: Watercolor, on Arches Cold Press Paper
Submission Number: 75A
Artist: Kale Roberts
Title: Self Portrait, from Straight to Hell, No. 76, p.41, and International Drummer No. 190, p.2.
Medium: Steel U Chanel Frame, Bolts, Double Weight Matt Paper, Ink Jet Print
Submission Number: 76A
Artist: Anthony Mitchell
Title: Esteban
Medium: pencil, pastel on paper
Submission Number: 77A
Artist: Gareth Ernst
Title: Patrick.
Medium: Water colour crayon, semen, ash and chalk on black canvas.
Submission Number: 78A
Artist: Kimmo Matias
Title: Shameless
Medium: pen-and-ink on paper
Submission Number: 81B
Artist: Audra Wist
Title: Buttman Drawing #12
Medium: Graphite on archival foam core
Submission Number: 82A
Artist: Casey McManis
Title: Comfortable Pissing
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Submission Number: 84A
Artist: Abel Guzmán
Title: Movement 4
Medium: Gel Pen and Chalkboard Paint on Mat Board
Submission Number: 85A
Artist: Mclintock
Title: Portrait of the Artist Age 27 (Inside a cockring)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Submission Number: 87A
Artist: Marco Coronel
Title: Tied Love
Medium: Graphite in paper
Submission Number: 88A
Artist: Guy Krantz
Title: Rubber Boots
Medium: Graphite on paper
Submission Number: 94A
Artist: JT Bruns
Title: Insatiate (Paddle Series)
Medium: Matches, wood paddle, adhesive, leather, steel snaps, jock strap
Submission Number: 95B
Artist: CJ Szatkowski
Title: Augustus
Medium: serigraph and acrylic ink on canvas
Submission Number: 98A
Artist: Patrick Mizumoto
Title: Sean
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Submission Number: 99A
Artist: Young Joon Kwak
Title: Excreted Venus
Medium: digital archival inkjet print
Submission Number: 101A
Artist: Paul Gellman
Title: Untitled (Drawing)
Medium: Mixed Media on Paper
Submission Number: 103B
Artist: B. Bernhard Heller
Title: By The Fireplace
Medium: Marker wash and white-out on paper
Submission Number: 104A